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  1. Actually I was using the wrong table reference. I had to create a relationships between Country and one of the other tables which actually displays the description. The database is messed up but that is only because the one it's pulling from is designed in the same messed up way.
  2. I am currently trying to figure out how to add up the number of records with a specific field that is greater than 2. The first field with the "?" and then a few numbers is the field. I want to count the fields that are greater than 2. I am completely new to creating reports like this in filemaker. I have been working with filemaker creating application for the pst 6 months so I am familiar with how to use filemaker in general. I am wondering what the best way to go about getting this number? I also need to then count up the number of records per sub-vendor and then take that number and divide the number of records greater than 2 by that number. It would be simple of I was doing this outside of a report but I don't know how these sub summaries work and I'm having trouble finding good documentation on how these reports work. edit: I should also say that it seems to be counting up some of the fields greater than 2. I have another field that checks if that number is greater than 2 or not and then sets the field to 1 if it is, then I use a summary field to add up all the 1's. It doesn't seem to be adding up all of them though. There are something like 14 1's and the summary says 9.
  3. I am having trouble getting related data to show up in filemaker on a layout. The layout uses the table Baan for individual records. BOM baan Connection is a table that lists all the items from Baan but lists all their information. The tables Display Formula, and Display Packaging are used to seperately display and seperate the formula and packaging information into portals. All of that works fine, but when I place the Country name from the Country table on the screen I get a different country code for most of the items. So for item number 410002001 It should be CN for the country code, so China. But the code that shows up is CA on the screen and Canada for the name. This isn't the case for all the items though. Any item number beginning with 05 seems to have the correct country code and name display on the screen. It has to be a relationship issue I'm just not sure how to go about fixing it because I can't see anything wrong with the way I did things... Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I need to set up a script that will my client to email photos of paintings to various galleries. The image link is stored in the database and the image can be viewed in the database. I am wondering if it is possible to script attaching a file dynamically in filemaker? I know you can set a specific file but I can't find anything on naming the file to attach dynamically. Anyone know if this is possible?
  5. hah, I got it to work, thank! You were a huge help.
  6. I tried using that. I get 3 as my last error, which is something like cannot find the service on the computer. But adobe acrobat 6.0 is installed, and I used acrobat.exe... does it only work with the latest version of adobe acrobat/reader?
  7. Well, the client wants it to auto open and print the file. The files are in a folder over the network. So they click on a button in one of the portal rows, and the id number for that row is also the name of the pdf file. So it is supposed to open the file, then print the file. Before I was just creating a url link to the file and it would open in internet explorer and they could print from there but I can't do that in this case, or it would be better if I could just open it up with adobe acrobat reader.
  8. It's for windows. I have been reading the adobe acrobat sdk about dde, but I am not sure how those commands are used with the dde command in filemaker. I still can't find the service name for adobe acrobat.
  9. Could someone please help me? I am trying to open up a pdf file and then printing it. The names of the pdf files come from id numbers in the database though. so when you click on an id in a portal the pdf will open up and then it will print. I can't seem to find any good examples on how to use the DDE Execute. I tried the example given for opening internet explorer but it doesn't work, I get an error that it can't find or cannot use the program. Do I need to have certain permissions on the computer to be able to use this command?
  10. Yeah I did. It seems to work now. Now all I need to do is figure out how to allow for someone to just type in a value in a field and do an auto search for it once they tab out or click outside of the field...
  11. GetnthRecord? Hmmm I will have to try that out. Yeah filemaker is definitely not the standard I am used it. Going from Oracle 9i, MySQL, and Access to Filemaker and 4th Dimension on the MAC is a big change. That GetnthRecord isn't a script step is it? I can't seem to find it. Or should I be using goto record/request/page to do searches instead of find all the time? I can still use Get(LastError) = 401 to catch it if it isn't there with goto right?
  12. I have a script that jumps around to several layouts doing searches and then replacing a value based on the result of the searches. Now when I don't put pauses into the script at certain points the value doesn't get changed. When I put the pauses in it does change. Why would this be? I haven't changed any of the script at all besides adding pauses. Is it possible that the script is getting ahead of itself for some reason and isn't running properly? I jump to three seperate layouts and do two searches before replacing a value on the last layout....
  13. The error code I get is 3. which says that the command isn't available. Now, I'm using remote desktop to a windows machine and working on the file there and running the scripts over remote desktop. Could this be a reason why it isn't working?
  14. I'm having trouble getting this command to work. What I want to do is use adobe reader to open up a pdf file, but I tried an example first to see if it works. I went to the filemaker website and tried "Sed DDE Execute[service Name: "iexplorer"; Topic: "WWW_OpenURL"; Commands: "www.filemaker.com"] This is the example they give that will open up IE and go to the filemaker website. I put this in a script, and tried running it and nothing happened. This is on a windows system...am I doing something wrong?
  15. How do you select the program to open the file though? I tested this with a text file on my desktop. When I select the file, it recognizes it as a .txt file and opens it using the appropriate program. When I use a calculation to do the same thing nothing happens. It says file type unknown. Is there a way to tell it what program to use to open the file?
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