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  1. I havent analysed your problem very deeply. But I think that if you split your problem into two custom functions. The first CS takes all the input and defining all the $cos ao. variables as global '$$cos', and in the middle of that CS call the second CS with the lambda and iterLimit parameters (and others i might have missed that changes) The second CS then iterates passing theese variables, and on exit you could have it setting some global variables, that will be used to decide what to do on the return to the first CS.
  2. Well maybe you could just use a OnObjectKeyStroke ( or layout ) script trigger, and have the triggered script set a stop flag and show a message that the script will be stopped when the current loop is finished.' And then you could simply use the phrase "Press any key" or what ever key you desire, and the user will be notified of the result of his action right away.
  3. You could have a global field, ex - startPage__g, for section B and C, that holds the last pagenumber of the previous section and then calculate the current page number with startPage__g + Get ( PageNumber )
  4. There should not be anything wrong with what you are trying. Are you sure you are going to the related student->selectedgroup->student record, and not the group or the student? If you try to select the layout you are going to manually, you can see if the student layout pops up in the list. If it dosnt you are using the wrong relation.
  5. Hey You just need to pick the 'Filemaker Pro' instead of 'Layout' menu in the middle
  6. A new calculated timspan field and a custom function, and then sorting the portal ascending start time. OverlappingTimes_Demo_vCF.fp7.gz
  7. I dont think that this can be solved with just using relations on the actual timestamps. So to solve this I ended up with adding a row field that i populate with serial numbers and then base my relations on that. And i got a second problem, trying to calculate the effective timestamps, i need to compare with the the related previous timeLogs ditto, and FileMaker see's this as trying to have a calculation that is based on itself, even if its in another TO. So i had to make an autoenter calculation instead. So all in all this make the solution not very dynamic. But when you push the button It seem's to come up with the right result. ...... Well the site was not responding, so I used the time to figure out a way to make it dynamic, and thought that a Custom funtion should do the trick. So I added a custom function to the solution, leaving the rest as it was, a bit messy to look at, but hopefully it can helpyou figure out the mechanics. The custom function dosnt need any of the ekstra fields, besides the result field. --- been thinking - the current Custom function is way to error prone, if there is missing some of the timestamps, the result will be invalid. Sorry I wont have time until late sunday to make a new one. OverlappingTimes_Demo_v3.fp7.gz
  8. "Selected Fields.." So you want to make several exports of the content of different fields on just one record, and then import each fields content as a record? or what? If this is the case you could make a calculated exportField that is formattet the right way with the data from the wanted fields ad export this. Or if the fields are decided at runtime . add them to the export field one by one and then export it. Not at all sure that this is what you want, but thats what I get out of your post :)
  9. No whenever you enter Preview or Print Mode the portal resets to whatever it was set up to in Layout mode. Yes We do excactly that, and Filemaker will take care of the rest, it will print as many pages as it takes, fitted to the papersize you have chosen.
  10. Actually the script have an exit condition: If [ Length ( $$text ) = 0 ] Exit Script [ Result: 1 ] After this there are no more script calls. But what i didnt have was any output. Not even the Result: 1, this would be returned to the second last called script where there is no handling of script result so it would dissipate in to thin air, and then all the called scripts would finish processing the last End If statement, exiting at the first called script, with no content in ScriptResult. Correct me if im wrong but your next script example in Is the same script - but i guess thats why you made this post to learn recursion - I'll try to make a script that does what you describe. - you don't need to store an accumulating result in a variable, its often done in Filemaker scripts and Functions true, but each iteration could add their own piece of the total result, or the result from the last called script could be passed all the way back to the first called script, as ian would have needed to do if he wanted to see his '1' --- Her i made an example Notice that the variables used in the Recursion script are local variables, they only hold temporary information for each script call. Recursion.fp7.gz Set Variable [ $input; Value:Get ( ScriptParameter ) // notice we are only using normal script variables ] Set Variable [ $count; Value:WordCount ( $input ) ] Set Variable [ $last; Value:RightWords ( $input ; 1 ) // We grab the last word to put in front in the last script line ] If [ $count > 1 ] Set Variable [ $rest; Value:LeftWords ( $input ; $count - 1 ) // we pass on the rest of words on to the next calll ] Perform Script [ “Recurse words”; Parameter: $rest ] End If Exit Script [ Result: $last & " " & Get ( ScriptResult ) ]
  11. Actually - you can control which record will be the first in a portal. But this is done in Layout mode and can not be altered at run time.
  12. Portal.fp7.zipI was too annoyed.. Still havent found out what made my first version tick, but adding a Halt Script after going to the first field does the trick.
  13. Well i understand you're annoyed - I was at home when i made the previous post. And now at work - I made a fresh example, and it has the same flaw as yours. :-/ After the trigged script is run, Filemaker takes over and finish leaving the trigger field and moves to the next field in the tab order, no matter what! I'll be home in a couple of hours, so maybe I'll figure it out. --- Actually i got a copy of it on my ipad, - I tested a few other things as well this morning. just tested it - The really annoying thing is that now the modified file on my ipad has the same problem - arrgghh. Lets hope I can reverse and remove all the completely other stuff i added, so we can find the stone of wisdom when i get home.
  14. When you import you can set to 'Update matching records in found set' - (making sure that you have Found all records before you start the import ) this will not create new records but merely update old existing ones. If you cant live with the import updating the other data in already existing records, with that from the excell file, you'll need to make a dummy import table. Import the excell to the dummy, find and delete all the records you already have, and then make a second import from this to real Table. Well this was way off - read comment's reply instead :)
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