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  1. Thanks a lot it works really well Kind regards
  2. Hello I have 2 DB with the following fields VIDEO: CLIPNAME, RECORDED_DATE, and other fields not relevant to my question AUDIO: SOUNDFILE, RECORDED_DATE etc Unfortunately the recorded dates are different and so are the names. I need to link the two db and I hope to find a way to relate the two files so that the RECORDED_DATE in the VIDEO file will tell me what is the SOUNDFILE recorded in the other DB I tried to add a STARTDATE and ENDDATE to the AUDIO db to get a range of times so the VIDEO file could give me the Video FileNames recorded during the selected timestamp range Here I add samples of the two files to make it easier for anyone willing to help There are a few more records in the VIDEO files but this is normal while filming VIDEO.fmp12 Audio.fmp12 Thanks a lot for any help and regards
  3. Thanks I got lost previously now everything is oK Thanks and regards
  4. I believe I did this is the visual sequence of my action Import file: result of the import in TEMP Table Export sList Table Text Wrangle page after the exportt Import file into TARGET Table Result in the TARGET Table after importing I am not sure what I did wrong. Sorry
  5. Hi Comment I found a "very silly" way to fix the problem (although I am always in troubles importing text files in text fields in FMP) In TextWrangler I replaced the tabs with "ç" as it doesn't exist in any of the files, and added a "∂" before the Carriage return Then I exported to FMP using UTF8 with BOM I followed your instructions and exported the files as tab Back to TextWrangler I converted the "ç" to tab and removed the "∂" before the carriage return Importing in the Target this time placed every part in the various fields as needed Well after all I am no spring chicken but it worked so thanks again for your very good assistance Kind regards Dan PS I still wonder how to find a proper way to import text into FMP keeping things as they originally are --- I've had all kind of problems with it and never found a proper solution If you like I will add an original file for you ... hoping I dont abuse your time Here it is 00.txt
  6. I do get the 1998 files however the tabs get lost This seems to be an a regular problem with Filemaker Opening the file in my Textwrangler I just see spaces where I should find <tab> except in the last part of the paragraph where TextWrangler shows two "red" inverted question marks as such 000101 00 01 01 00:00:24:24 DSC_0661.MOV 7/8/2017 15:54:58 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/MEILI Walks 01/010 1FA556300502009F000102 00 01 02 00:00:57:12 DSC_0662.MOV 7/8/2017 15:55:52 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/MEILI Walks 01/010 200AC7FEE96A2ED4000103 00 01 03 00:00:09:15 DSC_0663.MOV 7/8/2017 15:59:50 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/MEILI Walks 01/010 F32E306D85C20ECD000104 00 01 04 00:00:50:19 DSC_0664.MOV 7/8/2017 18:01:04 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/MEILI Walks 01/010 21F2E7348A2D4B3E000105 00 01 05 00:00:52:23 DSC_0665.MOV 7/8/2017 16:02:42 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/MEILI Walks 01/010 4DC482E8DED4C943000201 00 02 01 00:00:01:02 DSC_0666.MOV 7/8/2017 16:06:18 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/MEILI Walks 01/010 CDAC4BC790AB5592000202 00 02 02 00:00:27:12 DSC_0667.MOV 7/8/2017 16:06:22 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/MEILI Walks 01/010 B1731833D7BF69B8000203 00 02 03 00:00:18:15 DSC_0668.MOV 7/8/2017 16:07:40 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/MEILI Walks 01/010 F95ABC734A63BE81000204 00 02 04 00:00:18:00 DSC_0669.MOV 7/8/2017 16:08:12 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/MEILI Walks 01/010 16D9DD0074C87250 This is the first line as I see it in Text wrangler as it contains the 9 paragraphs of the first record Is there a way to originally import the files including the various tabs in The Text Content field? The original files in Text Wrangler are standard text in basic UTF8 with the MACINTOSH carrige returns. Sorry to give you all these problems
  7. Thanks again Comment ... I did everything as suggested How do I need to fix the previous script if is still the one I need to use? Dan
  8. Thanks again I will need to do so periodically
