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  1. Ahhhhhh, I think you may have unraveled the mystery for me. I'll play with the scripts and see if I can get this thing to work right. Many thanks for your help on this issue Fenton, I really appreciate it. I'll let you know how things go. Again, many thanks. Rich
  2. Good one! Thanks. This has helped reduce blank records. However, I am still struggling with this ID s/n thing. I'm having a tough time swallowing that FMP can't handle imported S/N ID's any better. There must be a way to force FMP to take off with issuing ID's from the highest imported value, and not duplicate any of the imported s/n's. My quest to solve this problem continues.
  3. Hi Fenton, Yup, I made sure I have "Always" in the Validation tab checked. Same problem. For some reason, FMP is ignoring the fact that the ID numbers in the imported file though broken due to deleated records and is not taking off making new records using the next highest available (not used) ID number. Have you seen anything like this before? How do you or anybody else handle users upgrading their solutions if ID numbers are being used. How do users bring their established records sets into the new DB without losing total control of the ID system? There must be a procedure for doing this kind of export/import. I'm missing something here but I'll be a rat's behind if I know what it is. Frustrating for sure. Thanks again, I appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Thanks, Rich
  4. Hi Fenton, Sorry if I am confusing you a bit. Here is what's happening: My Db is relational with 4 tables. The Contact Information Table has a field for a "Contact ID" which is serialized, unique and not empty. Ok, my user probably has several hundred records in the system. Some have been deleted leaving holes in the numbering system, which is ok. Now then, I come out with an updated version of the solution. Just some nice cosmetic changes. That's it. No new fields, scripts, value lists, nothing like that. Just looks. I send the new solution to my user. He then exports all of his records (from 4 tables) and then imports them into the new solution one at a time (each table at a time in .fp7 format). Everything looks good, all records are in place and each record has the same ID as it did in the old DB, including the holes in the ID numbering system left from deleted records. Okay, so it seemed. He creates a new record, FMP starts filling in the holes. Well, maybe thats good, but then again maybe it's not good for the user. Then the DB issued a s/n which is duplicate to one of the imported records. And that, I thought, should not happen since that field is configured not to duplicate (unique). In other words, FMP seems to be ignoring those imported records as having a s/n at all and is duplicating them. When FMP creates a record with a s/n that is ABOVE (higher number)than any that was imported, it then will not dublicate that s/n..... no matter how hard I try to get it to dup it. This really has me going here and I am at my ropes end with ideas on how to correct it. If you come up with any ideas as to what the heck I'm doing wrong please give let me know. Thanks, Rich
  5. Hi Fenton, Hey, I finley got this DB to export and import all of my data and with working portals. The only problem I'm left with now is ID numbers. On import, it brings in all the records along with their ID nimbers. Cool. But check this out. Even though I have the ID numbering system configured to serialize, be unique in value and not empty, the DB will allow duplicating existing (imported record ID's) ID numbers. It's almost as those the imported records don't exist. I ran a report listing ID numbers and sure enough, there were duplications. Do you, or anybody else, have any ideas why this is happening? Thanks, Rich
  6. HI Steve, Thanks for the info. Yeah, I tried the matching names route and you are right, it's indeed a pain. My users will never be able to do that. I think I almost have it down, the only problem I'm left with is the broken portals issue. No sleep tonight. (sigh) Rich
  7. Hi Fenton, FMP 8 imported my repeating fields. Cool. Since my solution uses 4 related tables I had to do 4 exports to keep things clean, and then do 4 separate imports (in sequence). Am I doing this right? The only problem I'm left with is that my portals are broken. And I can't seem to get them to drag in the field info from the other tables as they did before. Yet, my relationships look like they are in tact. I remake the portals, but still no go. The portals remain blank. : Man, this is a pain. Any ideas? I exported in FP7 format. Is that the format you use when you export? Thanks for all your help. Rich
  8. Hi Fenton, Really!!? FMP 8 will export Containers and repeating fields? I also have FMP 8 (just got it actually). I converted my 7 files to 8 with no problems. What format do you export your records in to catch containers? Thanks, Rich
  9. Hi all, Problem: how do the users of my solutiona upgrade to later versions of my solutions when many of my layouts contain repeating fields and file containers? To my knowledge, FMP will not export/import containers and repeating fields. Is there a way to update the solution short of export and import records which will result in loss of infomation? Please tell me there is an option or a button that I have missed, otherwise, I think I'm in deep trouble with my solutions. Thanks for any input. Rich
  10. Over at: http://www.filemakermagazine.com Matt Petrowsky has a little training Video titled: "Find Anywhere - A universal search dialog" Which I think will do pretty much what you are looking to do in FMP. However, I do believe that it's a subscribers video, so you may have to subscribe to their services to view it. Rich
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