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  1. Thanks Rick, All understandable. My original question was to get a script that can check a fields last character(example"00021"). If it has no letter, I want to add an "A" to make it "00021A", if it has an "A" I want to replace the "A" with a "B", etc. ​I would appreciate the help. Thank You.
  2. Hi, I am looking to alter the number through a script, but I believe if I have the field checked as not modifiable, it can't be modified? Is that not right?
  3. I have separate tables for Project, then Quote, then Components of the project, then Quantities for each Component, then Prices for each Quantity. All are one-to-many relationships. The last table Prices is keyed to a Vendor table. A vendor may win one component in the Project, but another component may go to a different vendor. I need to track the schedule of each component as it is produced. One component now may be complete before the other. The Project information is essentially the same, but will have different vendor name (from relationship to Vendor) and schedule timeline. I hope this is more understandable. BTW, the table Project was a flat database that was used strictly for job entry and timeline tracking. Simple sorts and scripts for reporting. Now that quoting functionality has ben required, I have tried to make the relationships in a way that allows that table to remain.
  4. Hello, I have a table (Loreal) with records that contain basic information fields, i.e., Project Title, Customer service rep, Project Number (Kp_projectID). When I create a new record, the key field is auto-enter serial. However, I allow modification, BUT do not allow any entry to the field, so users can't alter the number. From this table, I create a "Quote" which entails 3 related tables, and all are keyed to (Loreal) All that works just fine. If a re-quote is needed, I want to duplicate the (Loreal) record, copy the original key into the duplicated record, then add an "A" after. So going from 00012 as the original, to 00012A as the duplicate. Then I create a quote for the 00012A, and everything works, and all the keys do what they should. I have been spinning my wheels, trying different combinations of functions, but no luck. This is what I have so far...that actually works. Set Variable [$projectID; Value:Loreal::__Kp_projectID] Duplicate Record Set Field [Loreal::__Kp_projectID; $projectID] My goal is to check the $projectID last character. If it has no letter, I want to add an "A", if it has an "A" I want to replace the "A" with a "B", etc. I hope this request is understandable.
  5. Hi, One solution would be to create a related table that contains first, middle, last names, and any other things like addresses and phone numbers. Create a calculation field called "first and last", and use your calculation there. Then in the main database, relate back to the "first and last" in value list "use values from field.." make the field in your main database a dropdown, and that will work. Good Luck.
  6. Hi. I have a table called PRICING that contains a field PRICE. I have a list of vendors in a table called VENDORS. Depending on the project, I may want 5 or so vendors (selected with checkbox field) to enter their price in the field PRICE. So its the same record, but the field PRICE would be separate for each vendor. Do I determine which vendor is checked, and then duplicate each record with PRICE, and add the specific vendors foreign key to it, thus creating a duplicate for each vendor? Thanks.
  7. You could make the Date field a calculation, and use a Case argument for each of your status options. Case( Status="Approved"; Get(CurrentDate); Status="Denied"; Get(CurrentDate); "") Changing different results to match your status, though.
  8. We have about 40 clients of FM8 on a mix of OS X Macs, and XP SP2 PC's. I have 2 main layouts that are printed by all of them at 85% and at 65%. The Macs scale anything they print without a problem. The XP machines will do it to most printers (not all) depending on their drivers. You can disable "Advanced Features" on an HP, for instance, and then set the percentage you want it ot print at, and it works like a charm. We do it everyday. Now install 8.5, and all bets are off. FM called this a bug in version 8. I say we need more of this kind of bug. I have the upgrade to 9, but can't install until I resize some pretty busy layouts.
  9. Hi Effectsguy, I'm still getting the same no-scale issues in 9. What printer and driver combinations are you using in order to make the scaling work?
  10. It seems like we share in the benefits of being in-house; a strong knowledge of what the company needs from the db, the ability to distill and translate requests from co-workers easier because of that. And there is nothing like spending the amount of time needed to just hit "command d", and create a calculation that makes someones job SOOOO much easier. The thanks are genuine! And to go along with others about pay? Well, when I have the confidence to approach my first paying client, hopefully that will change. But for now I'll plug away in this part time, secondary gig. On a much harder question, when does one know when their knowledge base is enought to breakout?? Is there a Filemaker Developer's test (half kidding)
  11. Nice to see this place created for the inhouse people who (in my case, anyway) knew a little about FM, and were suddenly the "Filemaker Guy" for the company. Among other things, it was thought by management that spending a few hours a week should be enough to maintain about 20 separate files created in FM3, 4, 5, 6, 7. "Yeah, sure! I'll do it!", I said. Now 2 years later I have distilled and trashed and rehashed those files into a reliable scheduling and job tracking tool for a printing/multi media company. 10,000 records a year are created by some 45 users. I have learned a lot from this project. The most useful thing I've learned is that this is not the way to build a database in FM!! It's a real hack job. Trying to convince management that the db should really be built from the ground up is laughable. They see a db that works just fine! So I plug along, taking emailed requests for a new button here, and a new sort there. It struck me recently (especially after the FM9 release) that what I am really doing is preparing myself to become a REAL developer while getting paid for it!
  12. We were in the process of upgrading from 8.0 to 8.5 on about 35 clients. We encountered the same scaling issues on XP boxes that when running 8.0, could scale, but now can not. Under 8.0, using certain HP printers, you can get scaling to work if you go into the advanced dialog box, and set the "advanced features" selection to "disable". Under 8.5...no dice. I called FileMaker, and told them the situation with no scaling from the PC, and they said it was not a problem. They said PC's are not meant to scale like a Mac, and that if I could do it under 8.0, that it was a "glitch". (maybe they can put the glitch back, then!!). He said you have to make the layout the size of the paper selected from the driver. Now you CAN cheat, and (depending on what you've got for a printer/driver) select, lets say legal size as the paper, then select force to fit on letter size, and keep scaling at 100%, and landscape and print. What this does is extends the actual width of you printable area from 11" to 14". Then, when you force it onto letter size, landscape, it will reduce that 14" on screen back to 11" on paper. Try it, it works. But if you can figure out a way to tell 30+ users they have to print this way without them throwing stuff at you, let me know!! Maybe a script for exporting to a pdf, then into a printer hotfolder, then flush the pdf.... MW
  13. I tried both those ideas, but no luck. Thanks! MW
  14. I have searched this site to come up with an answer, but no luck. I have a portal containing 10 fields that are related to a separate file. They work just fine using FMP8.5. When I view using Safari or Exploiter, I can see all layout elements...including the portal, but all the fields within the portal are blank. Any ideas? Thanks! MW
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