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  1. xochi, that is what i was trying to see if can be done with FileMaker. I have large database, ~~300,000 records. I have Find script and while produsing summary report it is taking forewever and on the top of this I have multiple users. While trying to run the Find Script the users cannot use the product. I will try your solution! thank you,
  2. how to create static filed? here is the scenario: calulation filed: total; summary field: grandtotal used to get the total(calculation) and output the result in a report. I can not use the calculation field (total) do display the result in a report. I was thinking to get the calulation, store it in a Global or Dummy table,, but then the report display how do you do it with out a summary field? Your idea for a static filed: how would that optimize the perfomnace of the find? when the user sign in I do not want them to wait for the summary field to summarize... ned to be done in a background without interapting the user(s)...
  3. Hi, i am using Find that is working perectly . The ersult is there... Only I have to display the result to a report - (summary Report) . I am using summary fields.. to display the calculation result. The file has more then 300,000 records. Every time when the user signs in the summary fields are "summarizing" long time.. Is there any other way of showing the result in a report? Maybe if i do not use summary fileds it will be better.. any help and idea is appresiated. thanks, ;)
  4. LaRetta, THANK YOU! It is so simple, I tried working with OMIT RECORDS, but as you already know it is not working... Do you know how to restrict the user form using BROWSE, and FIND mode only for one layout? Hoping that it not too much!!! Thank you,
  5. LaRetta, as always you are great. How do I do that? thanks,
  6. Hi every one, I have Find [] script that finds the modified records per Current Date. Also I am produsing a report , new layout, with sub summary and summary based on the user and manager. I am counting the records per user and per manager. I do not have a problem here. The problem is that I need only the Syb Summary per User and SubSummary per manager . I do not need to show the actual record. I do not select the fields for the report layout. When i do that the data from records are not showing but still I have "empty rows" (records) ... Can you help me? How do i correct that? I need to "Now show the records" , only the summary! thanks a million
  7. Hi aaa, if i get it correctly: you are saing that withing the report script, check the user name and If not Admin Unable(hide) any other layout becaides the Preview. Is that correct? If so how to do it? THNAK YOU
  8. Hi, I have a report,with Sub total , total and it is grouped by User Id. I view it in Preview mode. I need to sequre the report from corrupting. When i work with it is o'k. I know that I can not see the sub totals and group by filed data in any other mode. However,my concern is that when multiple users have acces to it, i will have problems. Any sugestios? what and how? I was thinking to unable any other mode at the time the report is viewed by the user until it is printed or closed. I have no idea how to do this with FileMAker. Another thing: I was thinking to "skip" the Preview of the report. Just within the button that generates the report to export the report to a different file. Any sugestions which type of file can be easy to use in a way of displaying the report, organizing?? Big THANKS! :)
  9. I need to set up the summary field to increment by 1 every time record is found using the Summary Field in FM , not script. What you are saying is that becasue I have the Summary field in the list layout then it will count only the records that are on the report. i do not need a statement in the if statement to increment and count each time. great, that should be easier.
  10. LaRetta, thank you. I will try the script tonight. I wil have to count the records as well.So based on what you sent: If [ not Get(FoundCount) ] Show Custom Dialog [ OK ; "No records found" ] ... do whatever you need if no records are found // Here I need Else statement that will add 1 each time a record is Found. Afrer that I need the TOTAL number of calls. I need to add a field( calulating) to have the TOTAL Shown on the report. Am I on the right track here? Exit Script End If
  11. Hi, I am very new with FileMaker. User FM 7 with XP. I am working on a report for Sales. The report need to count the calls made per REP and per day. I do no have problem with the part :per REP. My problems is that I have one table:one main form(flat file) . Now from this stage I have a Button that generates a script to create a report. I have 4 fields containing date. I need to validte each one of them and if the date = Curent date show the record on the report. Can you help!
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