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  1. But how is the script directed to subsequent worksheets after processing the initial. There doesn't seem to be any differentiator in your response. The script is stopping for each worksheet to ask which one.
  2. What would the edited File Path List look like, i.e. syntax? Thanks! Here's what it looks like as is. Steps 2, 3, and 4 are supposed to address each worksheet. <redacted>
  3. I am trying to script an import of three worksheets in the same Excel file. The 3 geographical regions worksheets are not structured the same, i.e. field name rows are not in the same place and are named differently. The script runs but stops to ask which worksheet to process. How do I create a variable/parameter in the script for it to proceed sequentially from worksheet 1-3 without stopping? Thanks DA
  4. This has now been escalated to Canon as a Case # through the printer/copier/scanner dealer. The initial suggestion was that if we had other version of FM (6,7,8 are on some) installed on the same machines that they might have some conflicts created if they use some of the same library from a prior version when it should be using a the current version (I'm suspect). Additionally, other machines that had been able print seem to be falling prey to the problem once they have printed x (unknown) number of pages...and have had to switch to the old HP 800N I have temporarily put in place which is working fine. I truly believe that it is a either a Canon driver or interpreter issue. Any thoughts, let me know. Dick
  5. I would have imagined that FM Scheduler would have included a basic internet protocol on such an advance product by now but maybe that's wishful thinking or intentional. I have, since the posting, found that I can't write to the volume/driectory even though it is mounted in the OS after Connect To Server is accomplished. The user login obviously is valid and it has write permissions via standard FTP clients. The Mac OS X volume mount may be the issue (non-standard mount?) There also may be an issue as this is part of the OnlineFileFolder.com (web interface w/ email in dropbox)system with quirky issues on permissions. I'll keep you informed. Dick
  6. I have successfully mounted an offsite ftp volume on Mac OS X Server. Now, I am trying to schedule a backup to go to it but the scheduler is not accepting any iterations of the mounted volume pathname. Should it not be ftp:/sysvol/mounted server vol/ ftp:/mounted server vol does not work either It is not validating the path. What am I missing? Thanks, Dick
  7. Well, I have come up with what had been a tried and true fix in multiple istances but with one problem. The fix: LPRD/LPD printing using the Apple Laserwriterr IIg v 2010.130 PPD. This has solved the issue for all Mac in the office unfortunately except for the key person. It worked for about a day and then I don't know what undid it, but I haven't been able to get it to print since last Thursday. I've uninstalled re-installed and tried several other drivers HP 8150, re-install of the the latest for the device (Canon iR5000i). I am next thinking that the interpreter in the printer needs an upgrade. All fonts have have been checked and are installed. Any thoughts would be appreciated. :)
  8. That is being reviewed across 8 Macs on Tiger as I reply. But I haven't kept up on Mac Font management for a while. I know Fontbook is there but am unaware if fonts are installed per application. When I look at the Microsoft fonts in the Office folders, some of the font files show an install button even though they are available to Office regardless. I'll let you know the results. Thanks
  9. We have just migrated a v 6 application to v 7 and serve it from FM Server 7v3 on OS X 10.3.9. We are now experiencing major printing problems and I believe it is a font issue with cross-platform issues. Any suggestions on a tool or method for fixing such a problem? The migration was done by a developer on the PC and then loaded back to the Mac OS X Server. The Macs can't seem to print anything right. This is an urgent issue as business reporting functions are dead in the water. Thanks Dick
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