  9. Thanks a lot for your time and kindness The script works perfectly, however each text file has more than one paragraph how to "loop" each file so every paragraph becomes a separate record? Here an example of a file although some files have more or less paragraphs This is file 0033.txt 330101 33 01 01 00:00:50:16 DSC9267.MOV 15/7/2017 15:31:46 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/OriginalClips FA43E370D45F362A 330102 33 01 02 00:00:44:16 DSC9268.MOV 15/7/2017 15:31:46 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/OriginalClips BF4577E2E0F8B9E6 330103 33 01 03 00:00:53:13 DSC9269.MOV 15/7/2017 15:31:46 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/OriginalClips E0684C862923D8A1 330104 33 01 04 00:00:53:22 DSC9270.MOV 15/7/2017 15:31:46 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/OriginalClips 7499E6FC14FE6334 330105 33 01 05 00:00:56:04 DSC9271.MOV 15/7/2017 15:31:46 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/OriginalClips 89424E00BDA46984 330201 33 02 01 00:00:29:16 DSC9272.MOV 15/7/2017 15:31:46 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/OriginalClips F625681411136E05 330202 33 02 02 00:00:35:19 DSC9273.MOV 15/7/2017 15:31:46 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/OriginalClips E16113C4DCB7BF73 330301 33 03 01 00:00:28:23 DSC9274.MOV 15/7/2017 15:31:46 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/OriginalClips 7255CE2131EE9FE4 330401 33 04 01 00:01:00:09 DSC9275.MOV 15/7/2017 15:31:46 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/OriginalClips 5A23DC0EDEE3A5AB 330501 33 05 01 00:01:11:01 DSC9276.MOV 15/7/2017 15:31:46 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/OriginalClips BE2403BAA6DDDAE4 330601 33 06 01 00:00:51:03 DSC9277.MOV 15/7/2017 15:31:46 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/OriginalClips 2670DFB1ED76BD78 330602 33 06 02 00:00:48:18 DSC9278.MOV 15/7/2017 15:31:46 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/OriginalClips 5EFB822868AEE245 330701 33 07 01 00:01:30:00 DSC9279.MOV 15/7/2017 15:31:46 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/OriginalClips 309304CE359B5E9C 330801 33 08 01 00:01:37:20 DSC9280.MOV 15/7/2017 15:31:46 /Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/OriginalClips F12D6E0680A36767 , Thanks again
  10. Thanks for your reply ... unfortunately I don't know how to write the script and the files to import are about 2000 and import themmanually is very though although it could be done .... The db has 8 text fields and one Timestamp field (Media Date) tyhe order is exactly the same for each field in the TAB separated files as follows: SCNSEQTAKE Scene Seq Take Duration Name Media Date Media Folder FileHash Thanks a lot for your help
  11. Hello Is there a simple way to import various files (more than 2000) where tabs separate 9 different fields so that each import would populate the fields as they are? The files are in UTF8 and PLAIN TEXT Importing them with the FileMaker function : FILE->IMPORT->TEXT FOLDER simply brings each file in one records wich is useless to me as I then need to script them to separate each chunk into a different field Importing each text file manually is impossible given the number of files in the folder Each file is properly formatted therefore there would be no "empty" fileds in the import process Any help would be highly appreciated Dan
  12. Thank you very much it works perfectly
  13. I have 2 time fields defining the time for the beginning and the end of a call which I trigger at the beginning and end of the call: the result is another time field. Another numeric field gives me the actual cost per minutes in Euros as 4,7 However I don't know how to calculate the decimals in the cost field as FMP time function only gives hours, minutes and seconds. If I have a resulting call time as 00:06:14 and the cost is 4,7 cents per minute what is the appropriate formula to get the actual cost for the call? Thanks a lot
  14. Hello forum I have 2 related DB in FMP Advanced 13 In the portal I have various fields I am interested in. In the realted db and portal I have a Movie clip. Can I create a script which will go to the related db layout and open the Movie clip? Thanks a lot Dan
  15. Hello in my DB fin FMPadv 13 I have containers with movies. Is there a way to calculate the duration of these films? I dont have the GetContainerAttribute in my application and i understand it will not return many infos for Movies. Is there an Applescript I could use to get the duration? Thanks a lot

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