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  1. okay so for those who keep viewing I wanted to tell you how i have it working right now, not the most secure but as long as no one trys to hack it this works. I set user limits on no find ability. This is the only restriction by user. Then I set up a open script that basically setup a search and also locked the status area from view. This keeps the user confined to their records and all reports still work. Not the best way but it works, kind of.
  2. Okay i am going to start a new one just for time cards. What i have is this I have an auto field that is created by the user account. I have tried this in my limited view: Exact (Account Name; Employee ID ) However it does not block all. I have a find scripted to take the employee to their records but they could find again to see others and I dont want that. Ideas?
  3. How do you set the automatic part? i dont see it under edit privilage set. thanks
  4. Hi all, So today I would like to add a little reminder ability on to me orders, say a check box that would give me a calendar box to then set a due date or something. And then once the date is reached a message or something comes up to tell a user the order has hit its due date. Is this possible? How would you do it if you had to? thanks
  5. that is exactly it thanks no ill see if i can duplicate what you have shown me.
  6. that is almost exactly what i need but i then need to pick a single line from the second drop down.
  7. basically like i have the lists I would like the first drop down to say procedure 1 and then the second drop down would have reasons for failure of procedure 1. Not complicated but i need one drop down to show all the procedures and then one drop down to show all the failure reasons. So if the first drop down could tell the second drop down what to show that would make a cleaner look rather than looking through the whole list
  8. Okay so I would like to have my clients be able to access just their jobs via the web portal. Is there a way to set access by say either a entered number or by a contact name? Also looking to do the same with like a time card so that employee 1 can not see employee 2. Any Ideas?
  9. I am looking for something a little cleaner than that though. Is this my only option? See my second list is going to be a explanation area, it could be a word or a paragraph. THe client is going to have a certain number of already entered drop downs. This is going to be a long list as it is and they will be using laptops for remote access, so adding text like you have is going to take up screen space. any ideas?
  10. Okay so here is what I am trying to do and tell me if it is too easy and should not have been asked... I have two drop downs one next to the other and one is a sub list of the other. I would like for the first list to customize the second list. So for example if the first drop down selection is 1 then there would only be options abc in the second box. If in the first the selection is 2 then the second box would be def and so on. Is this easy to do or no? Also thanks for all the help on the highlight post i made lots of people seem to be usingit now.
  11. You guys are really cool, nothing beats the geek world....
  12. Okay i think i finally worked through my bad brain cables. I now understand the "Case" but am not sure were to make a custom "Case" I think my blockade is now how to get the calculation to see the "Shipped" from the drop-down.
  13. Thanks guys. Now for a dumb question would my script look just like this or is there more I am missing? Case(ProjectStatus = "Shipped" I love these forums you all are amazing
  14. Well hello to all. I have been building my first DB in Filemaker and ever evolving it since August. Let me say I am incredibly impressed with this DB and will be building many more DBs to come. So here is the thing, I have a drop down list for project status, I would like to write a script that when say shipped is selected the entire line gets highlighted. Curently we have the Client, Date, Type, and Priority, along with the Status in the list view. So can anyone give me a hand?
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