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  1. Ive got an order form for sales people to use for their orders. when they finish an order i need to submit it to the order processing. I wanted to create a new record in the order processing when they submit their finished orders. I thought the best way to do this was to submit a new record request and populate the fields with the script parameter.
  2. Hello! I need to pass about 50 fields from one table to another. Can i pass more than 3 fields using the script parameter? Im using FM7Pro. Thanks!
  3. OK, using fm 9 recover worked. I am able to open the file for sharing but when i try to modify a record, it says the file is not modifiable...any ideas on how to fix this issue? Attributes on the file are set to read / write.
  4. I found a backup from 3 months ago that worked...i will try using fm 9 to see if that can fix my problem so i wont have to use such an old backup. Any idea why these files go bad? Thanks for your help. Rick
  5. I do have a backup copy that i am trying to open...that is why i am having this problem...i had to restore from a backup and i cant get the backup status to normal...just stays on closed..The file opens fine on pro 7.
  6. I have tried saving a compacted file, it did not work. Any other ideas?
  7. Hello I am running fm server 7 advanced and can not open my file for sharing...i right click and hit open and i see it change the status to opened and it goes right back to closed....i have had this problem before but cant remember how to fix it...i think i renamed the file or something to that nature. Any ideas? I am desperate!!!
  8. Hello, I bought brian dunnings FM7 chart maker...i can not figure out how to change the colors of the bars...does anyone know how to do this? i included a printscreen of the chart. Thanks! Rick
  9. I have a detail report that breaks down sales by sales person for each day. My subtotals and grand totals fine, but the detail of sales for each day is missing every other record....any ideas?
  10. Hello, is it possible to scroll through/print the pages of a report in preview mode with the status bar hidden? I hide the status bar in our application and I can't figure out how preview reports without it. Thanks Rick DeCollo
  11. Is the same true for date fields??
  12. OK, i can get it to work on text fields, but not on numeric fields....it does change the font color when editing the field but when you click out of the field the font goes back to black.
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