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  1. Many thanks, Vaughan. I had not encountered external authentication until now, but tying in to AD will be good for us! Thanks again nylon
  2. Hi all. I'm the IT manager at a secondary college in Australia and we have about 1500 students. I've been wanting to let students have passworded access to some databases, but manually entering 1500 account privileges is impossible to maintain. Is there any way to securely allow 1500 (untrustworthy) souls access to only their own records? I wish Filemaker had something like an account/password table which could contain thousands of users, encoded passwords, privileges etc. Regards nylon
  3. Yes, sorry for the negative vibes, but I occasionally get disappointed by Filemaker Inc. They tend to leave niggling loose ends when upgrading. I've resisted moving from V4 (even though I have bought and used V5,6 and 7) because there was never a big enough advance in those versions to make me jump; also, converting my main database to those versions broke it very badly and would have required a total rewrite. At least v8 converted it to a workable version that required minor tinkering. I do appreciate features such as addressable repetitions, variables, tabs and custom dialogs... they are handy but not killer features. I apologise for not finding the previous discussion of tabs. I did a quick search but it showed no hits. I'll look harder in future. Thanks for the assist, everyone. BTW, I got around the inability to specify a default file type. I got FMP to create a full filename based on user ID, a key field, the date and time (to provide version information). Because I couldn't get the user to supply a full path, the user will have to copy the saved data from the default directory if they want to save it elsewhere. Regards, Mark
  4. D'Oh! That's just what I was fearing. Why does Filemaker Inc do these things to me? With each upgrade they seem to break things that used to work just fine! Thanks for the hand. Hmmm... if I asked whether it was possible to use a script to go to a particular tab on a layout, would I regret the answer? I have a feeling I will -( Regards, Mark
  5. Hi all. When I shared files with FMP8 there was a way to hide support files so only the main database file was visible to users. I can't find this feature in FMS8. Have I missed something, or have I paid lots of money to lose a valuable feature? Cheers, Mark
  6. Hi again OK. The filename variable tip works! The only problem is that the user (dumb ones, in my case) would have to enter a fully qualified path to save the file anywhere but in the current directory: they can't navigate via a normal "Save As" dialog box. I can't imagine my users entering "../test.fp7" or "u:/files/test.fp7" into a messagebox! The really frustrating bit is that in the Export script's "Specify Output File" you can specify a file extension but it has no effect if you don't specify the name too! Grrr! Maybe I'll save in Excel format instead! Regards Mark
  7. Ah, So! Many thanks for the lead. It sounds quite a roundabout way to achieve something so basic, but at least there is a way. I am finding that several things that were easy to do in FMP4 are made oddly difficult in v8 (One example is in Scriptmaker: to add/remove ticks from the "Include in Menu" boxes, one could drag in FMP4, but now it seems one has to click each script's tickbox individually. It's not a biggy but I wonder why we have to *lose* functionality over time. Sigh. Anyway, thanks again for the valuable tip. Mark
  8. Thanks for the assist. It seems to remember export format when manually importing/exporting but not when the EXPORT script step is used. I tried manually exporting to FP7, then running the script that does the automated export but it always reverted to tab delimited format.
  9. With good ol' FMP4 when exporting, the default filetype was FP3. Having converted my database to FMP8 it defaults to exporting to tab delimited format, which is really going to mess up my easily-confusable users. How can I specify a default export file format so my users only have to simply specify a filename when saving? Hope someone can assist. Mark
  10. Hi, comment. Thanks for the assist. Yes, I knew lookup had the next lower/higher matching feature, and I got a working version using that earlier. I was just surprised that a relationship did not have the same power. The drawback to the lookup solution - rather than the live relationship - is having to relookup whenever the lookup table changes. In this example, a tax table is not likely to change often, but in other cases the lookup table might forever be in flux and you'd want the looked up values to always be 'fresh'. Thanks for the help, all. Seems FMP4 is finally showing its age Mark [Please excuse duplicate posts - my earlier reply must be lost in the ether]
  11. Indeed, it may soon be time to convert. This is the first time in ten or so years that FMP4 has lacked a vital function I needed - it's done well! Mark
  12. Ah, yes. Neat! Thanks for your help. The only problem is that it won't work in FMP4 in which the dB will be written. Yes, I do have FMP 5,6,7 and soon will have 8, but our school's site licence is for FMP4. To be political for a second, I have worked with 5,6 and 7 and have yet to find a good enough reason to upgrade from v4. Maybe v8 will be the tipping point... I know I'll have to upgrade one of these days. I did try converting my main FMP dB (a large and complex reporting dB) to v7 but it royally messed up the file associations and I recall the built-in font smoothing (which I could not turn off) made things hard to read. The only truly useful thing I remember seeing is the ability to construct dialog box contents from a field value... Oh, and the complex relationships in v7 seem to be handy now! Thanks for your example. Cheers Mark of Australia nylon.net
  13. It's a bit unclear what you're trying to achieve - trying to look up data in one field and copy it to another - different - field? It sounds like there's a fundamental design flaw in your dB but from your description, it's hard to determine where it is.
  14. Hi guys; this should be SO easy, but I can't find a solution anywhere. I need to do an inexact relationship match. I want to look up a person's salary in a separate tax table and get the applicable tax rate. e.g. SALARY......RATE 0-300.......0% 301-999.....5% 1000-5000...10% etc In Excel, it's a simple VLOOKUP, and if the exact salary is not found (as will usually be the case) the closest matching value is returned. How do you achieve this in FMP? I have created the second table with the tax brackets and tax rates, but I can't get FMP to do anything but an exact match between the salary and tax bracket values. Even a dumb FMP lookup allows you to use the next lower/higher value if an exact match is not found - why not with relationships? I know I could use a nasty nested IF to find the right taxrate, but I want the bracket limits to be easily editable by the user. I don't want them hardwired and hidden deep in a protected formula. I feel dumb for asking about this - it seems such a BASIC necessity for a database, but I can't find a clue anywhere. Help please! Mark nylon.net
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