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  1. I'am making one DB off my stock and I have one folder with all the pictures of most of the products. What I would like to know, is how can the picture appear automatically on the field container created by me, once I wright his name one the field name... Is it possible make FM read and search the picture path and retrieve it in the container? Thank U ..a lot
  2. Hello Ppl ... does anybody knows how can I lock the window's cross...that close all the windows .... I've seen it in o fm file but can´t do it.... Basicly... I dont wanna see the minimize, restore and clos windows on the upper right corner fo the window...(or locked them) Thanks
  3. Hello ppl Can someone tell me, how can I get the total result from a search made earlier. Ex.. I preform a find to see all the sales made in 2005, than I want to know how much was sold in that year.... Thanks
  4. Hello ppl... I wonder if its possible to track all modifications made in my database. I can track the creation date and user, and also de LAST modification date and user, but what I (my boss), really wanted to do is to create the history of each record (The creation, and all modifications, made by who??, and When??) Thanks
  5. Does anybody know how to limit the results on a field depending for example on the creation date... The result í want, is (ex) to konw de number of sales made between two dates... Thanks for the help, my job depends on it... :
  6. How can I use the mouse wheel to scrooll down the pages on Browse Mode???
  7. Hello Again I Don´t know if it´s possible but... Can I make (if Yes, How?), the serial numbers return to " 0 ", in the beginning of every Year? (automatically, obviously) ex: 05-00001 05-00002 (...) 05-00789 05-00790 Happy New Year 06-00001 06-00002 06-00003 ..... Thanks....and sorry for another rookie question.... :
  8. Hello again... The Question now is...: How can I make different serail numbers, in the same fiels, deppending on the Customer´s Country (for example). The Ideia is to create in the same field, this result: PT-00001 PT-00002 CH-00001 FR-00001 CH-00002 PT-00003 PT-00004 FR-00002 CH-00003 ............ Sorry for the basic question.....The Rookie apologize
  9. Hello... I´m new, and noob with filemaker...probably u will joke but..... How can I take (for example) just the second value from a repeating field to a singular field
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