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  1. Thank you for your reply. I am using the latest update to Leopard and Filemaker 9v3 on all machines. Filemaker networking with sharing enabled. Interestingly, if I use the switch and the peer to peer is working, then I turn on my airport and connect to the internet through that, the peer to peer stops working too. I hope you can help.
  2. Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could help me with this problem. I have 2 imacs (new this year) running leopard sharing a database peer to peer. If I just use a d-link switch with no connection to the internet, and I click open remote... I see the other computer hosting the file and I am able to share it. However, if a use a d-link router connected to the internet I can see the other computer under hosts, but there is no available file. I called filemaker tech support and there is no serial number conflict. They said something about a possible loop occurring in the networking so that the client thinks there is a serial number conflict?: But, it does not bring up a dialog saying there is a serial number conflict. If I try this on another "client" computer with a totally different filemaker serial number, there is no problem. Any thoughts? Thanks, Darryl
  3. I wish to create a permanent log field - with the date formatted a certain way. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it. Darryl
  4. Hi all, Seems to be a simple problem... I want to have a text field in a table that contains a date formatted a certain way. For example, if I enter 01/01/2007 in FieldA (data type:date), I wish to auto enter in FieldB (data type:text) "January 1, 2007". Is there something I'm missing or do I have to break down the date via a calculation into the month name and so on... Thanks for your input. Darryl
  5. FM 8.5 Adv Just wondering... is it just me or does everyone still see for the layout name in: Go to Related Record [ From table: "{Inventory}"; Using layout: ] I use the separation model, and no matter which layout I choose for the "Using layout" area, there is a completely different layout that comes up in the script editor when I go back to check it, but the GTRR still works and goes to the correct layout. (or it says unknown as above) Is filemaker going to fix this? I know it goes back to v7. Darryl
  6. Thanks, I found it. For the benefit of others, go to File -> Import Records -> File, then choose the source table, and for the destination, choose New Table.
  7. Hi, Probably a very simple question for most of you, but, is there any way to import a table AND its contents from one file to another? I've tried copy and paste, but it does not retain the data. Importing the table doesn't retain the data. It seems I have to import the table and then import all the data. Any way to do this all in one step? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, This is a bit off topic, but not really (OK this is my justification...). I want to get some data mined from the internet into Filemaker. I feel comfortable parsing the HTML myself but the problem I am having is this... I need a way to automate entering a form and pressing a button to get the data I need. Now, I tried using cURL, but there is no way to get the data to post the web page that I know of because the page is an active server page, so I can't see the POST data. You just see the same .asp request going to the page but the page changes to find that person etc. I was wondering if anyone knows of any Macintosh software that automates entering web forms and pressing the submit button similar to software available on Windows like Newbie and iMacros. Thanks a bunch, and sorry for the semi-offtopic post! Darryl
  9. Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get it to work properly. I guess I will just have to work around it. Thanks again. Darryl
  10. Hi, Thank you for taking the time to look at this. Unfortunately, I think it's the layout that's giving me the problem. If you base the layout on the global table, then you only get one record. I have tried linking it to global fields, autoenter fields, and I've tried switching around the base tables of the layouts, and using the go to related record, with match all records in the found set on. Just can't seem to get it working so that you see customers on one layout and contacts on another. As I think I stated above, a find would work easily, except that you won't stay on the same record as you transit from one layout to the other. Thanks again. Any other ideas? Darryl
  11. Hi again, Here's a test file on what I am trying to do. Thanks to anyone that can help. Darryl ContactCustomers.fp7.zip
  12. Hi and thanks! Unfortunately, I can't get it to work. I've connected the tables exactly as you have specified. The customers layout seems to get the correct number of records, but it just repeats the first record that many times. If you could attach a file that would be great! Thanks again, Darryl
  13. What about the troi url plugin?
  14. I think you might need a plugin for that. I haven't used it but perhaps the troi url plugin would work. Darryl
  15. Hi all, I'll try to be as succinct as possible. Lets say I have one table, Contacts, and 2 layouts, ContactsLayout, and CustomersLayout. At this point, both layouts are based on the contacts table occurrence. In the contacts table there is a YesNo field to say whether or not that contact is a customer. I want to display all the contacts on one layout (that's easy) and all the customers on the other layout (that's easy too with a find). My problem is this... I don't want to use a find to display the customers because if I am on a contact in the contacts layout and i switch to the customers layout, the find resets the pointer from the current record and sets it to the first found customer. So I was wondering if I could create a subset of one table to another table occurrence with some sort of relationship. That way the pointer would stay on the same record when I switch layouts. Or do i have to loop through the records to find the current one from the first layout? Thanks! Darryl
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