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  1. Hi @Wim Decorte, thanks for your reply. I have a field on my layout that is set up as a container field with: the "Security container data externally" checked "relative to [hosted location]/Files/Db Name/" "Security storage" is also checked I then have a script that: Goes to audio field Sets variable to calculate $filepath using the track title (filepath is a on a mounted cloud drive that shows up in finder so all filepaths are the same for all users who connect to that drive. That cloud drive is mounted using a separate standalone app called Expandrive.) Insert Audio/Video based on the $filepath Our cloud server where fm is hosted is much faster than the location where our folders of mp3 is currently. So i wondered, if the mp3s were on that same server computer, if the audio would load faster. Alternatively, I wondered if everyone were to have that folder of mp3s downloaded locally to their computers, if the files would load faster but I'm not sure how to calculate the filepath based on user. Thank you!
  2. Hi, My company has an extensive database of songs--each record contains information on the song and also the ability to play it with a container field. Currently, I have a folder of mp3s which is hosted at one ftp site while the db is hosted on a server computer in the cloud. We are accessing fm using the cloud ip/fms. There is a lag whenever we go to a new record in the db because it takes a second or two for the mp3 to load in the player. (Even without auto play, it wants to load the mp3.) I am wanting to explore two options to get the mp3s to load faster: 1) Put the folder of mp3s on the server cloud computer where fms and the dbs are. However, does each user then have to connect to the computer through finder? (We are all on macs.) Is there a way to avoid that? I can't figure out Manage> Containers. 2) We are all using dropbox on our macs. I can ask everyone to download the folder of mp3s to their local computer, but then every container path would be different as it would depend on their computer name, username, where they store the folder etc. Is there a way to set up a calculation field to make this possible? I can't wrap my head around it. Thank you! Currently using FM 17 Adv and FMS 16
  3. @comment Thanks for getting back. Yes, I've done that in the past when our mp3s were hosted on a local network volume. But I believe that I can't insert an mp3 from a remote volume into a container field? Is web viewer my only choice here?
  4. @comment I'm having a similar issue trying to set up mp3s to play from a remote volume in FIlemaker. The Web viewer is slow and I'm hoping for a work around. I've tried setting up a calculation field with the url path and result type set to Container. However on the layout, even though I've changed the filed to interactive audio, it only displays the text of the url. Is there another way? Thank you! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.
  5. Hi Bikeman17 -- Thanks for the link but unfortunately it doesn't address the issue...in previous version of filemaker/mac OS, I was able to see the progress bar of audio files in container fields. That feature no longer exists and is problematic for the way that my company uses filemaker... If you know of any workarounds ... would love to hear about them! Thanks:)
  6. Hi, I have a database of music tracks. Each record has a container field which points to an mp3. I just upgraded from Filemaker Pro 12 to FMP15, and now when I play audio in Filemaker, I can no longer see the progress bar. The only options that I get are Play/Pause and go-back-30-secs. I need to see the progress bar for my mp3s so that I can jump to the middle of an mp3 quickly. Has anyone found any workarounds or plugins that will show progress bars for container fields with audio ? (Mp3 quicktime?) Thank you so much in advance!!
