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  1. Hello all, I have been trying to implement this plug in to my database (why Filemaker doesn't already sync with address book a la Bento is beyond me!). My question I suppose is what is the best way to integrate the plug in? My database is already a contact management database, with almost all of the same fields as the address book app, but they have different field names. Can I simply relate the plug-in as an external source, and some how tell it that my fields = their fields (i.e. My file - "Client Info::City" = Their file -"Contacts::Address1 City ") If so, how would I do that for all fields? Ultimately the goal is to script this so that on each shut down it syncs with the address book before closing.
  2. Thanks for the info, and apologies for my delay in sending that thanks! I shall give the above a go and see if I can get it to work. I was thinking along the lines of a "log on" script, but shall have to see how much that slows down the start up.
  3. Thanks MelJ, I'll look into that, but at the moment I would rather try to make it work with a script, I think I am stumbling over an if statement (I'm a novice!!) I have created a yes/no field to confirm wether an email has been sent. Basically I need a script that says: If the showing date is earlier than the current date, and the email confirmation field is set to no, then run the send email script, if not move to the next showing and repeat. I have created the "send email script" and that works, it's the trigger that isn't. This seems pretty straightforward, but I think I am getting stuck with the syntax of it all. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Oh, I should add that I know how to create the email with a script, my problem is working out the "trigger" to cause the email script to be performed. Thanks for your time!
  5. Hi! I have a real estate database that records all visits to a poperty in a portal. There are fields for date and agent name among others. I would like to create a script that automatically generates an email (from an external email program, in this case mail.app) with the agents name in the to: field and a stock comment like "how did the showing go" in the subject and email. The script should be triggered 24 hours after the date of the showing. Any help would be appreciated!
  6. Thanks Fenton, that has sorted out the problem! I suspect among other things, that the Universal Binary issue may have been part of the problem - how you can read into this stuff so well I'll never know! Thanks again.
  7. Well I've solved the question mark problem, I had the script name entered incorrectly, but the script still isn't running....?
  8. Yup they are both in the same file. The auto enter "do not replace" was checked, but changing that doesn't appear to have made a difference. I am getting a "?" entered into the search field on the layout after the script is running, not sure if that sheds any light?
  9. Hello! I am trying to implement spotlight search http://www.secretweaponlabs.com/words/2005/09/24/spotlight-and-filemaker-redux-building-a-filemaker-search-engine/ but am getting stuck on the eventscript function. My Script seems to work fine if I run it independantly, however if I try to trigger it with an auto enter function: Case(not IsEmpty(Search Field); S4HU_EventScript( Get(FileName); "Search Script"; Search Field)) the search isn't performed. Has anyone got any advice? If I haven't provided sufficient info - just let me know!
  10. Thanks everyone, it works a treat!
  11. Sorry for the delay in reply, but thanks! I'll take a look at zippscript. I knew about Tab order, but it doesn't advance past the first tab unfortunately, it just returns to the lowest numbered tab on the screen. Thanks for the replies - I'll see if the plug in works.
  12. I have created a layout with 3 tabs, personal info, work info and additional info. While entering the data, it would be useful to tab from the last field of the "personal info tab" to the first field of the "work info tab". Possible?
  13. Thanks, what sort of calculation would I add? I can see your point that it means many of the fields are not labelled, However I am going to use it sparingly and with a combination of icons, so I hope it should look ok!
  14. Did that make sense?? I am trying to clean up the look of my layoutss and was wondering if Filmaker had the ability to dispay the name of the field inside the field? i.e have it look a bit like the google search bar at the top of browsers - it says "google" inside the search bar, until you start typing. Anyone have any ideas if this is possible?
  15. Thanks very much, I'll take a look at those, and see if they work for me.
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