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  1. DJ Thanks for your thoughts and advice. They are very sound. If I've learned anything in my years it's that I can always learn something new. Just a little history on me. I've been in my own business for 40 years. I developed and ran a successful Job Board in the 90's, had a web development and hosting business for about 4 years and also ran an email marketing business during that time. However, I've never actually sold a piece of software and given the horror stories I've heard I just want to make sure I've thought of every contingency before I speak to an Attorney. I learned a long time ago that Attorneys are not business people. They are there to set down in legalize what you, the seller, and they, the buyer are agreeing to. I also learned that if you want to make the deal happen hire an Attorney who is a Deal Maker not a Deal Breaker. Some of the Condo's where the software will be installed are single users and others will be max 2 - 3 users. I tried to steer the buyer away from a Run Time version because I felt it would be a problem when they start asking for changes, which, i feel will be inevitable. Since I'm a single user I've never talked to anyone at FM. What type of help is available from them? John: He alluded to this, but, there's over 25,000 Condo's and HOA's in Florida alone so do I want to give up ownership? Good thought! Only issue is he wants his name on the package he "Gives" to his customers. (Guess I need to have that in writing.) Probably, what they'd ultimately like to do. Can you expound on this some more? How do I define what the core system is, etc.? Anyone else with some more sage advice?
  2. I recently developed a Condominium Management application and was paid well for my time. The client also allowed me to maintain the application as my own and I am free to market it. So, I got into a chat with the President of another condo association and they referred me to their Property Management Org. I had a great meeting with them today and they want to install the app in all 100 condo and homeowner associations, with 15,000 units, that they manage. Sounds great, but, here's the catch ... they want me to package it as theirs and give them the ability to have someone else work on the app if I am no longer available. Look at my age. They also asked that I install it in one of their largest customer sites for a 30 day demo. So, they asked me to put together a contract that includes pricing. They agreed to sign a non disclosure agreement as well as a Software license agreement and a Confidentiality agreement. They also want me to give them a price to customize the software to their needs if necessary. I told them it would be an hourly charge. Here's my concerns: * What do I charge them. The original client paid me almost $ 10K. They have 240 units. * Do, I put together some type of individual pricing or a Flat rate for the entire company? * It will require my installing the software at each site and 3 days - 1 week of on-site training. Do, I include in the overall price or charge by the hour/day? * What do I need to worry about and what am I not thinking about? (See my signature.) * Do I put a 30 or 40 day bomb in the demo package, just in case, and what's the best way to do that? I look forward to all constructive criticism and advice. TIA Al
  3. In the Send Mail script step you will see a box "Collect addresses across found set." So if you do a search to isolate those people you wish to send to you can then send one email to all contacts in the found set. One caution though. I believe your recipients will see all the addresses. I would check this out before sending. hth
  4. aldipalo

    Portal Help

    Welcome to the forum. Without knowing what "Your Database" it makes it difficult to tell you what you need to specifically do. Why don't you tell us what you are trying to accomplish and we may be able to give you more help. A clone of your basic file would also be helpful. Also, take apart the file you uploaded and take a look at what the relationship is between the 2 tables. That will give you an idea of how the developer accomplished the join. HTH
  5. How about a calculated field c_DateofInvRef: Case( IsEmpty(DateField;""; DateField & " " & InvoiceField ) Go to storage and set to Unstored, recalculate. hth
  6. Welcome to the Forum. It's possible to call different scripts based on certain criteria. With creative uses of variables and If Statements and script parameters your possibilities are pretty endless. Exactly what are you trying to accomplish? Please give us a more information.
  7. First, I would suggest you do a little reading before getting to deep in to your database design. Poor structure has a way of coming back and kicking you. Go here: http://www.foundationdbs.com/downloads.html and read 'White Paper for beginners and database design.' They are 2 well written articles that will help you tremendously. It is generally considered bad design to use anything other than serial ID's as your key fields in relationships. Whenever you use a name field, of any kind, you stand the risk of someone changing the name on one side of the relationship and as soon as that is done the relationship is broken on ALL related records on the other side. In general naming conventions you will often see pk_ (Primary Key) and fk_ (Foreign Key) used. e.g. pk_NotesID -> fk_NotesID I think once you read the above references you will have a better feel for setting up your relationships which will help you solve your problems. I would also suggest that you look at Kevin Frank's Anchor-Bouy model for relationships. http://www.kevinfrank.com/demo-files-user-group.html Don't despair we all started here and we'll be happy to help you get through it all. hth
  8. aldipalo

