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  1. If you are no longer using repeating fields, you no longer need the extend function. Christine
  2. Paul it sounds more like you want to be able to update a stock total just from adding or subtracting stock via a field. It can be done, but it appears you are going the long and hard way around it. You would need to write a script trigger, and make all three fields a number field. Have you considered just having another table that will include both stock addition and subtraction. That away you can just simply just add the related records of stock changes to get your total? Christine
  3. Sounds like you could write a script trigger, but I just do not have enough information to totally agree with that as a solution.
  4. I think I understand what you are trying to do now. Try this: If (IsEmpty(add stock) and IsEmpty(remove stock), 0, add stock - remove stock) That should get you to where you want to be. Thanks, Christine
  5. I use a customer function I created, but you can also use this in your script: Case(PatternCount ( Get ( ApplicationVersion );"Web") ≥ 1;"Web"; PatternCount ( Get ( ApplicationVersion );"Server") ≥ 1;"Server";PatternCount ( Get ( ApplicationVersion );"Go") ≥ 1;"Mobile";"Client") This will return "Web" if it is IWP. Thanks, C
  6. Please also be sure that your field is defined as a number field.
  7. Please be sure that the fields "remove stock" and "add stock" are defined as "number" fields. You can either define "amount in stock" as a number field, with an auto calculation, or as a calculation field. (I personally recommend a calculation field if you may update stock totals in other layouts, or will eventually get totals from other tables.) When you go into the calculation definition (regardless if it is a number field with auto calculation, or a calcuation field) be sure to uncheck the box in the calculation area that says "Do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty". If you define the field as a calculation, I also recommending that you go into storage options and check "do not store calculation results". That should resolve your issue.
  8. In my best opinion you do not need to duplicate the fields. I would lay it out like: TABLE - ENGLISH, (Fields: SERIAL[Number], ENGLISH WORD [Text]) TABLE - TARGET, (Fields: SERIAL[Number], ROOT [Text] and TARGET WORD [text]) TABLE - POS, (Fields: SERIAL[Number], POS [Text]). Then Simply LInk them all By SERIAL[Number] Unless I am missing something?
  9. Please make sure you have opened the required ports under the Firewall Security Settings. Christine
  10. Private message me, and I will gladly help ya out.
  11. Why not edit the custom function to check for a word that starts and ends with a character(like ~) and then whatever is in between the characters will remain untouched? Christine Example: ~CIA~ will chang to CIA
  12. Screen Dimensions For reference purposes, these are the screen dimensions for FileMaker Go in various states: Remember: List View consumes an additional 3px of width for the selection indicator on the left. This difference is not reported by Get ( WindowContentWidth ) and it is not taken into consideration in this matrix. • iPad Portrait (toolbar showing): width 768, height 929 • iPad Portrait (toolbar hidden): width 768, height 973 • iPad Landscape (toolbar showing): width 1024, height 673 • iPad Landscape (toolbar hidden): width 1024, height 717 • iPhone Portrait (toolbar showing): width 320, height 385 • iPhone Portrait (toolbar hidden): width 320, height 429 • iPhone Landscape (toolbar showing): width 480, height 255 • iPhone Landscape (toolbar hidden): width 480, height 289 In order to test for whether a user has their device in landscape or portrait mode, and to determine how much screen real estate you have available, use Get (WindowContentWidth) and Get (WindowContentHeight). Note that regardless of your zoom level, these are the numbers FileMaker Go will report.
  13. With MySQL you just need to open the 32 Bit ODBC Administrator on the 64-bit Machine and create your DSN. Then you will see it in FileMaker. Although it runs on a 64-bit Machine, it is still 32-bit native. Christine
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