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  1. Raybaudi You are absolutely right, I stand corrected. I concentrated on the "more than 5" part and missed the matching completely. I looked at your example. Cool! I rarely do any portal work and now I see some of what I have been missing.
  2. Try this modification of previous Script: Show all records Go to Record/Request/Page(first) Loop If(ID1<>ID2) Omit Record Else Go to Record/Request/Page [Exit after last, Next] End If End Loop
  3. Are you trying to open all 4 databases at one time? If you have a primary database you can add additional Open commands in the primary database Open Script: Open (Database X) Open (Database Y) Open (Database Z) Future access is almost transparent provided the password advice in earlier reply is followed.
  4. Try this Script: Show all records Go to Record/Request/Page(first) Loop If("Length (YOURFILEFIELD)<5") Omit Record Else Go to Record/Request/Page [Exit after last, Next] End If End Loop
  5. I understand you want a graphic "picture" of progress in your project. As I am not experienced at FM8 scripting, I will not give exact formulae. This is more of an overview. For the sake of this I will assume a graph divides in tenths. Field X is your goal. Field Y is your current level. Create field A through J as calc fields (one each for 10% increment) Field A = If Field Y > (Field X * 10%)then format color using formatting directions noted in other threads. Field B = If Field Y > (Field X * 20%)then format color using formatting directions noted in other threads. Continue until final field. Final field will be 100% of goal. End result is ten fields that highlight as the current amount exceeds each of the 10% milestones. Arrange these fields in a vertical alignment and you will have a ladder as you requested. You may add text identifying each increment. Unfortunately I do not know the format field commands.
  6. Our program is going the way of the Dodo. Ours was an inspection program with extensive comments in a "library". Library had the 70 fields (one for each inspected subsystem). Program came with up to 50 canned comments for each subsystem. End users could add more. New software replacing it has only one field for comments. My "Translator" was designed to grab the comments from the old file, funnel them into one field, purge blanks, then export to a compatible TAB file the new SW can import. Trying to make it as simple as possible for end users. (A very point and click, don't wanna import/export crowd) Thanks again to all who assisted.
  7. Option 1: If the layout is intended for new records only, script the access to this layout to include the new record step. Option 2: Two layouts. X-1 will be the initial (view only) layout. X-2 will be a (edit/new) copy of X-1. Format all fields in layout X-1 to not accept input. Place two buttons on the page. Edit Current Record and Create New Record Edit Current Record button runs a script to find of the current record then accesses the X-2 layout (which is unlocked) allowing editing. Create New Record scripts a new record then accesses X-2 layout. Return buttons/scripts can route you back to the X-1 (locked) layout.
  8. CORRECTION: The Calculation, Summary, and Global fields are NOT imported.
  9. What type of fields are they? Certain fields will not import. The Calculation, Summary, and Global fields are imported. Related fields do not play nice either.
  10. 70 fields x 50 records apiece into 1 field with 3500 records. Needed 50 records of fields A to be the 1st 50 of field XX in new file. Imported files matching Field A to Field XX > New script saving the import. That was script 1. 50 records of fields B to be the next 50 of field XX in new file. Imported files matching Field B to Field XX > New script saving the import. That was script 2. On and on, ad nausium till script 70. Then the purge script (as not all records had data). These were combined under script "Import n Purge" Each import was a seperate sub-script of the main "Import n Purge" script. So technically the user runs one script but I wrote 70+. Worked. Was there a better way?
  11. Is the "Page Number" field a simple text box, or are there any special settings (calculation, etc.), or are all entries manual? Try placing your "Page Number" field in the body of the page rather than the footer, manually update your page numbers, and print records being browsed. My understanding is the footer should contain the automated page number field and is better used for multiple pages for a single record (please correct me if I am wrong here).
  12. I don't know FM 7 or 8 well, so please excuse me if I am off base. Topic 71722 contains a solution that has worked for me. It was intended to bypass the 10 page limit in layouts, but may work in your case.
  13. I have seen this before. Prior programmer here wanted "better security" due to the password crackers available. He created a password in ASCII on a text file, then copied/pasted the ASCII text into the password box. (Could your user have C/P'd a new password into the existing files?) It worked. To the point that he was never able to access that file again! Nor would the copy/paste work in the password prompt for resetting passwords. Good news was that this was not the main file of our solution and was easily replaced by another "unsecure" file. You may find a fix. If you do please post as I spent countless days trying to sort it out myself.
  14. Kelvin Fixed page margins allows you to set "hard" margins. Once set you will see those set margins in your layout and browse modes. A good set of margins will help keep your fields "centered", a good idea if you intend to use this file on different printers (some do not print up to 1/2 inch from the edge, cutting off vital info.) NOTE: In "view as form" you have one bottom margin. If you see "many margins" we are talking about something other than bottom margins. Headers and Footers can be looked at as "enhanced" margins. (If you are familiar with MS Word headers and footers try using FM headers and footers the same way) They give you a place to put dates, graphic, buttons, letterhead and logos, etc. that are not record specific. If you don't need them, don't use them.
  15. Queue - Did as you suggested. Works great. Added a "purge" script after the 70 import scripts to remove any unwanted blanks. Thank you
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