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  1. Hi no is an app that connects to google sheets and the other is a database of members. Would I need to copy in everything individually.? what about connecting them is that just connect with a button.?
  2. Good afternoon i have 2 apps and would like to merge one into the other as in import all scripts etc making it 1 App. Is this possible thank you.
  3. Hi sorry just one more thing if you can. How would you go about defining if the Price was a credit or a debit? Would you use 2 seperate fields one dredit and one debit. I had a dropdown which you can choose money in or money out which didnt seem to work. Thanks for your help and patience.
  4. Hi thanks a million will have a go. You have more words as you have more wisdom and knowledge. Thanks again. πŸ™„πŸ˜
  5. Sorry Il try again. 😀 Im trying to sum individual values of individual fields. Like sum them if they equal the criteria. If I had a list of items and prices with items the same name but different prices sum them up if the were say red. And another sum if they were Blue and so on. Phew hard going. Is that any better. 😣
  6. Good Afternoon. I was wondering if anyone could possible assist me. I wondered how to total field values if the field was a certain value. Like if I had a list of items a1 a1 b1 c1 a1 how can you only add the a value then the b value etc etc. Hope this is quite clear to understand. Thank you very much for any help or advice.
  7. Moved to other forum section
  8. Good morning I was wondering if anyone had template for a basic home accounts sytem or the schema for the databases. Thanks again.
  9. Good morning I was wondering if anyone had template for a basic home accounts sytem or the schema for the databases. Thanks again.
  10. Good morning. Thanks very much I will have a try out and get back. Thanks.
  11. Is it possible to create a runtime for windows and run it from a usb of some kind. thank you.
  12. Hi it’s quite a simple system I’m trying to make for a scout troop I run. It is just for subs they pay 4 times a year same as school terms so the dates would be fixed normally. Only thing that changes is the method of payment ie Chq cash etc. Then I would like to list a report with all paid or not paid etc. been away from FileMaker for a while, I did look at other systems but came back to fm as it has runtime and fairly easy to use. Thanks for your replies.
  13. Good Morning I am wondering how I would go about this wee problem. I am developing a simple system which takes subs from members. I would like to display only the records that have paid, with an amount in a certain date. Any help would be great. Or maybe even if anyone has such a system developed already. Thank you.
  14. Ah never thought,,the sum will only count the 1's thanks
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