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  1. Thanks very much. Wingnutt
  2. I have a layout set up to print sheets of labels. (14 to a sheet on the ones I currently use) Is there a way of finding 1 record and having it print 14 labels i.e. 1 sheet's worth of just that 1 record? Thanks
  3. With your help I've now played around with the code and got it to do just what I wanted. Thanks very much. Wingnutt
  4. Thanks very much, John I haven't yet had time to try your code, but I will do so soon and let you know how I get on. Wingnutt
  5. Can I combine the data from portal rows to fill one ordinary field? I have two tables linked by a one-to-many relationship. Records in the one table show related records from the other in a portal. Ideally I want to export the records from the one table with a new field combining the data from the relevant portal rows. (Once reduced into this flat file kind of format, the data can then be exported for use on my iPod.) Thanks Wingnutt
  6. Thanks for your reply. I'd chosen field fill colours in layout view, but they only seemed to be relevant when the field was inactive. The fill colour changed when the field became active. I think I've now discovered the answer. I'd set the fields to select entire contents on entry and the different colour was actually the highlight colour set in OS X system preferences. I don't suppose there's any way of having that change on a layout by layout basis? Thanks Wingnutt
  7. On any of my layouts, when I tab into a field (set to select all upon entry) the field background changes colour. Can anyone tell me where this characteristic is assigned and whether or not I can change it? Thanks very much. Wingnutt
  8. Ender Thanks for your reply. I've just added a 'commit record' script step as suggested and it works like a dream. Much appreciated. Wingnutt
  9. Simple family database. Two tables: households and individuals. One to many relationship between them. Simple layout showing household records with a portal showing individuals in each household. Both tables have a surname field. (Sometimes household surname and individual surnames are the same, sometimes not.) For Individuals::Surname I’m using an auto-entered calculated value giving the Households::Surname as a starter. Using the layout with the portal, I create a new household record, then move into the portal to add individuals. But the auto-entered calculation in the portal (Individuals::Surname) won’t calculate unless I first move to another household record - then it works. When creating new records of households and individuals, this is a pain. Any advice? Thank you.
  10. Lee Thanks very much for replying. Using OS X System Prefs I've customised the time format to use .(period) separators rather than (colon) separators. I then open FM, create a new database, and put in a time field. On a layout I can format the time field either to 'leave data formatted as entered' or with hhmm, the period separator and a trailing am/pm. When I then try to enter data in the field eg "6.30 pm" it tells me what I enter must be a valid time. It suggests I should add seconds to what I've entered (ie another period and two digits). I do that (although I wouldn't want to normally) and the error message just keeps returning. Is there something really obvious I'm missing? Since FM 7 I've been formatting my time fields as text fields to avoid this message. That's obviously not really a solution, as I can't then sort them. I'd wondered whether it was a FM 7 bug, with with FM 8 it's just the same. Any thoughts? Wingnutt
  11. I'm having trouble with time fields. Whenever I enter a time into a time field I get the error message "The value of this field must be a valid time ...." The message tells me what the time should look like (presumably taken from my OS X System Preferences). Even if I enter it exactly as it says, I still get the error message. The problem first occurred in FM 7, and now repeats in FM 8. Is it a FM problem or an OS X problem - or perhaps a user problem!? Help will be much appreciated.
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