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  1. hi, i looked at your plugin example file and i didn't find a example which load filemaker field value to the web and trigger search with fmp script. do you have these kind of example file ? though i think your plug in is very nice and i'm sure it will be useful for many users. kyle
  2. yeah... with mbs plug in(with todd's help), i could load my db's field value to the web-viewer and let it trigger the search button and show result page. and with my own web scraping , i brought the results to filamaker fields. so actually it is one button does it all kind of thing . ( load,search,show results, bring the results into fmp fields ) it was my dream ever since web viewer came out. the only thing is every website has different setting , so still need to find out how to make it work. i got todd's help to make it work. so i promised him i would advertize mbs plug in whenever i have a chance. for now mbs plug in is the only plug in can run the java script in a webviewer. try it guys ! it is a great plug in. kyle
  3. yes, there is one. but i don't remember the name. do some search on plug in posts. regards, kyle
  4. yeah. mine is the one of the worst kind that mixed with java script and all the hints are hidden. i guess web expert can only do some manipulation with java script to make it work. any way thanks for the help. regards,
  5. hi, the web site i'm browsing , if i look at the source i see submit thing. but i don't know how to put it togather to make it work for what i want. can you show us a sample ? or sample code ? thanks,
  6. yes some websites like usps or fedex , you can get the result with url string method bypassing submit button. but many websites, url-string doesn't work i guess that is because it is hidden. what do we do if url-string method don't work ? according to todd geist from geist-interactive,inc , it is possible , if they do some custom work with their mbs plug in. but it cost a bit. i wonder if i know the input value , if i use post method , will it cause the website display result page or not ? anybody know about this ? regards, kyle
  7. you should check out the mbs plug in which you can set the web-site filed from filemaker field value and trigger web submit button from filemaker. kyle
  8. I wish i can get rid of webviewer's border line. it disturbs layout designing option so much. make it same as filed border line which we have a control option. kyle
  9. Does anybody know how to set the fmp field value to a either website or web-viewer ? also how to trigger the website's submit or search button ? even a heads up ? thanks,
  10. that is fmp 9's new feature. as window size changes , the object you previously set upfor auto resize in a layout mode , will automatically adjust it's size. regards, kyle
  11. i got it. fmp 9 specific. thanks, kyle
  12. Hi , i downloaded your file and tried it. but it didn't work because start process & import script were having a missing function in their script. can you tell me what it is ? regards, kyle
  13. does anybody know why below evaluate function require back slash between a+1 & b+2 ? it wouldn't work without it. and i noticed that in let calculation , "&a+1,b+2&" will work. why do i must use back slash in evaluate calc and not in a let calc ? calc = Evaluate ( "Let ( [ " &"A=5 , B=10"& " ] ; a+1 & ", " & b+2 )" ) regards, kyle
  14. i was always wondered if do the data entry from filemaker to the web and get the result back from web. what i mean is if there is a blank field on the web where i need to enter my name or something , i enter my name into filemaker field and let it excute entering the name into the web. and trigger the web's next action like go to next or search something. can scriptmaster do something like this ? thanks, kyle
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