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  1. Thanks for the reply, Stephen. I wish I could go to that conference in Chicago, but my schedule just won't permit it. Are there some on-line resources where I could begin to learn about how best to do this?
  2. I am in the final stages of develpment in FM Pro 12 for an application that I am going to attempt to market and sell. The market I am going after is a small one and I'm not going to get rich, but it is something that I think will have value to my target market and make me a little walking around money. It is an RV logbook program, useful to people who own motor homes and travel trailers. I have designed this solution to run on a computer and a tablet. It works very well on an iPad with Filemaker Go. It will work on an iPhone too, but things get too small to read on that platform. I don't know if it works on an Android device - I have never tested it on that platform. How should I go about selling and distributing my program? THE "OLD" WAY? Sell runtime copies of the program and distrubute it via CD, download, etc. Updates are fairly easy in that I can make a download available and update the solution via the usual methods with import steps in the script and appropriate tables for the import of the old data into the new, updated solution/app. THE "NEW" WAY? Host the solution somewhere and charge each user for his access on an annual basis. This gets into an area where I know nothing and have a LOT of questions: 1) How do I provide each customer with his own copy of the solution/app so he can only see HIS data and not others? 2) How do I charge for access and then restrict that access if someone does not pay their annual bill when we hit year two? 2) How do I udate the solution/app as development progresses beyond version 1.0? Obviously I have a lot to learn here and I will appreciate any help/advice you folks can provide.
  3. I cannot use the SendMail function. FM looks for Eudora as the Email client, but Eudora is not installed on this machine - never has been! I use Thunderbird 2/0/24, and within Windows, Thunderbird is properly set as the default Email client. How do I change FM's configuration so it will use Thunderbird instead of looking for Eudora?
  4. I run a daily data import procedure that involves several calculation fields, sorting, data mapping, etc. on 65,000+ records. I have found that when Filemaker is doing these calculations (which take several minutes), it is only using 50% of the CPU. I deternined this by opening the Windows Task Manager and looking at the "Performance" tab. The CPU Usage History maintains a very flat line at 50% during this calculation time. In looking at "Processes" I have confirmed that FM is using only 48% to 50% of the CPU power, never any more. Is it possible to tell Filemaker to use 100% of the CPU when it needs it? Other program routinely use 100% processor but FM never does. I am assuming that the calculations would go a little faster if FM could use 100% CPU time.
  5. This program was originally built in FM 7 with a successful upgrade to FM 8 and then 8.5 a long time before this issue came up. There are 4 tables in this file. 3 of them are related via a CustomerID field. The tables are: Customers - 21 fields/71 records Cars - 65 fields/62,224 records Contacts - 13 fields/117 records There is also an unrelated table for holding our company data in Global fields. Company - 13 fields/1 record There is a program logo (a jpg image) which appears at the top of the screen during the data import. Prior to this issue, that logo simply stayed on the screen in a stable fashion while the records were imported. When this slowdown issue started, the logo started flashing rapidly as the records are incremented. I am absolutely sure that no code changes were made just prior to this issue beginning. The program has been fulfilling our needs without further development for almost a year and I have not done any programming work in this database for many months.
  6. I have a FM relational database program I developed over the last year to summarize and report on company activity. We are a small railroad and I use this to update our records on a daily basis with car movement and revenue data. The program has been working very well for over a year. However, all of a sudden the data import performance has markedly slowed during the daily data import. What used to take about 90 seconds now takes almost 5 minutes. During the import process I can see the record count "slider" on the left incrementing one by one as it moves through the records. It never used to do that. It seemed to occur when the number of records in the "cars" table hit 60,000 or so. I'm now at 62,224 and new records are added at the rate of approximately 1,400 per month. I can understand a small performance slowdown as the number of records increases, because there are more records to sort, check for dupes, etc. However, this was a sudden and major slowdown. No code was changed, nor were any new scripts added when this happened. Does FM Pro 8.5 have issues when working with over 60,000 records? If so, can anyone recommend a work-around to fix this?
  7. Well...isn't THAT interesting! I had not noticed the trailing spaces in the car data. I'll look into that corner of things and see if I can fix it. Thanks, comment.
  8. LaRetta, my apologies for cross-posting this question to the Import/Export forum. I thought I had posted it to the wrong forum. I'll stay here with it. I have attached a zip file with a little data in it. In layout No. 999 the "Testing Layout" the IMPORT FIELD will show you what the raw imported data looks like. This one sure has me stumped... P.S. It appears that I have TWO User Profiles on this forum, RPM and RPM765. I do not know how that happened...I could swear I only registered once. If you want to delete one of them, that's fine. RevenueCars.zip
  9. The import file contains the data, however it is not assigned to the proper field until I parse the data and map the fields using the "Middle" function as described above. I've given this a little more thought today and I think you are on to something here. The way I'm doing it now, the new Car Records which get added during the import get added as unrelated records because of the way the data I have to work with is formatted. Is there a way to establish the relationship AFTER the new records have already been added?
