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  1. maybe some one can assit me to know how to make IWP appears center at monitor screen. By default IWP shows all the image from left.
  2. does anyone knows how to get back username and password for fms 9 i totally forgot. thanks hasru
  3. hi... i have this problem since i bought fms 9. i installed on windows 2003 server. the screen show 'wait ...'. i read in the forum and they said problem with the latest java. i uninstall java version 6.10 and install java 1.5.9. still the fms cannot run. everything is ok when i run fms 9 on windows xp.
  4. Hi, I already installed filemaker server 9 on window server 2003. when i open start page and appear 'please wait while admin server start...' I dont know why. after that I tried to install on window XP. everything run perfect, Hasru
  5. Hi I have a repetition field. Let say i have 12 rows in one field. Is it any way to stop the user or warn them to stop scanning or submitt data when users reached rows no 12. tq
  6. thanks for reply. i print the marriages registration which their data on the preprinted PVC card. Now customer want me to upgrade their card using cip.They eant me to encode data to cip and can be read by portable reader. thanks
  7. I hope this is the right place to post my threat, right now i print ID card just on PVC card. Customer's need is change then they want me to print ID card with data encode. i prefer to use contact less card. Can anybody show me how it's work. thanks. Hasru
  8. hi, is it any way to place the picture in the container field using IWP. hasru
  9. Hi, How to put the page number at the footer in prview mode. (print). example- i have 40 batch to print and every page contain i batch with 50 records, how to make page number look like this 1st page - page 1 of 40 2nd page - page 2 of 40 3rd page - page 3 of 40 and so on until page 40 page 40 of 40 i try but fail to get the result. hasru
  10. THANKS that's exactly what i need, I copy all your script and test. i change field behaviour from tab to enter but still not run. Can u email or attach sample file. hasru
  11. thanks i try to describe more. i work in web instant publishing. Let say one record have 4 field. get new record after the last field in the record is submitted. rekod #1 Field 1- (submitted) Field 2- (submitted) Field 3- (submitted) Field 4- (submitted)- When this field is valid then automatic go to new record record 2 Field 1- (blank) Field 2- (blank) Field 3- (blank) Field 4- (blank) sorry about my poor langguage hasru
  12. Hi all I running database using Web Publishing, can anybody show me how to create a calculation field to get automaticly the new record after the last field is submitted. hasru
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