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  1. I have a user (only one currently) that is getting portal artifacts. Lets say they have 5 portal records. When they click in one of the fields and change a value, then all the values in that column change. But when they click on the new record at the bottom it goes back to the correct values. I am thinking it is some strange artifact thing but don't know. Thoughts? Windows 7 64 bit Filmaker Pro 15 Thanks Thom
  2. Ok. This problem has shown itself again. I have a Go solution and when I open the file it wants to open the Hosted file from the server. Even though I only use those tables when syncing. Is there anyway to prevent this message and/or trap it somehow? I tried Script debugger and the error that it can't find the file happens before anything is even in the debugger. Also if I look at my relationships, nothing is connected from the local database files to the hosted files. Thoughts? Thanks Thom
  3. I have three machines now that are having the same problem. All use some form of Intel HD Graphics, built in. The problem is that large Edit boxes will show like duplicated lines, cut off words, white horizontal lines through text. If you zoom out and back in the anomalies disappear. From the googling I have done you need to disable hardware acceleration. That is cool except the Intel driver blocks access to it by greying it out in the properties. Wondering if anyone has experienced this and have a permanent fix for it? Thanks in advance Thom
  4. I know this is a VERY VERY old thread but is it still not an option? Using FPA13. Thanks Thom
  5. What is strange is line 2 in my startup script is causing filemaker to try to find the server database. Go to Layout['Service Technician"(lk_ServiceTechnician)] Enter Find Mode[] Set Field[..... The strange thing is that this is a local table and the form has no ties to the server
  6. The missing is file is on my server. I link to it in the relationship area for syncing. It is only used when I sync the data. It is not called until the actual sync script is called. Any thoughts on how I can prevent this? Don't want the user to see this error? Thanks Thom
  7. I am creating a Go solution that uses a hosted filemaker database for syncing only. So they will only use the external connection when syncing records. The problem is when I open my mobile file (on ipad or just on my desktop) I run a loginscript to capture the account name and.. Login Script Step 1: Go to Layout["Service Tech" (ServiceTech)] Step 2: Enter Find Mode[] As soon as step 2 starts i get the following message box The file "Service" could not be opened. (File closed by host) If you press ok then it tries to located the file Service. Well I don't want to open that external datasource until the user initiates the Sync function. This is because most of the time the user will not have internet access and could sync. Any thoughts why this is doing this? I have check the Layout that the script is on and there are no fields that tie to the external data source. Thanks Thom
  8. So trying to use ExecuteSQL but needing a way to debug the query. I tried using the function sql.debug but I obviously am doing that wrong since I don't get any response. Looked for additional documentation on that function but no luck. How do you all debug sql statement? Thanks Thom
  9. So I Don't have a clue why this is happening and wonder if I should even worry about it. Thoughts? Thanks
  10. This may be nothing but don't understand what it is wanting me to fix. 2013-11-27 12:54:38.353 -0600 Servcall_Ipad::Customer_Name::Field 10 Attribute “name” missing. 2013-11-27 12:54:38.361 -0600 Servcall_Ipad::Cust_Address::Field 10 Attribute “name” missing. 2013-11-27 12:54:38.364 -0600 Servcall_Ipad::Cust_Phone::Field 10 Attribute “name” missing. 2013-11-27 12:54:38.366 -0600 Servcall_Ipad::Cust_City::Field 10 Attribute “name” missing. 2013-11-27 12:54:38.376 -0600 Servcall_Ipad::Cust_Phone_AC::Field 10 Attribute “name” missing. 2013-11-27 12:54:38.378 -0600 Servcall_Ipad::Customer_Number::Field 10 Attribute “name” missing. 2013-11-27 12:54:38.379 -0600 Servcall_Ipad::Cust_State::Field 10 Attribute “name” missing. 2013-11-27 12:54:38.380 -0600 Servcall_Ipad::Cust_Zip::Field 10 Attribute “name” missing. What causes this? Thanks Thom
  11. Wim, Thanks for the input. With the VPN tunnel then no ports will need to be opened, thus protecting my data. Good thought. Also then since it will be a valid connection I can let it attach to the internal FM server and not worry near as much... Awesome!!! Wonder if any FM guru's have a small ipad app with syncing scripts built so I don't have to reinvent the wheel. Thanks Thom
  12. So to add what I have seen so far. 1. Run hosted but must have an internet connection 2. Run a separate local database with some sync functionality when there is internet available Still haven't seen do I have our local fmserver port forwarded so available on the outside? This scares me. So curious how it is handled in the real world. Thanks Thom
  13. We are going to deploy a mobile application in FMGO12 on the ipad with our FM12 Advanced Server. The question I have is how are you all doing it? Do I have them connect directly to our database? Do you all run a second instance of FMS just for external clients and sync? VPN only? Thanks in advance for any thoughts / success stories you all have. Thom
  14. I am wanting to create a search box that as the user types in a field the results change in the portal. The catch is I would like it to work on an existing layout so the user doesn't have to switch to a find layout. I tried searching the forum but can't seem to find the answer, which I am sure is here somewhere. Thanks Thom
  15. oops... Should have done a little googling.... Your answer fixed it. Thanks a ton from Filemakers website NOTE: The name of OnLayoutLoad has been changed to OnLayoutEnter in FileMaker Pro 11 to match the OnLayoutExit trigger that has been added.
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