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  1. Hi, Thanks for your input. Your comments assume that write access to a folder outside the bubble is - in itself - a security hole. Do you have any info to back that up? I don't see it that way. I'd say that the bubble is a good idea to protect FMS and any data in folders it wants to protect. A DMZ to stop bad stuff getting in. But I don't see why the ability to write data outside of the bubble should be considered a hole. Of course we can call it a hole because stuff is getting out. But nothing is coming into the bubble from outside. Basically, that's my point. And as for the VBS... of course it can be done and it can be scheduled, but there's no way of knowing when each file has finished being written and so the process has to be manually synchronised through trial and error. And monitored over time to see the impact of file growth. I thought the whole idea of scripts was to avoid doing stuff manually. It's not just a question of "easier", it's a question of daily batch automation for dozens of files. P.S. If we're talking about server scripts, activated by an admin, with secured access, I don't really see the logic in what you're saying. It seems to me that what you're advising is just letting FMS pass the buck to VBS. If we can trust VBS to handle permissions correctly why can't we trust FMS?
  2. Thanks Steven, "Server runs in its own security bubble and does not have access to directories outside." Do you know why it doesn't have write access to folders ouside the bubble ? Is write access a security problem ? Bobbby
  3. Hi, In FMSA v.10, server scripts can now export records... That was good news I was waiting for. But export file destinations in FMSA 10 are restricted to two specific destinations (and their subfolders): < Documents> and < Temporary files >. So what if I want to export to a different folder, or even to a different server ? I note that Exporting is not subject to these restrictions using FMPro. Have the FM developpers explained why these restrictions exist on the server? TIA Bobbby
  4. I don't want to. My data is in the text field. I want to be able to impose a page break anywhere I want in the print out. For me, inserting a page break should be no more complicated than inserting a line break. FM is very good at inserting new lines. If this and that Insert new line End if If this and that and the other Insert new page break End if Yeah! There must be some way to do that?
  5. Well I didn't get too many answers did I? I haven't given up yet. So I created a Word document with nothing in it -except a page break. Saved it and then pasted the doc into a container field. Sneaky? Yes, very sneaky, but it doesn't work ... either. I can't understand why. I have a few records with one text field and one container field. The container field contains the Word doc which contains the page break. I have a layout with the text field followed by the container field. I print out the browsed records and it all comes out on the same page. Why doesn't it jump to the next page after the container field? TIA Bobbby
  6. Are you saving the import in a script using the Import Records script step? --- Yes. I should have specified that. This in a script. How are you referencing the file path for the data source? ----- file:temp-export1.fp7 I believe that if you manually add a file when you build the Import script step, then specify the import field mapping, you will successfully save the import specs. ------------ Well I did that. Then I copied/pasted a block of script steps and I modified stuff such as Find criteria according to my needs. Then I export into "file:temp-export1.fp7", then I import. I'm not very FM savvy, but why would a $importPath produce a different result from a "hard-coded" path? (I'd rather be watching Spooks :!
  7. It's because Word is defaulting to one record per page as if you were sending letters. (Like Form View in FM). You need to tell Word that you want to use Mailing Labels. That way, you get you will get more that one address per page. You will have to specify a label size that suits you (just one column). Otherwise you will get records side by side, in columns, like pages of labels usually are. When you have just one column, and just one label in that column, you will have something like List View in FM.
  8. Hi, I'm having a problem getting FM10 to obey me when importing records. It seems to have a mind of it's own. I specify a Field Import Order so that fields from one FP7 file get placed into the correct fields into the other (current) FP7 file. XName > YName XCity > YCity XPrice > MyPrice XSnarf - XFloot - You'd think this would be pretty straightforward, basic, classic stuff, but no. Filemaker decides to import something like this : XName > YName XCity > MyPrice XPrice > XSnarf > YCity XFloot - It doesn't seem to remember what I just specified. What must I do to make the import work as I want it to? Is there some secret shift-click magic I should know about? I've tried Custom import order and last order. Neither works. The only option that works OK every time is Matching names but I'm always able to use that. Sometimes I have files where the names don't match. Any help appreciated. TIA Bobbby
  9. Hi, Is it possible to include a page break in a text field? FM has a very handy "new line" symbol but apprently no page break symbol. I saw a post somewhere enabling a copy/paste of the page break symbol with BBedit for Macs. Is there anything similar - or better - for Windows? (Our printers are PCL 5e lasers.) TIA Bobbby
  10. Well, would "didn't apply since 2008 was released " be any better? Anyway, mission critical it is, so we'll skip 2008. Thank you for the info. BCNU Bobbby
  11. Hi, We're currently running FMSA on a sub-prime Windows 2003 Server. We have received an offer from a hardware supplier for a new, fast, powerful, 4 Go RAM machine which looks as if it could do a better job. The pre-installed OS their machine is Windows Server 2008. I noticed that this version of Windows is not mentionned on the FileMaker site as being a supported OS for FMSA 9. But can FMSA 9 work with it? Yes? No? Maybe? Is it risky? Minor glitches? Inadvisable? Non-starter? No-brainer? Or is it that FM just didn't apply for the "Runs on 2008" label? Is there anyone out there running FMSA 9 on Windows Server 2008? Successfully? TIA Bobbby
  12. OK. Thanks. Even simpler than I thought. And the Yes /No tip is pretty cool too. I'll try that Monday. Bobbby
  13. I have to find out which Products don't appear in Sales. The No Sale Count is to flag the Products that have not (yet) sold. That's the one I have to get right. Here's an example of a product with no sale. The No Sale field lights up as "1". Thanks for the info on the "If". Bobbby
  14. Hi, I'd just like to check with you that what I'm doing is OK. I'm trying to count "joins / relationships / links" that don't happen. Example products that haven't sold = no product ID in the sales table. I've pasted an explanation pic here at It's pretty straightforward. My way of counting the "missing links" seems to be too good to be true. Is it ? TIA Bobbby
  15. Thanks. Will give that Bbbblast asap !
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