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  1. Hi, I have a list layout. When I put a webviewer linked to SC on the layout I lose the ability to scroll up and down the list with scroll wheel. This behavior is same on Windows XP and Windows 7 clients. Running latest version of SC and FMP11. I have tried a number of different style settings in the SC URL and none seem to have any affect. I have replaced the webviewer with a calculated field populated via SC Plug in and scrolling now works fine - although slow, I would prefer the webviewer but need scroll wheel. Any idea what might cause this behavior. Thanks, Ted
  2. Hi, I would like to be able to download an image stored in supercontainer to a folder on the desktop and rename the file. Any easy way to script this? Thanks, Ted
  3. Hi, Problem was solved by installing latest version of SC. -Ted
  4. Hi, I have a solution that displays supercontainer images in portals using the plug-in and container fields. This works fine with .jpgs but does not display an image in the portal when we are using .gif images. Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong, or is this a known limitation of supercontainer and the plugin? Thanks, Ted
  5. Hi, I am relatively new to SC and have a couple basic questions. I am deploying a system with the following configuration. FMS 11 running on Mac OSX 10.6. Most clients are FMP11 on windows 7, some Mac. All clients are on LAN - no IWP. 1) To use SC in this setup does the server software need to be Filemaker Server Advanced or just FMS? 2) The client also has a main fileserver running Windows Server 2003. Is it better performance (or easier to configure) if we store the SC data files on the same Mac as FMS, or should we store them on the Windows Server? If we wanted the data files stored on the windows box how would we configure this? Would SC itself still run on the FMS box with files stored across network, or would SC run on Windows Server? I am an expert at Mac and FM ... but quite new to mixed platform installations, and know little of web technologies like Java so please keep it as simple as possible. Thanks, Ted
  6. Hi, My client is running FMS10 (soon to be FMS11) on a dedicated Mac OSX 10.6 box. Local backups are scheduled hourly. They would like an automated way to copy the most recent FMS backup file from their local drive across their network to their main fileserver running Windows Server 2008. I am a mac person and know little about the intricacies of Mac to Windows networking. What is the simplest most foolproof way to move this file? Thanks, Ted
  7. Thanks for the reply Dan. I have certainly seen the go to layout script step fail with the define fields window open. Unfortunately the duplicate records issue has happened on days when I have not been here, and I am the only one with admin access to edit the system.
  8. Hi, I have a script that is acting erratically - usually it works as designed but randomly and infrequently it will fail to execute a Duplicate Record script step. I have read all prior posts on this issue but am still confused as to what is going wrong. Here is the start of the script. Enter Browse Mode [] Beep Show Custom Dialog ["Create a duplicate?"] If [get(lastMessageChoice)=2] Exit Script [] End If Set Variable [$$BidID; Value:BIDS::Bid_ID] Set Variable [$LaborRate;Value:BIDS::Labor_Rate] Set Variable [$Percent; Value:BIDS::PercentToInvest_Default Duplicate Record/Request Set Variable [$$BidIDNew; Value:BIDS::Bid_ID] If[$$BidID=$$BidIDNew] Show Custom Dialog ["Duplication Failed...."] Exit Script[] End If ... This file has no access restrictions. None of the fields are set to require verification. The system is multiuser but I can't figure out how that would matter. I have a theory that this only happens if the script is triggered while Filemaker Server is performing a scheduled backup. Any thoughts on this. I have had similar issues elsewhere in system with go to layout script steps failing. Often this occurs if I am under the hood defining fields, but it also seems to be tied to the server backup schedule. We are using 8.5 on mac clients, and server 8 on server on MacPro. Thanks, -Ted
  9. David, Yes that would work well, but I am not deleting the parent record only the related ones. Thanks for your input. Ted
  10. I have a script which deletes related records using the GTRR and DELETE RECORDS script steps. The script seems to work perfectly 99.9% of the time but has on two occasions deleted records in the parent table not the related table. And yes, there is an IF step directly before the GTRR which checks for the presence of related records: a symplified version of the syntax I used is IF[count(related table:related table ID)>0] GTRR Delete Record ELSE Exit Script End IF My question is are there any situations (record locking, multi user, multi window?) in FM7 which would result in a failure of the GTRR step to actually go to related table assuming that the IF statement was valid? Thanks, Ted
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