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  1. I want to be able to "put" word documents in my database (in browse mode, for the user) and be able to open, edit, save and create them inside the database. So when I click on a document in FM it will open in Microsoft Word and I can edit it and then save and close it and it will be saved in FM. I've tried to use the container fields and it doesn't seem to work very well. Eventually I will have a portal to another table that will have all of the documents that apply to a certain customer. Is there a plugin that I could use? I would like to just have to backup my FM DB and it will back up all of the word documents. To take it even further I want to take my office paperless and just scan everything and drop it in FM and give it a title and a date--If I can get it to work well enough. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks for the help... The finds are to locate errors or things that need to be done in the database--like items entered on an invoice but not billed ... I just created the finds. It didn't take long.
  3. Phillip: I tried to use the script that you had but I couldn't get the set field to work... Any other ideas. Maybe there isn't a way to do it and I have to wirte 10 different scripts. It just seems that there has to be a way you can save a find in a script and apply it to different fields without having to write a new script every time you want to use the find.
  4. I want to write a script that will use the same criteria for a find (like ">0") but I want to use a parameter so that I can set the find to a different field each time I use the script. It seems like it would be very easy...I think I'm just overlooking something. But I can't figure out how to write the script so it keeps the criteria for the find but performs that find on a different field(that would be assigned by the parameter). Please help if you can...
  5. I was going to use the GetNthRecord function at first but I couldn't figure out the "Record Number". I assume that is a field that I have to create... If true then in my found set I have to "renumber" all of the records and then the function will work properly. Correct??? Can I "renumber" them in a script?
  6. That sounds easy enough. Thanks for the help.
  7. I'm trying to use the web viewer to show directions from one customer record to the next customer record. I have the string that will map two sets of information and show the driving directions in the web viewer(by google maps). But I'm struggling with getting the info from two seperate records into the string. I want to use a calculation that will pull the info(address) from the previous record and put it in the current record, so I can use the info to fill the string properly. The person using the directions will always go from the previous record to the next record when driving (it is a found set that is sorted and printed) I'm hoping that there is a simple function or calculation that could pull info from a previous record.
  8. Yes it did!!! Thanks scolesm... Some day I will figure out all this FM stuff. Thanks a million.
  9. I am trying to take a date, that could be any day of a particular month, and use a calculation that will determine the first day of the month that the date falls in. For example if the user enters 6/16/06 the calculatin will result in 6/1/06 (the first day of the month). Please help if you can...
  10. Well maybe that is the avenue I should pursue. I use two tables because I wanted to use different portals on different tab layouts. I am still in the setting up phase and maybe I should just use one table.
  11. I am back for my second posting on FMForums--the last one went so well I can't stay away. I have two tables that track data of inventory used on a job. I am using two tables because the two projects bill very differently, and I want to add dif projects in the future. I use the same value list for descriptions of all inventory. Both tables have a relationship back to the same customer. I also have a purchase orders table that adds inventory quantities. I am using subsummaries in a layout to show the inventory totals being used for each table. But I can't get the two tables or layout information together. I want to take the combined information and to compare with the purchase orders to get my current inventory. I am trying to combine the two tables info and have it update itself in realtime but can't seem to figure it out. Help! I hope the above makes sense???
  12. I am very impressed!!! I tried it and it worked. Thanks a million My first experience with FM Forums turned out to be great...
  13. This is my first posting on FMForums so I don't know what to expect... My problem is that I have data (being a city name and a county name) in one field that is seperated by a comma. I want to seperate the two from each other and get them in seperate fields. I immediately tried to use first word and last word functions but realized it didn't work--of course the cities are sometimes one or two words as well as the counties. Is there a function that I can use that will recognize the comma in the middle and pull out data respectively? Help!!
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