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  1. Hi, This is probably a very simple question for most of you... I am trying to define a field so that it automatically inputs a serial number in the following format: mmddyyyy## So, if the date is 01/09/2006 and it's the first entry of that day, the serial number would be 010920061. If it's 01/09/2006 and it's the second entry of that day, the SN would be 010920062. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks and Happy Holidays!
  2. Hi, I have a global Summary Field displaying a time total that calculates correctly. However, the field displays nothing while I am modifying any of the fields it totals - once I am done, the display shows up again with the modified total. What I would like is for the old total to remain while I am modifying the source fields and have the new total appear once I am finished. I have tried other methods of making this work, but I can't seem to get both the global and the calculation parts correct. Is there a better way to do this, or is there perhaps a way to change the behavior of the summary field? Thanks!
  3. That does it for the timecode. I haven't been able to get the new case statement to work yet, but I'll keep working on it. Thanks again!
  4. Cool. The newer formula works great - it even solves the drop frame/non drop frame display issue I've been working on. However, it returns h:mm:ss:ff instead of hh:mm:ss:ff when the hh is less than 10. I resolved this by substituting "hh & ":" & mm & ":" & ss" for "Time ( hh ; mm ; ss )". Is there a better way to do this? Also, there's one part of the error that I can't seem to get to work: Right (TC Format ; 2) = "df" and f < 2 and s = 0 and Mod (m ; 10) I believe this should return an error if the TC Format is drop frame and the time code has 00 for ss and 00 for ff on any minute but 10, 20, etc. For example, 01:01:00;00 should return an error while 01:20:00;00 would not return an error. However, it doesn't seem to return the error... Also, is there a way to have it result in rounding up the frames from 00 to 02 instead of the error? So, if 01:01:00;00 is entered in drop frame, how can the result be 01:01:00;02 instead of the error? Thanks!
  5. I like the first option because it allows me to enter only 6 of the 8 digits and it orders them as hh:mm:ss... Also, I like that I can paste a timecode in and it remains formatted correctly as hh:mm:ss:ff. The second option is great because it follows the rules of drop frame time code. However, this option reformats anything input into the field. So if I paste 01:02:02;29 into the field, the result is 02::0:2;;29. How would I go about getting the best of both? Also, is there a way to do this so that if I manually enter the first six digits of the timecode (hhmmss) the result is hh:mm:ss:ff where ff is 00? (The first option duplicates the seconds in the frames.) Thanks again.
  6. Hi, I have a field that contains time displayed in 8 digits (01:02:03:04) that represent Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames. I currently have to manually enter the colon between each set. I'm hoping that there is a way to have the colons automatically entered so that I could simply type in 01020304 and have it automatically display as 01:02:03:04. However, I still need to be able to paste a time value which already includes the colons. Does anybody know of a way to implement this? Thanks!
  7. 1. Ahh. I have a lot to learn. 2. This returns a number rather than a time and it adds like numbers instead of time (base of 100 rather than 60). Is there any function that acts like a "Total of" summary field? Thanks again.
  8. I think I follow, but perhaps I'm more of a novice than I thought. =) In the Set Field step, what is the gReportPgs; Get (PageNumber) step is [Table::Field;Get (PageNumber), right? This seems to work. However, the script pauses before the print step but doesn't print... What am I missing?
  9. Hi RalphL - I like the script suggestion. I'm just not sure how to incorporate the Get (Last Page Number) in the script. Also, am I correct that the script should be able to run from a button that only appears on a single layout?
  10. Perfect. Thank you! Is there a way to make it return "0" instead of leaving the field blank if there are no records of "Type A" or "Type B"? Also, is there a way to create a sum field using these relationships that returns a total of all of the Total Duration (time) fields of "Type A"? Thanks again.
  11. Queue - Thanks for your help. I've tried your suggestions and come close, but not all the way. Instead of Count(relationship::Serial Number) returning a total of "Type A", I'm getting a total of all the records with the Type field (which is all the records). Perhaps it's because the same Type field stores both "Type A" and "Type B"? The logic of relating the Type field to a global field with a value of "Type A" (which is text, not numeric) seems like it should work, but I'm not sure why the resulting count is the total of the records instead of the total of the records that relate to the global field with a value of "Type A". Also, I need the resulting count to be displayed globally, as it is in the Header in one layout and is not in the Body of any of the layouts. Will switching the count field to global storage solve this part? Thanks again!
  12. So I would assemble this by creating a script that goes to the preview mode and to the last page, then the LastPageNumber will get the page number... But how can I do this without having to run the script every time I want to print? Thanks
  13. Hi, I'm trying to create a count of pages in a footer that displays as "Page x of y" so that if there are 10 pages and page 2 is being previewed, it displays "Page 2 of 10." I've set up a calculation field called "PageNum" to Get(PageNumber) and another calculation field to Count(PageNum) but when I enter preview mode, all the pages display "Page 0 of 1." Any idea how this can be implemented correctlly? Thanks!
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