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  1. Lee ... You're Great :-) No problem for a FileMaker master like you! Thanks.
  2. Hi Everyone, How do I change this timestamp ... 2017-08-12 08:24:55 -0500 to this type of date format ... 08-12-2017 ? Thanks for your help. :-)
  3. Ok ... I think I'm starting to understand a little better. However, I can't figure out why I'm not able to change the "Unstored" field. See attached screen shot.ScreenShot4.tiff I'm trying to investigate the other fields that this Calculation field is referencing. It's like pulling a stray thread on a sweater ... Things start to unravel all over the place. ;-)
  4. Hi rwoods, Thanks for the reply! The field we are having a latency problem with is a “Summary” type field not “Calculation” (see the three attached screen shots). I’m not familiar with how to make a “Calculation” field or “Number” field create a summary total … It sounds like your approach would be to eliminate this one problem Summary field (Writer_sIncomeEarningsTotal), and have a Calculation field or Number field accomplish the same summary total. If that cuts the latency issue way back, I’m all for it. :-) Also, other things of interest … I’ve only been talking about the latency problem on the Writer royalty report layout. Records are also created simultaneously in other tables … * Publisher Royalties * Commissions * Other Recipients (heirs, ex-spouses) Here is the bigger picture … Example: - Table 1 (The main royalty input table): If we receive a $1.00 royalty payment, a single record is created in Table 1 for $1.00 - Table 2 (Writer Royalties) gets a portion of that $1.00 by creating a related record(s). Many times there are several songwriters on a single song. So, a record is created in Table 2 for each songwriter. This splits the writer portion again and again. - Table 3 (Publisher Royalties) also gets a portion of the original $1.00 by creating a related record(s). Again, many times there are several publishers on a single song. So, a record is created in Table 3 for each publisher. This splits the publisher portion again and again - Table 4 (Commissions) - someone who is set up to receive a commission receives a portion of the original $1.00 by creating a related record. - Table 5 (Other Recipients) - These also receive a portion of the original $1.00 by creating related record(s). All of these naturally need to balance to the fraction of a cent. I say all of that to say … Once I get the solution in place for the Writer Table, I’ll need to duplicate the solution into the other tables. Tables 2, 3, 4 & 5 create related records (via script) when a royalty amount is entered into Table 1. So, because of latency (20 seconds yesterday / today about 90 seconds) for the Writer Table layout to load, I also need to wait when I access each of the other tables too. The Total Summary of Table 1 needs to equal the combined Summary totals of Tables 2, 3, 4 & 5. Most of the records are created very rapidly … sometimes by the thousands within several minutes (via electronic input). However, at times we have to manually input/manipulate/adjust/delete records. This opens up the possibility of human error causing the system to not balance. We have a script in place which gathers the summary amounts of Tables 2, 3, 4 & 5 and compares that combined total to the summary of Table 1 … This “Balance Script” is sometimes run several times a day because the longer we wait to find a human error, the harder it is to find. Running the “Balance Script” basically shuts things down for several minutes. We tried hosting our database on a remote server, however because of this latency problem, we are still on a local network. THANKS! screen_shot_2.tiff screen_shot_1.tiff screen_shot_3.tiff
  5. We process songwriter royalties. It is not uncommon for us to be working with 100,000+ records. The summary field on our royalty report layout is extremely important. This tells the bottom line … (what the payout is). We frequently access this layout. The actual royalty checks are also printed through FileMaker (using the amount of the summary field). We only have one summary field on our royalty report layout. Today there are 138,150 records that I’m working with. We’ve been working with this database for about 13 years. The latency we experience with the one summary field on our royalty report layout is really aggravating. I am currently working on the machine that hosts the database (an eight core Mac Pro). Just for kicks today, I exported the amount line item field from all 138,150 records as an Excel export. When I opened up the Excel file and created a simple sum function at the bottom of the column, Excel calculated the total of all 138,150 cells in a split second. FileMaker takes about 20 seconds … over the internet (through FileMaker Server), it would probably take a day. So, obviously I must have created a flawed solution some 13 years ago. Or, FileMaker just cannot add as well as Excel. Someone please tell me what I did wrong and how I can fix it. ;-) Currently using FileMaker Pro 13
  6. I just updated to FileMaker 14. I have thousands of records with container fields where I used "insert Quicktime" to link audio files. This latest version has removed that option. So I learned I need to make the container fields interactive. I did this properly, and now the audio is playing. However, the Quicktime controls are gone. I can't move a playhead around, fast forward, rewind, or much of anything. The only options I have are Play/Pause and Volume. Is there any way to fix this so I can have more controls? The playhead control would be the most important for me. I attached some photos of the old controls and the new ones. Using: OS X El Capitan FM14 no controls.tiff FM11 controls.tiff
  7. Ok, I didn't think I would need this when I posted my original question, however, it looks like I will need an additional calculation field that yields the number between the first dash and the second dash also. For Product_Number 0797-8851-1 the result should be 8851 For Product_Number 5-04781-3-43 the result should be 4781 (no leading zero) For Product_Number 579-287-9-154 the result should be 287 Sure appreciate any help getting this solution. Thanks
