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  1. I was wondering what you guys think of the encryption built into filemaker server advanced 8...Do you think that this is secure enough to allow users to login without the use of vpn? We want to make the users jump through as few hoops as possible, so we would like to stay away from vpn and definitly not use citrix, remote desktop, etc...
  2. I'm trying to script a search that finds records updated by someone other than the record owner (salesperson in my case). I have a global variable called last logout that does a timestamp when the user logs out of filemaker. So the basic search I want to do is Find records where dateupdated > gLastLogout AND salesperson does not equal currentuser. But I can't figure out how to do a find using both an "is" and a "is not" if you know what I mean.
  3. Are your IWP users the same as your regular FMP users? If not you could make the web layout the default layout in Filemaker Pro and run an if statement on open that says if get(privilegesetname)≠webusers go to layout....whatever your non-web layout is
  4. Thanks Dana. We already do have ssl going for other parts of our site, and I'm able to get to the iwp login when I type https://mysite.com:443/fmi/iwp . But I keep getting a message that the username and p/w are incorrect. If I use http: instead of https: it works fine. I would imagine that I need to tell filemaker server advanced to use port 443 instead of 80, but I'm having trouble finding where to do that. I'll have to take a look at the docs again. Thanks again.
  5. I do have server 8 advanced. Does this add any security measures, or do I still need to use SSL? Does anyone know of a good tutorial for setting IWP up w/SSL?
  6. I did a search, but couldn't find anything. Are the passwords in IWP cleartext or somehow encrypted? Thanks!
  7. Is it possible to call a script from an auto enter calculation? Basically this is what I want to do If (get(PrivilegeSetName="Sales"; 1; (somehow call a script here?); It would be even better if I could do something like this: If (get(PrivilegeSetName)="Sales"; 1; perform a lookup on table::field; But I'm not sure if you can run a l can call a lookup from a autoenter calc... Thanks for any help. I seem to be coming up with some strange questions....
  8. I was wondering if it's possible to move a contact from a filemaker database to entourage without exporting to a text file. This is something that would be used for only certain contacts therefore just one at a time. Does anyone know if applescript can do this?
  9. I do something similar, but not as sophisticated since I'm not much of a coder. But this works for me:
  10. Nevermind! I had the wrong table selected for my layout. Doh!
  11. Surprised I didn't notice this before, but right now whenever a record is made in the contacts table, another one is made in the employees table. I want it so that each employee is in the employee table 1 time. Any tips for this relationship would be appreciated. Thanks....
  12. I scrapped the globalfield/merge field idea and made a report based on the related records in list view (displayed in the body) and parent record info in the header and footer. Now my problem is that there's no way to make this particular report 1 page or less and there's A LOT of info in the header and footer so I get a message saying that the header and(or) footer need to be smaller in order to print. Is there anyway around this???
  13. Good call. I'm close! I made the global tab field and the portion being looped in my script now reads: gTempLineItems = modelsQuoted::gTempLineItems & modelsQuoted::ModelName & global::gTab& modelsQuoted::ModelQnty & global::gTab& modelsQuoted::ModelPrice & global::gTab& modelsQuoted::modelSubTotal & ¶ When the model name is short the row still does not line up quite right: Usually this wouldn't be a big deal as you could easily fix it manually, but I'm using it as a merge field on a layout. Maybe I'm wasting my time on this, I don't really know. But if anyone has any advice thanks in advance!
  14. Ok, so now I have a script that finds the related records. It then fills a global text field with the 5 fields from the first related record, then loops and concatenates the next related record's fields until it finds the last record. So now the global field DOES HAVE all the data in it. However, the text in the original related fields vary in length, so the global looks something like this: 1 Item1928 This is the decription $1000 1 Item182098 This is the decription for this line $1000 11 item1 Short Decription $30 Maybe a strange question, but is it possible to insert tabs into a calculation so that it's formatted correctly for print? Thanks again
  15. I'm currently building a Report that is mostly text but has a jpeg (via container) and portal on it that both need to print. Is it possible to have these items slide with the text portion of this report? I've tried all the sliding options, but it doesn't seem to work. It seems as though the jpeg and portal stay where I placed them no matter how much text is in the text area. Below is a sample screenshot. Notice when the text grew larger, the portal stayed and now appears to be on top of the text area. Thanks for any help and if anyone knows of a tutorial concerning this please let me know. I guess another way of asking this would be can I place containers or portals within a text box? Fullsize
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