    Two Screens

    You should be able to open your window to the width of both screens and then set the file1 to the width of screen1 and file 2 to the width of screen2. When I had the luxury of 2 screens 'In the good old days' i would do that with other programs that didn't allow 2 occasions of the same program at the same time. Since I don't currently have that set up now I can not test it for you, but, in principal it should work.
  9. Look at "Conditional Formatting." Right click on the field and click on 'Conditional Formatting', then set your formula and set the background and text colors if the formula is true or false. e.g. In Field A create a conditional format formula Field b = Set Text to be Red or Background to be Red or whatever. hth
  10. Has anyone used this script step to set up Activity Reminders. Can you have multiple scripts waiting in the wings? Currently, I use scriptfire for this, but was hoping to find a native way to do it in FM. I look forward to hearing your ideas/suggestions.
  11. Here's a file showing you how to do all 3 methods. hth **************************** I saw the 7 problem after I created this for you. You can use DoScript EventScript Scriptfire to do the script trigger. It's a little more complicated. Prior to FM10 I used scsriptfire. Tabs and naming objects as well as script variables (I believe) all became available after FM7. There were many workarounds for tabbing and you should be able to find some threads here on the forum. How many copies of FM 7 are you talking about. Perhaps, if management really wants these features, you should consider upgrading. You will also find a number of examples on Ray Cologans site: http://www.nightwing.com.au/FileMaker/demos.html#fmp7 Filemaker Magazine: http://www.filemakermagazine.com/videos/15-minute-tabs-the-quickest-way-to-make-a-tabbed-interface.html hth Dissappearing_Field.zip
  12. Welcome to the forum. We're all very happy to help. You may want to consider some tabs on your layout rather than create an entirely new layout. Basically, you are correct your script would look something like: If(ValuelistField = "Widow") Go to Layout(Widows Layout) EndIf If you saw a need to use this script to go to other layouts from this field you could use a 'Variable' Set Variable($Trigger;ValueListField) If($Trigger = "Widow") Go To Layout(Widows Layout) EndIf If($Trigger = "Bachelor") Go To Layout(Bachelors Layout) EndIf // you can repeat this as many times as needed In version 10 you would right click on the valuelistfield and click on "Set Script Triggers" then choose how you would like the script to be activated. Probably on modification, but, that's a personal choice. Please don't hesitate to come back and ask more questions. That's how most of us got started. hth
  13. aldipalo

    Own template ?

    Have you looked at Matt Petrowsky's Scriptology? http://www.filemakermagazine.com/index.php It gives you everything you need for a reasonable price and you can download a free copy to see what is there.
  14. Btw, if you want to check each record to see if a specific field is equal to another rather than hard code the new field data you should add the variable in to the loop. Go To Layout(ListLayout) Sort Records() Go to Record/Request(First) Set Variable($ChangeToData;LookintoField) Loop If(FieldtoChange<>$ChangeToData) Set Field(FieldToChange;$ChangeToData) Go to Record/Request(Next; Exit after last) else Go to Record/Request(Next; Exit after last) EndIf Set Variable($ChangeToData;LookintoField) EndLoop
  15. aldipalo

    Own template ?

    You can create your Master Layout with common elements then whenever you want to create a layout click Duplicate layout and then go to the layout setup and change the table name as well as the layout name then insert the fields you want. Another way is to create the layout using the layout wizard and then copy and paste the Master Layout graphics on top of the fields and send the graphics to the background. I'm sure there are other ways as well. hth
  16. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by two different types? Do you mean Date vs Number vs Text? Create a List layout to view the found set. Your script would look something like this: Go To Layout(ListLayout) Sort Records() Go to Record/Request(First) Set Variable($ChangeToData;"Yellow") Loop If(FieldtoChange<>$ChangeToData) Set Field(FieldToChange;$ChangeToData) Go to Record/Request(Next; Exit after last) else Go to Record/Request(Next; Exit after last) EndIf EndLoop */All my scripts always need a little tweaking, but, this is the general idea. hth ///It's a good idea to always back up your files before changing lots of data records. Especially in the development stage.
  17. Usually by going in to File->Manage->External Sources. When I did it I deleted the current data file location before entering the new data file location. As I said that's the only thing I can think of that would cause such a problem. Do you have a back up? Are you using FMS? If so, you should have a back up routine installed as well. If you are not using FMS I would suggest you install a Closing script where you back up your file every time it is closed.
  18. I hope you have a back up. It sounds as though someone changed your External Sources. I did this to myself once and had to rebuild everything, not fun. As far as I know there is nothing to do other than rebuild your relationships unless you have backed up your files. :B
  19. Is this what you want? Button_NoButton.zip
  20. Excellent. At least it will give me some parameters. Thanks Barbara!
  21. Come on folks. Somebody can give me a push in the right direction. Pleeeease.
  22. Can anyone suggest some reading material or sample files showing how to properly set up a multi user system? I've tried setting a User Table in front of all other tables, but, it's not working the way I thought it would. My problem is I want to separate what the user sees so he/she isn't viewing someone else reports, activities, etc. Whenever I try to set up Accounts and Privileges it never works the way I thought it would so I really need some good examples and reading material so I can understand the whole concept. Any suggestions? TIA
  23. you can call one script from another. If(blah) go to layout(Layout) else Perform Script(Script) EndIf go to Layout(Layout) Set Field(Fieldname) Commit Records Blah Blah Blah So if both your scripts are working just call one from the other. In some cases it's preferable to call scripts rather then have one large script where it's difficult to follow the logic. hth
  24. Yes, you go to scriptmaker and click the import icon then chose the file where the script(s) are contained. You can then check off the scripts you want and import them in to your new db. You'll want to bring in all your tables and create your layouts and relationships first, otherwise, you'll get a lot of errors. That's why I suggest you print the scripts as well. As far as the layouts are concerned you must bring in each layout one at a time. Slower than imported, but, a lot faster than recreating all of them. : hth
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