  7. A growing Production Music Library in midtown-Manhattan, seeks a highly organized individual with in-depth knowledge of Filemaker Pro and Excel. This person will take a leading role in maintaining and expanding the back-end of our extensive music library database, and interface with the accounts payable departments of various clients and Performing Rights Organizations. Responsibilities include: * Customizing and optimizing Filemaker Pro databases * Creating easy-to-understand reports for Clients in Filemaker and Excel to assist in billing * Creating Quarterly/Yearly spreadsheets and reports in Filemaker and Excel Qualifications: Strong candidates for this position will have: * Superb organizational skills, with ability to multitask and maintain attention to detail * Ability to work independently and as part of a team in troubleshooting and meeting deadlines * Ability to be graceful and diplomatic in maintaining various business relationships * An understanding of how Performing Rights Organization distributions work is a BIG plus, but not necessary * An understanding of QuickBooks and general bookkeeping practices is EXTREMELY useful, but not necessary * Proficiency using Apple computers and with applications such as FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Office including Word, and Excel is necessary. A little bit about us: As a music library we interact with great composers, artists, editors, producers and creatives of various kinds on a daily basis. We work largely in network television, but also in advertising, film and theater. We have a strong web presence but pride ourselves on unmatched customer service and friendly human interaction. Our office is a creative and supportive place and everyone here loves their job (seriously). Our small staff is easy to get along with and their are some great perks to working here. To Apply: Please email us your resume and cover letter. Please title the email "Database Manager: YOUR NAME." Please explain your experience with Filemaker Pro in your cover letter and describe any databases that you have recently created or customized. Only those we wish to interview will be contacted. Part-time (3 days/wk). Compensation commensurate with skill level and experience. Please email your cover letter and resume to applicantvetting@gmail.com.
  8. ok i spoke too soon. The conditional formatting isn't working for me for some reason. I've gone over it and over it and can't figure out where I've gone wrong. Also, I tried to mimic the script that was in the example zip, but it won't delete ObjectAttribute records in my DB..hmm.
  9. whoops got it! conditional formatting! silly me:p sorry for the trouble! thanks:)
  10. comment, thanks again -- this is just what i was looking for! but do you know how to get those custom checkboxes to appear/work the way that they do in the example?
  11. wow this looks super promising! gonna check it out! thanks comment!!!!
  12. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know how to create portal records using checkboxes? I have 3 tables: (1) Products (2) Tags (3) Products to Tags (similar to a Line Items Table) For each product record, I want to have a layout that displays ALL tags (400 or so) in a checkbox format. Every time a user checks or de-checks a tag in the checkbox, I want a record created or deleted in the Products-to-Tags table. So every record in the Product-To-Tags table will have the foreign key fields of the Product UID and the Tag UID. Also, I want to be able to see what has been checked off as I'm checking in the checkbox.. I understand that this isn't the simplest way to keep track of relevant tags for a Product record, but this is what our MySQL search engine expert requested. (He doesn't have FM experience, and since my company keeps tracks of everything via FM, we want to do this in FM. In the past, we kept track of tags, in a tag field without creating having to generate LineItem records.) Thanks for reading guys! If anyone could offer any help, I'd be very grateful!
  13. thanks comment, it did work... Do you know if there is a way that I could get an Excel-like view of.. Payer IDs for the rows, and Quarters for the columns, with the cCountLI as the body?
  14. Thanks comment:) Do you think I need a Quarters table?
  15. I have a complex report that I cannot get to display correctly. I have a set of records in a Line Items table. Each record contains - PayerID - ProductID (based on Product Table) - Date of Product Purchase - Quarter of Product Purchase I have a Payer Table. Each record contains - PayerID I want to create a layout in the Payer Table, which displays a portal summarizing Line Items data by Quarter. (How many transactions has the Payer ID made by quarter?) e.g. Q109, 30 transactions (or 30 Line Items records) Q208, 20 transactions The only way I have been able to do this is is by creating a Quarters table with a record for each Quarter that exists in my Line Items table. This table seems like a waste, but I haven't figured out a way around this. In the Quarters table, each record contains - Quarter - cCountLI (calculation that counts all Line Items records by Quarter) But to give me the summary data in a portal for how many transactions a Payer ID has had by quarter, I had to create a global field for Payers in the Quarters table. When you're toggling through different Payer records in the Payer ID table, I have a script trigger that copies the current Payer ID to the GLOBAL Payer ID in the Quarters table. This allows me to have filtered portal data. This is probably not the best way to go about this, as I am having difficulty creating a subsummary report showing 1. subsummary-by Payer 2. subsummary-by Quarter with Count of transactions 3. body - list of transactions Can anyone offer any advice? Thank you so much for reading:)
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