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  1. It worked !!!!! Thank you! thank you so much for your precious help!
  2. Just looked into it and realized it's too much for me...I need more specific instructions because my level of Filemaker programming is prety basic... I got HERE and I suspect I'm near but couldn't get a result. And to get it worse my scripts are in portuguese.
  3. Sorry. I didn't realize that. I'l look into it then. Thanks again
  4. Thanks. The ideia was not using a container field because that makes me "insert" each mp3 into the field (a lot of work!). I already have the file path in that field so I was hoping there was a simple solution...
  5. I all, I have a (text) field in my Music Database that has the full file path for every mp3 of my external HDD (around 50.000 classical music mp3s). It would be wonderful if I could use this file path (in text format) to open externally (or internally) the related mp3 file on my external hard drive in a (hopefully) simple way. I have Filemaker Pro 16 Advenced and I'm a real newbie at this... Many thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all. Please be gentle...this is my first post... First of all, I apologize if this isn't the right place for this question, but I couldn't find a more suitable place. But let me (try to) explain: I have all my classical music cd's in filemaker. I make a record for each piece that a cd contains and I give a number to each CD. Example: CD nº200 has 3 pieces: no.1, no.2 and no.3. The CD also has a name: example: "Mozart - complete piano sonatas". In that way, I have a record for piece No.1 (with several details like tracks, date, durations, etc) and another for piece no.2, no.3 and so on. Now...I want to produce a report that is able to recognize that those pieces belong to the SAME CD (no.200) and present every information that is related to that CD: number (200), Label, date, total duration, total no. of tracks, maybe some artist(s), etc. In short: I think I want to know how to make filemaker recognize all the pieces of a CD (they are in seperate records) and "combine" them all in a report, gruped by CD. How can I do that? Many thanks in advance Pianoman (Portugal)
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