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  1. Let's say I have this VB.NET code, Sub Main() Dim FMApp As FMPRO50Lib.Application Dim FMDocs As FMPRO50Lib.Documents Dim FMFile As FMPRO50Lib.Document Dim rgk As RegistryKey = Registry.LocalMachine.OpenSubKey("SOFTWARESoft 3DSigns PRO", True) Try FMApp = CreateObject("FMPRO.Application") Catch ex As Exception MsgBox(ex.ToString) End Try FMApp.Visible = True FMDocs = FMApp.Documents FMFile = FMDocs.Open(Application.StartupPath & "Soft 3D Signs 3.8.EXE", "") If rgk.GetValue("reg") <> 1 Then FMFile.DoFMScript("perform_registration_check") Else FMFile.DoFMScript("startSoft") End If FMDocs = Nothing FMFile = Nothing FMApp = Nothing End Sub Is it possible to open the runtime version (EXE) or it only works when opening USR or FP5 file??
  2. I'm having error message once the solution is compiled as Stand-Alone runtime... anyone has an idea why :)
  3. Hi! I have a filemaker script that uses VB.NET. It works just great while the file is .fp5, but it give me an error once the file is binded as a Stand-Alone Runtime... it says it "cannot create activex component"... Someone can help me??? I'm using FileMaker 6
  4. well, there is an example in the FM help, but it's not specified which file to imports as reference in VB.... would u have any idea?
  5. thanks you dude, I never saw that and it seems to be exactly what I was looking for!!!
  6. I would ike to know if it is possible to access a filemaker database using visual basic?? Just like a Access database? I would need to write "0" or "1" to a field in filemaker, can I do this using VB.NET (or any other third party programming language?) I'm using FileMaker 6
  7. Hi! Let's say I have a number value that is from 1 to 10. (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10) I would like to be able to find it when I search for 4 I know you can find number from 1 to 5 using find 1...5, but is there a way to do the inverse.... like, I would like to the field 1...10 when I search for 4.... I hope I'm making myself clear, thanks y'all!
  8. Hi I designed an application that has a file over 1.5go. Is it possible (with InstallShield) to split that file on 3 CD? When the user install it, will it be corrupted or it will rebuild the file and work fine??? Thank you!
  9. Hi! I am designing an application that need to store image in a file. I noticed that 44 images (total of 84Mo on HD) goes up to 440mo once I store them in the filemaker file. Is that normal and is there a way I can compress them and keep a good hi res? thank you!
  10. well.. it works fine now. I don't really know why though... in my .net script, I change the file created at "key.txt" to "c:key.txt" and it works just fine... anyone would habe an idea?
  11. I call it with Send Message["readKey.exe","aevt","odoc"]
  12. this post is almost 3 years old haha
  13. readKey.exe and I will have another one called clearKey.exe
  14. Hi! I have to check for a registry key, I was using tiral of WinBatchm, but run out of time, so I made a small app that read the key, end return wheter 0 or 1 in a text file key.txt, then I import that file in fileMaker. The problem is that when I run the readKey.exe from FileMaker, it doesnt generate any text file, when I run it myself it works. Is there any trick to do when talking from FileMaker to .NET !?!?!? BTW, I'm not sure I posted in the correct forum, feel free to move to the appropriate place, thank you!.
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