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  1. Hi Wim Yeah users are on lan. And they have access to I Drive. Previleges set is as "guest", script are executable. Should not be a problem as its executable with remote login. "UNC syntax of the share"..? Sorry i do not really understand.. how to do it..? Thanks a lot Kelvin
  2. Hi I done a file that only allows users to read the status of our domain whether active or expired. Theres this icon name 'certificate', users able to click on it to launch the pdf format file and view the document. It works if i remote login with filemaker client. But Users access by IWP failed. Actual path: I:AdminDomain Names RegistrationDomain Name in PDFDN (.com)xxx.com.pdf Path shown in address bar using IWP: http://i/Admin/Domain%20Names%20Registration/Domain%20Name%20in%20PDF/DN%20(.com)/xxx.com.pdf Anyway..? Thanks a lot Kelvin
  3. Hi I tried using 'openurl' to open a file. It is possible with filemaker client but failed in IWP. Anyone knows anyway that able to make it possible..? Thanks a lot Kelvin
  4. Hi hm.. I am trying to get the number of my expired domains out of all domains. I created 2 fields, 'expired domain calculation' and 'expired domain' expired domain calculation - Date Expiry ≤ Get(CurrentDate) expired domain - count ( expired domain calculation) can't get it working.. i think im doing it the wrong way. Can someone helps..? Thanks a lot Kelvin
  5. Hi Ted Thanks for your response. I manage to find the cause of the problem already. Filemaker is not able to open file by reading its shortcut. And I tried both 'openurl' and 'sendevent', and oddly openurl works but not sendevent. It prompts me this error, "The file "H:coh-ITAdminDomain" could not be found and is required to complete this operation". But nvm sice my 'openurl' can work already I have another problem now. My file will be park in server, Users will access it through IWP. And thats actually the reason why i use 'openurl' : But the problem comes now, though it works in filemaker client, but it can't works in iwp. The file wont be launched. It shows the normal error browser page. Anyone know what to do..? Else my file wont be a perfect solution already. Thanks a lot Kelvin
  6. Hi all I try to open file by 'openurl', following is my path. H:coh-itAdminDomain Names RegistrationDomain Name in PDFDN (.com.xx)xxx.pdf Actually I was still working on the file, but few days back I have managed to do this right already. But today my openurl dun works. After playing with it I realise it only opens up to 2 path. e.g. H:xxx.pdf then it will works. If more then 2 path e.g. H:coh-itxxx.pdf, it wont works the file wont be able to open. And oddly H:xxx.pdf works. I have access to these files, i can manually go into these folders then file to open it but not through my 'openurl' button. Can someone help me with this..? Thanks a lot Kelvin
  7. Hi aaa and raybaudi Thanks yeah, you guys are good! btw Month(Today) dun works, i change it to Month(Get(CurrentDate)). Cheers, Kelvin
  8. Hi aaa So i will need 2 fields right. Apologise.. how to create a calculation boolean field.. i couldn't find it.. haha.. Thanks a lot.. Kelvin
  9. Hi Is there anyway to now allow user to do right click, printing, save and do a printscreen? or any of this?? Thanks a lot Kelvin
  10. Hi I am doing a domain registry list, it will shows all the expired domains. My expired dates are categorise by months using 'sub summary'. I wish to count how many domains are there in this month (it will be show at the bottom to inform the user the number of domains expiring this month). Only this month number will be shown but not every month. For my field I was thinking something like exact(expired date; month(//) count(expired date) Can someone help me with this..? Thanks a lot Kelvin
  11. Hi mikehkg Thanks for your response. I am doing a travel report form. Staff will do their report through iwp. It will auto email to related personnel whenever new record is created. But Filemaker 7 Server Advance does not supports SMTPit Pro plugin. Therefore like what others mention using another client machine to check records and do the emailing. Thanks a lot Kelvin
  12. Hi aaa Thanks a lot for the help offered. I have managed to figure it out, attached is what i meant. Apologise maybe i still did not explain it clearly. Thanks a lot Kelvin Domain_Name_Registry_Copy_testing.zip
  13. Hi everyone.. This thread needs help... Thanks a lot Kelvin
  14. Oh sorry maybe i never explain it clearly. I wish to achieve date able to categorise by month. At the moment all dates are under january which is wrong, as september should not categorise under january. E.g. January 01/01/2006 01/02/2006 01/03/2006 Feburary 02/01/2005 02/01/2004 April 04/01/2005 Thanks a lot Kelvin
  15. Hi aaa When i go to the expired list layout, all records are under january category. It is not categorise in their months.. Thanks a lot.. Kelvin
  16. Hi I did tried using both fields 'year' and 'month' but still the same. Attached is the sample file, can someone help me look into it. Layout: Expired List Script: Go to preview layout Thanks a lot. Kelvin Domain_Name_Registry_Copy_testing.zip
  17. Hi Ted, really thanks for your response. Yeah. Its actually exactly like the following thread topic 'Auto email whenever new record is created ', http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/171377/ But just that I hope to achieve Fenton idea by using a client pc relating with the server to send mail as the server don't supports SMTPit Pro Plugin. Like what Fenton mention a never ending loop looking for records?? if found send mail and delete record and keep looping again..?? Apologise im still new with filemaker. Help needed with this. Thanks a lot in advance. Kelvin
  18. Hi I created 3 fields, DateExpire, DateCreate and DomainName in List view. I create an additional 2 fields called year[Year(ExpiryDate)] and month[MonthName(ExpiryDate)] to group all the domain expiring on the same month and year together. E.g. Date Expire Date Create Domain Name 2006 January 01/01/2006 01/01/2005 abc.com 2006 February 02/01/2006 01/01/2005 def.com 02/02/2006 02/02/2005 ghi.com And now i having a problem, if i sort by month it may give me 2005 jan then 2004 feb then 2006 march. And if sort by year first it also having this type of problem. How can i sort by year and month together?? Thanks a lot in advance. Kelvin
  19. Hi. Attached is what i have done. I can't relate the records on Travel request and report file to my email file. And my script works in this way,loop for any new records, if new record found, send mail then delete record. But also failed. And no idea how to incoporate 'flag' into it.. Needing of help.. Thanks a lot in advance Kelvin Email_Testing.zip
  20. Hi aaa, i can't dl the file theres some error. Maybe can you try compressing it with winzip..? Thanks a lot.. Cheers, Kelvin
  21. Try holding down shift and open the file at the same time Cheers~ Kelvin
  22. Thanks Gary and all I have managed to figure it out. FM 'help' is great~ Cheers, Kelvin
  23. Hi Is there anyway to import customers records like their names and emails from excel to filemaker?? Thanks a lot in advance Kelvin
  24. Hi I relate the staff and report table and fields, accountname = accountname email = email but nothing happened when i goes into my email layout. I have a accountname field in the layout, but email is not extracted from staff table. What is the problem then..? do i need to do a 'lookup' or 'calculation'...? and both my files are in the same folder, and if its not will it be affected? Thanks a lot in advance Kelvin
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