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  1. Greetings, Thanks to your direction of using the Timestamp field, I am now able to find all records that were modified. I created a Timestamp field and selected Modification checkbox of time and date. Using this field I can do a find using the < symbol and inserting current time from the Insert menu. Manually this works perfect. Now I'm stuck on the next step of automating the find. I'm not sure how to automate the enter find mode, got to timestamp field, insert < symbol and insert time... Can someone help me script this using the Timestamp field? Once I script this, I can have file 2 do an import which I can script. Thanks...Denis
  2. Greetings, This is FM 9 for Macintosh. I am new to FileMaker. I am trying to synch two exact files with each other. File 1 is always open on FM server and want to synch it with file 1 as needed with a button/script. The database has two tables: Master Database, secondly, Contact Names. In Master Database layout I view the Contact Names using a portal. The scenario is that File 1 and File 2 have new name, fax number, so forth. And when user opens file 2 (file 1 is always open on the server), they want to click on a button (scripted) to synch file 1 with file 2. As I'm a basic developer, I thought it best to enclose the two files. In account name enter "supersmile". I would prefer for someone to just do the scripts in the databases then to go back and forth via this post. Thank you very much for your help. Thanks, Denis 408-489-0970 Archive.zip
  3. greetings, Thank you soo much. This was exactly what I wanted and I now understand the logic...Denis
  4. Hello and thanks again for your reply. Clarification...I'm using Filemaker 8.5 Macintosh client. I've decided to enclose the two layouts and tables that I'm talking about. In summary, I have 1 company with 4 contact names and each contact name has 3 phone numbers associated with it. Again, my goal is-once the user enters the ID number, FM pulls 4 names in puts in Popup in second table and have user pick anyone name. Please see enclosed two PDF's and tell me what you think. I'm not clear when you say, "You should keep the multiple names in a separate Names table, related to your table one by the same ID." Does this mean because I have four contact names attached with one company, I need four tables. And how about, each contact name having three phone numbers...not sure here also? If this is over my head, I'm willing to hire you, please advise. My number is 408-489-0970 and my email is [email protected] ...thanks, Denis Table_1_feeds_table_2.pdf Table_2_pulling_from_table_1.pdf
  5. Thanks for the reply. Because I'm a beginner, I didn't understand how to do what you stated. Can you please give me the steps in detail. Thanks, Denis
  6. Can someone help as I'm a basic FM user. I have a lookup between two tables driven by ID number. In table one, I have four fields: Name 1, 2, 3, 4. Now in table two, when I enter the ID number, I want to see all four contacts in a Pop-up menu so I can select only one… Thanks, Denis
  7. Can anybody help with my above problem? Thanks, Denis
  8. Hello, I have below script. Allow User Abourt (off) Export Records [Restore, No dialog] In FM 5.5, the script would remember my previous export as "Merge" type as I wanted. However, in FM 8 the problem is the script keeps defaulting the "Type" to "Tab-Seperated Text." It keeps forgetting my last export of Type "Merge" and the user is forced to reselect the type each time. However, in FM 8, if I do "Output File Path List" I can get the script to create export file with specific name-but now the problme is that it can only be the same name and also keeps replacing the old one. In my case I want to keep the previous export of type Merge as well keep adding next export file to the specified folder. In summary, I want to run my script, be given the window to name the file each time, but not have to re-select the "Type" to merge each time. Thanks, Denis 408-489-0970
  9. Hello, Can someone help with with this script. I have FM 8.0 Mac and want to write a script to export records of type merge. If I export manually, FM will remember last Type of "Merge". However, if I try to script it, the export keeps defaulting the Type popup to "Tab-Seperated Text". Simply, I want to write a script to export of Type "merge." Thanks, Denis
  10. Greetings, Environment...Mac OS X 10.3 with FM 5.5 server with clients Mac 7.0. I need help with the following task. I have a DateField that the user enters date manually. Based on this field date, I want to create a script that will go to "layout 1" if DateField is > (greater) than "June 1, 2006", otherwise, go to layout 2.
  11. The formula fails with the letter 'A' as I want it to because I have the field strict data type as "number" so it blocks the 'A' from passing as valid data type. Also, have maximum number set to 10. It works exactly like I want it. Maximum 10 integers and '0' are accepted at the beginning, middle and end but no alphabets. Thanks again for your help...Denis
  12. Thanks so much to all. This formula "Length( TextToNum( "1" & Account Number) ) = 11" did the job...it's works exactly like I want it... Thanks again...Denis
  13. thanks to all. I have to have 10 integers ONLY...A zero at beginning of the integers is a must and at times a zero at the end of the 10 integers is also needed for the user to enter. Example "0123456789" and "0012340500" both example where zero is in beginning, middle and end must test and be valid...but can not exceed 10 integers and especiall characters of 'abc' can not be accepted and want the test to fail and prompt the user as error. Remember, my big problem is the user enters 'opqrst' where they start with an alphabet 'o' instead of zero.
  14. Hello, Mac 5.5 server with Mac OS X clients environment. I am using this forumula "Length(TextToNum( Account Number) ) = 10" to validate if the user entered 10 integers and prompt if they have not with a message window. Formula works fine, except that this formula fails to recognize starting with zero "0" as a first valid integar. Example, if I enter "1234567890" formula works fine. But if I start with a zero "0123456789" the formula does not accept the starting zero as a valid number and fails as if the user has not entered 10 integers. All is well if the zero is in the middle and/or the end of the 10 integars. How can I modify this formula so a starting zero '0' can be accepted as a valid integer within the 10 integars... Thanks, Denis
  15. Hello Daniele, Thank you so much. It is working now. Yes, the problem was in english the functions name is 'TextToNum'. Denis
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