  8. THANKS Both solutions work GREAT.
  9. I'm needing a calculation field that returns only a portion of another field (Product_Number). For Product_Number 0797-8851-1 the result should be 797 (no leading zero) For Product_Number 5-4781-3-43 the result should be 5 For Product_Number 579-287-9-154 the result should be 579 Get the idea? The result should equal the number before the first dash (except if there is a leading zero). In the case of a leading zero, I do not need the leading zero.
  10. David ... I'm really liking what you suggested ... Let me think on this ... THANKS !
  11. Hi Comment, I'll check on the confidential data thing. Thanks so much!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm using FileMaker Pro 11 on a Mac. I'm doing some free work for a local minister. I'm trying to import a .txt file that was generated from his old DOS based database. The name of this old database software is Bible Illustrator (no longer around). I'm trying to switch this minister over to FileMaker. Below is the format of the .txt file (the first eleven records are listed below). Each record is separated by two separate lines containing a single forward slash. The field names seem to begin with a single letter followed by the field data. I think there are about 8,000 records. WOW ... any ideas on how to import this? Thanks for looking. :-) / / /mLove, God's unchanging /sE /i6108 /mImmutable, God /sE /i6108 /d12/2004.101 /t /fn P 385-387 "I change not" reference{Mal 3:6}{Malachi 3:6} His unchanging love, sympathy, etc. / / /mGod, endures /sE /i6108 /d12/2004.101 /t /fn P 388-390 God endures - His glory, name, righteousness, mercy, seed / / /mHappiness /sE /i6108 /d12/2004.101 /t /fN P 390-393 Happiness, true / / /mPromises, God's /sI /i6108 /d12/2004.101 /t /fn P 393 Stars are like God's promises / / /mBlessings /sE /i6108 /mProv 10:22 /sE /i6108 /d12/2004.101 /t /fn P 400 God's blessings bring no sorrow reference{Prov 10:22}{Proverbs 10:22} / / /mJesus, picture of /sI /i6108 /mImages, of Jesus /sI /i6108 /d12/2004.101 /t /fn P 396 Picture of Jesus as blonde and blue-eyed, the history of it, and how they thought it would help spread Christianity, but "A picture cannot save." / / /mPersecution /sE /i6108 /d12/2004.101 /t /fN P 402 "enemies of God express their hatred of God by attacking God's people" reference{Psalm 83:1-4}{Psalms 83:1-4} / / /mProphets, false /sE /i6108 /mFalse prophets /sE /i6108 /d12/2004.101 /t /fn P 409 Lying prophets - superstition, fables, folklore, tradition, dreams, etc. P 410 Speculative prophets - "within the professing church, the prophets of speculation." They know little, but what they do know they use to their advantage. / / /mRestitution /sI /i6108 /d12/2004.101 /t /fN P 417 American Store's Company letter - a letter giving restitution / / /mDeny, Christ /sE /i6107 /d12/2004.101 /t /fn P 195-199 Many forsake Christ for modern beliefs, but we must cling reference{John 6:68}{John 6:68} "Lord, to whom shall we go?" / / /mUnbelief /sE /i6107 /mJesus, deity denied /sE /i6107 /d12/2004.101 /t /fn P 199-200 Modern unbelief in Christ's deity reference{Mark 15:32}{Mark 15:32} / /
  13. Still trying ... I can't seem to get certain ports to open on my AirPort Extreme Router ... weird
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