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  1. Hello, my business is growing real fast so i want to be prepared for the near future. i have a database with 1000 records, every record is a client. each record contains the personal information of the client and the due date of his/her invoice. i have file maker server 8. I need to allow access to each of my clients to his/her record to see when they have to pay. Is that possible? Thanks in advance.
  2. i´m loving you! thank you so much i will try to make it work. i have just aqquired Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 so i am on the go : Thanks again T-Square
  3. i have outlook and TheBat, i think that "TheBat" is set as the default.. should i set Outlook 2007 as default? Thanks!
  4. no, i dont think its a limit problem because i have done a search of 1 record, it found it, and after that i selected email... and i specified to send the email to the found record.. so it wasnt able to send just 1 record :D
  5. i have installed outlook 2007, and now FMP does not close, but emails does not reach.. i click on OK and after that nothing happens, email is not sent...
  6. i have tried with just 1, and it gives me the same error.. i will try to install outlook and set it up as the default email client to see if this works Thanks!
  7. i am running windows xp SP2, 512MB DDR, athlon xp 1700+ i dont have outlook installed on my pc The error is FM must close down Thanks LaRetta
  8. i am actually running 8.5 v1 thanks for your reply :
  9. Hi everyone.. i have a database with 200 records, an d i need to send some mass emails sometimes.. but everytime that i go to File---> Send email my Filemaker pro shuts down with an unexpected error... do i need to have an SMTP running or outlook or something similar? Thanks!
  10. Aweseome! i will try this tomorrow and i will let you know if i was able to do it or not Thanks!
  11. i was not able to perform that.. if you have the time to do it let me know, i will pay you. Thanks!
  12. I have a database called clients.fmp i have 3 fields Name: email: valid until: I have it published with filemaker server, so i am able to ac0cess it from anywhere. My question is.. Is it possible to let my clients see their specific page? for example, a log in that if they insert the name and email correctly, it lets them see their page including the "valid until field" .. Dont know if i made myself clear, let me know and i can explain it again : Thanks a lot!
  13. I dont know why but i have tried again 5 minutes ago and i had the instant web publishing option.. really wierd One last question.. i have a database with 100+ clients, so i have 100+ records. what i need to do is to let clients log in into the database and see (not edit) just their record. Is that possible? Thanks a lot guys!
  14. I have installed IIS, then installed Filemaker Server 8 Web Publishing Engine and rebooted my PC. What else should i do to share this db? THanks a lot!
  15. Hello! i have just bought Filemaker Server. I have Filemaker 8 installed in this PC and i allways work with 1 database with clients information. I need to publish that database into the internet so that my clients can log in and see their details and last billing info. The problem here is that when i go to "Edit > Publish" i dont have instant web publish... Is that caused because i have filemaker and filemaker server installed over the same PC ? Thanks!
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