  10. PROBLEM SOLVED! This forum is amazing. Changing my Global DateStart and DateEnd fields to DATE fields solved the problem. Thanks to all of you who replied...and so quickly, too! Comment, I didn't include the field format information in my initial post because...(now go and read the tag line under my signature!)
  11. Thanks for your help so far. I'll answer a few questions. Mr. Vodka, I tried your suggestion, however the Find did not work at all with that code change. I suspect it is because of the way I have handled this "date" field. Read on, please. Yes, I have updated to 7.0v3. I also just ordered the 8.5 upgrade. How will that change this situation? The global date start and date end fields are text fields, not dates or timestamps. The date data actually imports into Filemaker formatted like this: 20070216. I parse that data into separate Month, Day and Year text fields, then combine them so I can display that same date in a more "readable" way, as in 02/16/2007. It is this DisplayDate calculation text field that I am using for the global start and end dates. I suspect that my apoproach is at fault, but I don't know what to do to change it.
  12. I'm using Global fields to accept a start date and an end date for selecting a range of dates for printed reports. The scripted find request uses this syntax: Enter Find Mode Set field DisplayDate (to this result:) GetAsText(MAIN TABLE::G_DateStart & "..." & (MAIN TABLE::G_DateEnd)) The find works, however the found set never includes the last date. For example, if I enter "01/01/07" as the start date and "01/31/07" as the end date, I get records through 01/30/07, but NOT the records generated on 1/31/07. This same pattern holds true no matter what the end date may be. I have tried adding a "+ 1" in the calculation like this: GetAsText(MAIN TABLE::G_DateStart & "..." & (MAIN TABLE::G_DateEnd [color:red]+ 1)) but with this code, the find does not work at all and returns all the records all the time. What am I doing wrong and how to I get the last date included in the find?
  13. On a hunch, I opened these files in FM7, which is the most current version I have. Once opened and converted to the FM7 file format, the files were no longer locked! I could get to all the options, including exporting the data I need. Even though I can get into the layout mode, scriptmaker, etc., the program doesn't run quite right in FM7. The main screen window ends up larger than my 1600 x 1200 screen size, so there is no way to close the program...you can't get to any of the "normal" ways of closing it. I have to go into Task Manager to shut it down. Some of the layouts are fine, but the main screen---wow! It's a mess. The bottom line - PROBLEM SOLVED!
  14. Thanks for the reply, Jatz. The program already runs in Filemaker Pro. The files all end in the ".FP5" suffix, but they are "locked" in that all the usual FM options are not available. Everything is locked in the Browse mode and the export option is not available. I'll try again to get in touch with the original author, however there is no "about screen" that I can find in the program.
  15. I have an old Aircraft Pilot Log program written for FM5.5. It is a "run only" type of file that does not allow me to make any changes in layouts, custom reports, etc. All those options are grayed out in the FM interface. Unfortunately, it is no longer supported. I want to upgrade to a better log book program, but I really don't want to re-enter several thousand flights worth of data! However the EXPORT function is one of the features that is grayed out and unavailable. Is there any way I can "unlock" the files so I can gain access to the export feature?
  16. I'm building a relational DB to track employee training, attendance, job performance and several other parameters. I'm having a problem developing the correct type of "FIND" scripts. Here's the problem: For certain actions, the user will want to find only a single record and then add data to other tables related to that record only. I know I can accomplish this by providing the user with a layout containing the right searchable fields and performing a simple find. For other actions, the user will want to find a selected group of records, and then have FM add the same data to all the records in this found set. (For example, a group of employees who have attended the same training class on the same date, will have this information posted to their records automatically.) The data added will be new records in a related table (or tables). I have a routine built for finding the records via a radio box setting a "selection flag" but I'm not sure if this is the right way to do it. Are there certain "standard" methods for setting up these two different types of finds?
  17. I got it working, thanks to you pointing me in the right direction. I ended up doing it a little differently than you suggested, but it now works exactly like I wanted it to. I was even able to get the program to automatically give me the number of records asked for by using Omit Multiple Records[Get ( FoundCount ) - NumberToBeMailed] as the calculated number for the Omit Multiple Records step. Thanks, Breezer!
  18. I have a 50,000 name mailing list DBF. I want to be able to select a range of zip codes for mailing, AND the number of records to find (or export.) I have the zip code range selection figured out, and I have provided a numeric Global field to enter the total number of records to find or export. This is where I hit the wall. How do I set FMP to find (or export) only a certain number of records within a found set?
  19. That worked like a charm! And FAST! I just learned something new and valuable for the future. Thanks very much, Stanley!
  20. I have a large database of almost 50,000 names which i am about to use for a direct mail campaign. I want to be able to choose a range of zip codes and then export a certain number of records from that found set. I can FIND A RANGE manually by using the range (...) symbol in the ZIP field, but how do I automate that in a script? I have used two GLOBAL fields to store the choices for STARTING and ENDING zip codes, however I can't use them in a FIND step in a script...they are grayed out. What am I doing wrong?
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