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  1. Thanks dwins - that makes allot of sense. I understand the process now. and it works perfectly now! Thanks to everyone thats helped.
  2. Ok i've done that change.. but it still doesn't seem to work? What im a doing wrong here?
  3. Ok, that helps but i still can't get there.. Step 1 is fine, Step 2 im having some issues - what do you mean by calculation feild and set it to container? Im assuming that i creat a feild thats a container and then add the calculation to that feild in the options? This is what i've done: 1. Created the Global container field (called: GlobalContainer) 2. Created a container feild (called: CompletedBackground) and set a calculation in the options. Here's the calculation: Case ( not IsEmpty ( Completed ) ; CompletedBackground ) Note: Completed is the checkbox 3. Created a white background and cut it to my clibboard 4. Pasted the white background into the container feild.. Nothing seems to happen... im just not sure. Any ideas what im doing wrong? Thanks guys, your continued support is much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for your reply Kent_S, but im not sure if i understand.. Let me explain what i've done so far and my thoughts: - I've settup a checkbox called: Completed - I've settup a field for the background called: CompletedBackground - Now im thinking it should work when the checkbox is ticked the script will work like this: iF (Table::Completed = 1) ---> Then Table::CompletedBackground will appear (I have no idea how to code this) End If Also, how do i make the feild invisible? so when the checkbox is not ticked the 'CompletedBackground' is invisible. If anyone has ideas on how to make this work, or to spell out exactly how the code works that would be great. Thanks!
  5. Again, im a newbee with FileMaker, but I do have some basic programming skills. What I'd like to do is: - I have a to-do-list in which when you've completed a task you click on a checkbox. - When the checkbox is clicked I would like the background to turn to grey. How would I create the code for this to happen? I assume that I would create a script then link the checkbox to the script, but I'm not exactly sure what I should be doing with the script...
  6. THANK YOU VERY MUCH GUYS! Basically all I did was switch it to global and it works fine! Im really impressed with the fmforums.com - I've never recieved such a good response when I have a question. Keep it up guys!
  7. Thanks for your reply SlimJim - Very strange about your post appearing before mine.. Im very new to FileMaker, so some of this is going over my head and basically im learning as I go. I do however have a basic understand.. How do i make a global tabel, or is it any different from a normal table? and then how do i access the field from a global table?
  8. Thanks CyborgSam for your response, but i dont think i've got my head around this one yet.. Let me explain to you my current setup and what i've done so far: I've setup 5 tables in which each table has its own page/layout: 1) Project 2) Services 3) Task List 4) Access 4) Invoice Here's what i've done: - In the header of each page I want to display the client name. - The client name is entered in on the Project page (which only has the one record) - I've related the 'Client' field from the 'Project' table to all other tables as you can see below: - Finally in the header to display the 'Client' name i used a text field with: <> As I said earlier it works fine until i enter in a new record. Now, here's my questions/comments: - When you say to use a 'Main' table, i assume that the 'Project' table I have setup will work fine. - Im not exactly sure what to do here? Hopefully after explaining to you exactly what im doing you could give me more instructions. Thank you very much for your help. Much appreciated.
  9. Im currently setting up a management system in which I enter in all my client information. I have setup different pages/tables for different information, Example: 'Project Info' / 'Task List' / 'Invoice' / Etc.. Now, at the top of each page i want to display the clients name which is entered in a field on the 'Project Info' page/table. How do i display that field on all the other pages/tables? I have actually got this to work, by using this code: <> EXAMPLE: <> This works fine, until i enter a new record on another page/table - Once i enter in a new record the Client name at the top of the page disappears. How can i make this work?
  10. Im currently creating my own database and want to copy the layout of the standard 'to do list' layout. Now, im guessing there's no way of just copying it straight across, so im re-creating the whole thing in my own way. THIS IS WHERE I GET STUCK.. I want to copy the way you add a new record.. So when you click on a new record it appears with the new record below the current record, and each time you click on a new record it appears under the current record, so it creates a list of tasks. So it looks like this: --------- Record 1 --------- Record 2 --------- Record 3 --------- Etc.. --------- I have no idea how to do this, im sure its not complicated, i just have no idea on how to figure it out. Please help.. Thank you.
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