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  1. Steven Thanks for the info, I can verify that pre -10.7 installs of FMSA 11v1-v4 all authenticate against Full Name (At least against OD 10.3-10.6) - I guess either Apple or FMI closed the loop hole with lion. We just threw all the user's full names into the OD Master via Work Group Manger's short name array and all is well. BTW I was only using a local user for testing purposes. Thanks again. Vince Dolan
  2. Folks I am setting up a new server (FMSA on a 10.7.2 (client OS) on a brand new machine. I have set the server to authenticate using external authentication via the Directory Utility against a 10.6.4 Open Directory Server. The only hiccup is that it will only authenticate the users, when they use their short names not their Full Names. I have double checked that all the groups are lowercase and they have no spaces in their names. I have checked to make sure they are all spelled the same. I have checked that the Directory Editor (on the very same machine) can authenticate via the Full Name (realname) I have used external authentication since it came out (5.5, I think - but the mind fails me sometimes) and have never run into this problem, in fact our production server (that hopefully will be replaced by this new one) is authenticating fine against this very same OD Master - however it is running on 10.6 OS not 10.7. Any clues? Update: it appears that local users (ones created in the OS) are also deaf to the RealName. I setup some local users and groups and they also can only log in under their short name as well. Does anyone have Server 11 running on Lion, with external authentication to something other than Active Directory? Vince Dolan
  3. Folks We have a 75 user site license and are in the process of upgrading those folks to 10 advanced from 9 advanced. The users and I have noticed that list views and portals scroll about 4 times slower in 10 than they do in 9. We have conducted side by side tests. Is this suppose to be this way? The folks aren't happy and I am confused (I am the only one with a Mac and haven't noticed any change between 9 and 10 on that platform) XP Pro sp3
  4. Folks I installed FMPA 10 on Ubuntu 8.10 desktop (with Wine) and it works slick. I haven't found anything that isn't working. I can hit my server and everything. I am now off to Best Buy to pick up a $199 netbook and to enjoy the new found freedom. Vince
  5. We download and reconcile our bank statement. We have the choice of a CSV file on the banks website. I then have a script that imports this file (syncs it) and then compares it with the check numbers that are open in our system. It works slick and has for several years.
  6. Folks Thanks, I will instuct our people to place a space after or before the asterisk. I remember this being talked about earlier when 7 came out, but it clearly has slipped my weak mind. Thanks again to all. Vince Dolan Waymar Industries
  7. Yes, I have even exported the field to a seprate file to eliminate the chance that corruption it the culprit. I have attached the file so that oters can exam it. I have tried OXF*G1 till I am blue in the face. Search.fp7.zip
  8. Folks How do I find OXF1-30-D-G1, OXF2-42-D-G1, etc, in a list that includes some 20,000 different variations of OXFsomethingGsomething? I have tried OXF*G1, but it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? I used to be able to perform this find in earlier versions of the program, but I know FM changed somethings in 7. 8.5 Advanced
  9. Wim Yes indeed External Authorization only works through hosted files (via FMS), that is why I don't want to have to replicate the LDAP's structure in the local file's Account & Privileges. What I couldn't do is open a fp7 file without invoking the User Name and Password dialog. It is strange that you can't just open the file (C:test.fp7,"","") and bypass the whole dialog (assuming of course your opener file requires no password). The only way I got it to work was by supplying both a name and password, that I had setup in the file ahead of time, leaving it blank doesn't cut it. I will however, try the Guest Account thingy thanks. Vince Dolan VP of IT and Process Improvement Waymar Industries 14400 Southcross Drive West Burnsville MN, 55306 952 435 7100 ext 242 Cell: 612 770 9304
  10. Folks I have been experimenting with VBS and have run into a snag. The objFMfiles = objFM.Documents.Open has thrown me for a loop. If I format it as any of the following it errors out (405): objFMfiles = objFM.Documents.Open("C:t.fp7","") It does work however if I format it like: objFMfiles = objFM.Documents.Open("C:t.fp7","UserName","Password") I would like to use a local opener without a password if possible (I authenticate all my folks through our LDAP server and don't wish to duplicate this structure in the local file), but I can't get the file to open unless I have a Users and Password setup in the file and in the VBS. Vince Dolan VP of IT and Process Improvement Waymar Industries 14400 Southcross Drive West Burnsville MN, 55306 952 435 7100 ext 242 Cell: 612 770 9304
  11. Sorry It doesn't do this for me, the file keydelay shows no delay. Mac OS 10.4.3. FMPA 8 v1
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