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  1. It works! I finally figured it out. I didn't realize I was supposed to be using the Ethernet IP address rather than the Aiport IP address to access it online. Thank you for all your help! I can have my icecream now!
  2. Thank you Sam so much for taking the time to put that all together. Your instructions were very clear and easy to follow. This forum is an amazing resource. Unfortunately I realize now that maybe the problem is that I have an Airport Extreme Base Station and you are using Airport Express. I didn't realize they were so different. I noticed that your Apple Base Station is V 6.2 while mine is V5.6 (even though I have downloaded and installed the latest version). Also when I click on my Base Station Options, I don't even have an option to "Enable Ethernet Port". Do you know if it can be set up using an Airport Extreme Base Station? Thanks again for all your help.
  3. Hi Sam, I re-tried the first technique and had no luck. I just wanted to run through the steps again to make sure that I'm doing it right. 1. Opened Airport Utility 2. Clicked Network tab. Everything was already set up. The only problem I has having here was that when I pressed the "Update" button, it was not coming up in the Airport line. But do I have to re-"Update" it anyway as it is already set up? 3. I clicked the Port Mapping and added Port 591 to the Public and Private Ports and entered the last digit of my Mac's IP #. The other computer in my house is still able to access the database when it is connected to my airport. If it uses another, it cannot connect to my database. I will try your second idea however, I would still like to try to work out how to connect more than one computer to the Aiport at the same time, while still being able to public the database successfully. Thanks for your help. ps. I didn't quite understand your entire previous post. Would you be able to explain what a "packet" is?
  4. I tried again and it still didn't work. Basically, the Airport was already set up like this except for the addition of Port 591. I added this. The end numbers for the private address were just generated automatically. 201 came up, however, my end number was just 2. Would this make a difference? I could try it with just the 2. Would it work to change the IP address to one beginning with 192. etc? Does using the IP address beginning with 10 just work for those in the Airport zone as Reed mentioned in an earlier post or can you bypass this? Sorry for all the questions I'm just a little confused by all the IP address possibilities. Using the technique where I would be the only one who can access Airport won't be any better than just plugging the cable in. Basically I'd like to be able to publish the database if I'm on the road using AIrport connections, or in my house where I have an Airport base station. Unfortunately I'm not the only only who uses Airport in my house, and others will want to access the database and the internet. Arrrgghhh, it's so frustrating. Any more ideas?
  5. Hi Sam, It's my Airport generating the IP address - it begins with 10.0.1. etc My Airport is connected directly to the cable. When I disconnect the Airport and connect my computer to the cable, it generates a different IP address, and I am able to successfully publish my FMP database remotely. But I would love to be able to use my Airport. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sam!
  6. Hi Sam, I have tried adding these ports to Airport via the Airport utility but it didn't seem to make a difference. Everything else was already set up the way you suggested. Reed, in the previous post, suggested that using the Airport IP address can only be accessed by people in the area of the AIrport base station. In a perfect world I would love to be able to publish my database using Airport, so that if I go on the road, I can change the IP address which is linked to my webpage, and remote users can still access it. Do you know if this possible? Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks, I will try it. I am really hoping to make the database work using Airport. Will be annoying to have to plug into the cable every time I want to publish the web page.
  8. Thanks Reed. I tried it using the cable and it worked. I appreciate your help.
  9. So, I changed my settings and am now using Port 80 and I spoke with my ISP and they do not block Port 80 or 591. But still no one seems to be able to access the database remotely. I can still preview it locally. Could it have something to do with using Airport? If so, does anyone know the best way to use Instant Web Publishing with Airport?
  10. Thanks for the fast response!! I'll definitely give it a go.
  11. I am having trouble using the 'Instant' Web Publishing. I am using Filemaker Pro 7.0 on a Macintosh OSX 4.2. I am connected to the Internet via Airport. I have my IP Address and have assigned the port 591. I have been able to view my database on my own computer, and on one other computer at my apartment. No one else outside my apartment has been able to access the database. I'm sure it has something to do with the set up of my computer, however, I have no idea how to solve it. I've tried some of the suggestions by other people on this forum, however it still does not work. Has anyone else had this problem and managed to solve it? I called the Filemaker Pro help line but they were of no assistance. Would it be better to contact Apple? It's very frustrating and time-consuming. Would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
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