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  1. Soren, I am working on defining the process with help from LaRetta and expect to rewrite existing solution. Thank you for your candid assessment and am happy for the assistance. Nancy
  2. Thank you for the book suggestion. I will order it immediately!
  3. Hi LaRetta, Thanks again for working with me. When you open "_Traffic Database", the opening page displays buttons. If you click Ad/O/C, it will import a schedule and take you to the Ad/O/C/ data entry layout. You then choose the client, click on a job# in the portal and the job# and job description fills in. The people on the task are filled in next. But the most crucial field is the Start Date. Once that date is filled in, all the date fields will fill in. Do you have any ideas how I should restructure this database? I would appreciate any suggestions, you could give me. Thank you again for your time and effort. I feel this has been an incredible resource and your help specifically. I really want to learn everything I can from this forum. It has been a humbling experience.
  4. Hi, It is being tested by the traffic manager only. So it really is still in production
  5. Thank you again for your response and willingness to help. I am enclosing my files and am very receptive to any suggestions you are willing to make. (The colors were dictated....not my choice at all.) Nancy2.zip
  6. Thank you so much for your prompt response. As far as the structure of the database goes, the database is for an advertising agency and they need to be able to forecast how long it will take to produce ads. They need a different schedule for Ads, Web Design, Radio or TV. The main database has 33 task fields that make up different schedules that are imported from related files depending on the type of schedule they need. The 33 task fields are not all used in each schedule. The traffic people(managers of the schedules) choose the schedule they need by pushing a button and a "canned schedule" is imported. The traffic person then fills in a start date and the dates fill in automatically, depending on how many days each task takes which has already been predefined. That person can then see when the delivery date will be and the dates adjust for weekends and holidays. I made scripts that enabled each person to find the tasks that are "due today" or "past due" which showed the traffic person's name, and only found the active jobs and the "status description" field of the tasks that were due or past due. That worked fine except now they want to be able to see on Monday morning what tasks are due for the coming week. That is where I am now I need to find a week's range of tasks. My calculation was 33 if...then statements.Here it is: Status description calulation:If(status33="Past Due", Task Descrip 33, If(status32="Past Due", Task Descrip 32, If(status31="Past Due", Task Descrip 31, If(status30="Past Due", Task Descrip 30, If(status29="Past Due", Task Descrip 29, If(status28="Past Due", Task Descrip 28, If(status27="Past Due", Task Descrip 27, If(status26="Past Due", Task Descrip 26, If(status25="Past Due", Task Descrip 25, If(status24="Past Due", Task Descrip 24, If(status23="Past Due", Task Descrip 23, If(status22="Past Due", Task Descrip 22, If(status21="Past Due", Task Descrip 21, If(status20="Past Due", Task Descrip 20, If(status19="Past Due", Task Descrip 19, If(status18="Past Due", Task Descrip 18, If(status17="Past Due", Task Descrip 17, If(status16="Past Due", Task Descrip 16, If(status15="Past Due", Task Descrip 15, If(status14="Past Due", Task Descrip 14, If(status13="Past Due", Task Descrip 13, If(status12="Past Due", Task Descrip 12, If(status11="Past Due", Task Descrip 11, If(status10="Past Due", Task Descrip 10, If(status9="Past Due", Task Descrip 9, If(status8="Past Due", Task Descrip 8, If(status7="Past Due", Task Descrip 7, If(status6="Past Due", Task Descrip 6, If(status5="past due",Task Descrip 5, If(status4="past due", Task Descrip 4, If(status3="past due", Task Descrip 3, If(status2="past due",Task Descrip 2, If(status1="past due", Task Descrip 1,""))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) It would look at each taskdate and if past due would look at the next field etc until it came to a past due date. Then it would display the description of that particular task. I had created a look-up file with 52 weeks, thinking I could do a portal and find on "week 1, week 2, etc. but don't know how to implement. I am sorry but didn't quite understand your suggestion about gWeek. Would you have 52 Global week fields? One for each week of the year? Such as gweek1, gweek2, etc. I created a global field called gWeek. But I can't seem to do any finds with it and my script Insert Calculated Result does not work. I thought I was intermediate, but I see I am more of a novice. I hope you can help.
  7. I know this should be rather easy, but I am blanking on this. I want each person to be able to pull up, either by script or a calculated field, all the tasks due for a week beginning every Saturday and ending every Friday of the year. Should I do a script, have my weeks of the year in a lookup so I only have to change the lookup every year? I was thinking of using a script with something like this If...then statement: If(task1 is equal to or greater than 11/5/05 and is equal to or less than 11/11/05, task1, If task2 is equal to or greater than 11/12/05 and is equal to or less than 11/18/05, task2.....through every task and/or week of the year??? That is where it becomes mind boggling. I would certainly appreciate any help on the best way to do this.
  8. I appreciate your response and your solution works for me very often. I'm glad to say my problem is solved. Thank you.
  9. Thank you for your response. I had a nested "blankfield" in my calculation that messed me up.
  10. Hi. I hope someone has a solution to this problem. I am trying to make a schedule to be able to give a date when work will be completed. I have 30 task fields,e.g. Task 1, Task 2, Task 3, etc. I want to create a formula that if one of the task's field is empty or = 0, then the calculation needs to go to the previous task field that has a value >1 in it and do the calculation from that task. Such as: Start date field: 9/12/2005. Task 1 has value 2 in the field (as in Task 1 will take 2 days to complete). So it will be 9/14/2005 before Task 2 can be started. Task 2 has 1 in its field so that means Task 2 will take 1 day to complete. So it will be 9/15/05 before the next task can be started. Task 3 is empty or equals 0. Task 4 is empty or equals 0 Then Task 5 will have 1 in the field, but it needs to look first at value in Task 4, if finds it empty or = 0, then go to Task 3, if finds that empty or = 0, go on to Task 2 and take the value from field in Task 2 to make its calculation. The resulting value would be if start date is 9/12/05 and Task 1 has the value of 2, the Task 2 could be started on 9/14/05. No value in Task 3 or Task 4 but Task 5 has 1 in its field so Task 5 will be completed in 1 day or 9/16/05. I have worked out all my date calculations. It is just this 1 formula I can't get to work. Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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