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  1. There is a relatively old, very elegant and powerful and easy way that requires one custom function. The sample explanatory files containing everything you need to implement displaying your found set in your own portal can be obtained here.
  2. You can display fields for data entry on a custom dialog only as Edit Boxes No radio buttons, no checkboxes, no pop-up menus, no drop-down lists. If you set a field on a layout to show values from a value list display as a drop-down list, these options will apply to that field only on that layout (not another instance of that field on any other layout nor in a Custom Dialog Box). If you have a value list assigned to a field for validation in the Define Database dialog, then that will of course hold for any instance of that field on any layout and in a Custom Dialog, although this will still not make that field in a Custom Dialog pop-up. The inability of the Custom Dialog to display anything but Edit Boxes, along with its inability to display more than 10-20 of the 32 characters it allows you to enter for button captions, and its refusal to resize itself automatically to show a text message more than a few lines long, severely limit its usefulness. You will want to make your own Custom dialog; this does NOT use the Show Custom Dialog script step. Rather, you create a layout with all the pop-ups etc. you desire, then your script would open a new widow showing that layout, pause for the user to pop away to her heart's content, and resume when a button scripted to resume script is clicked.
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