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  1. This only copies one cost into the table payments. When a student is registered, he will be added to a grade (classroom), let's say 1 (first grade). Now, to be a part of this grade, there are different costs to be paid during the year. Each month money for lessons for example. I know that the costs are related to each grade. So what I am trying to do is to copy the records from costs into the payments table for each student. In the beginning of the year I will have many empty records, but at the end of the year the student should have paid all his/her costs. This way I will be able to see what's been paid and what's not. The script should see which students belong to which grade, and add a record for every cost in the payments table. Is this possible? D BTW: tim, thanks in advance for your help so far!
  2. Hello, I own the book "the missing manual", searched it and didn't come up with an answer for my problem. Google... nope.... forum... nope... so here is my post: Whenever a student is placed in a grade, fm should automatically place new records in my payments table with the information about the costs specific for that grade. In the row of data would also be a field paid that stays null as long as the student didn't pay. This way I can easily report what's been paid, and most important, what's not!! I included a file with the basic tables, feel free to update this file because it would mean a great reference to me.. Can somebody please help me on this one? thanks in advance! greetz D students.zip
  3. How can I import the records from that table. Can you provide a little example for me? That would be very handy since I need to give the application on wednesday... boohoo Thanks in advance Greetz D
  4. Hi dear helper! I am trying to make a payment follow up system for a school. In my database I have the following tables: Students (contains all records of students divided in their class). Payments (contains all payments related on student and class). Costs (contains all costs based on class, this table is related to payments with class). What do I need? A system that tells which costs are to be paid by the student (for every class). These costs should be in the costs table, and automatically created for each student I think.. What else, which costs he has already paid, and most important which costs are still to be paid. Can somebody point me in the right direction to set up my database? I'm really stuck on this... thanks a zillion! greetz D
  5. Hi there, I read on the website that you can share databases from Filemaker with 5 concurrent users who can work simultaneous. But does this mean I have to buy Filemaker 8 five times? If I have to, I think they should be a little more specific on the website... Can somebody advise me? Are there possibilities to make a runtime that can be shared by 5? Greetz, D
  6. Hi there, Thanks in advance to take a look at my problem I want to create a tabel called ARTICLES. Every article in the database must be categorized by three levels. For example Category1 Category2 Category3 If the article is added to the database, it goes like this: Category1: Wood Category2: Birch Category3: Plate Article name: art01 I want to make the database relate to the three categories, so that the user can select category1, in the example wood. If he selects category2 he should see only the subcategories of wood, not for lets say iron articles. I know I need three tables for the categories, and relate them to each other, but how? After this, in the article table should be the total line of the article, including all categories. this so I can easily work with my articles table to make the output. Is this all possible? And more important, how?? I've included a file with the basic tables, maybe someone can show me how to relate them? Thanks for your help. Regards, D articles.zip
  7. Thank you very much for your help, I used the "check" example from another post in this forum (also from you).
  8. Hello, I currently have two tables, one for students and one for classes. I would like to create a dropdown box on my students layout. When an option (class from a student) is clicked, then the layout from classes should appear with the correct portal. Can somebody help me? I included a sample file for your convenience. Thanks in advance, regards, D2C classroom.zip
  9. Hi there, When I design my database and create some relationships between tables, should I do this before or after importing data? If I already have data in my table, will the relationship be made properly when I insert data in another table? Tnx in advance for the help, greetz
  10. Hi, I am not sure I am in the right section of this forum, if this post should be in a different category let me know and I'll change it. Here's my problem: I currently have one table called STUDENTS. In this table there's a field called CLASS (from the student). Now, what I am trying to do is get a list of all students in each class. I think I need a second table called class and make a field CLASS ID. But when I try to make this I keep getting a many-to-many relationship, result: on the layout my data is invalid... How can I filter these students from each class (let's say in a dropdown list), so I can choose which one to edit? Thanks in advance for all your help! greetz
  11. Thanks a lot for your fast responses, this is idd a very good forum! I am currently reading "The missing manual" from O'reilly, is this the book to get a good start? Or do you guys have better suggestions? Greetz,
  12. Hi dear helper, I am new in FM8, so here's my big question: I have a drop down list on my layout, and would like to enable the search feature on this. If the user chooses an option from the valuelist in the dropdown list, FM should automatically search for the records that match this option. How should I do this? tnx in advance, Regards,
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