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  1. Hello: I made a calculation which turns a number into text. The calculation was working fine, until I imported updates. When I went back to recalculate the fields, and chose "calculation" as the field type, it completely wiped out the data in the field. I tried it more than once with my backup copies, and each time the contents of the field is completely deleted. Can anyone tell me why this is happening?? Alisun
  2. Oops! Somehow I missed reading the topic in the previous thread. Thank you! Alisun
  3. This may be a simple question, but I haven't figured out the answer yet... I made a subsummary report, that is grouped together by team member. It looks very good, except for when someone's info extends onto the next page, then I cannot tell who's data is on the following page. For example: John 5/27/07 6 hours 5/28/07 6 hours Sam 5/26/07 4 hours 5/27/07 4 hours 5/28/07 4 hours 5/29/07 4 hours 5/30/07 4 hours (pretend start of next page) 5/31/07 4 hours With a subsummary report, how do I get the person's name to show up on the next page, above their hours? Alisun
  4. Changing the font worked! Apparently either FMP or Adobe does not work well with the font "Palatino". When I changed it to "Arial" all my text appeared in the PDF. THANK YOU! Alisun :yay:
  5. Hello: I created an attractive looking subsummary report, which only has 3 fields in the body, and fits within the page margins. However, when I save it as a PDF, the fields are missing text! Has this happened to anyone else?? Does anyone know how to fix this? Alisun
  6. I figured it out. Long explanation, but I fixed it! Alisun :woohoo:
  7. Hello, Thanks to Mr. Vodka's help, I was able to create a pop-up window for my "Project Hours" database (See Topic#186984). Now, however, I added two detailed reports, but the layouts are not working together. I cannot add more team members to the "Hours Log" for some reason. I am still new to relationships, and cannot figure out why. I have attached a copy. Any advice?? Alisun Hours_Log.zip
  8. Awesome!!! I got it to work!! Thank you so much, Mr. Vodka! Alisun :thankyou:
  9. I was able to create a script for the button, but when I click on the button I get the message, "This operation could not be completed because this layout cannot display the result." I think I may be missing a step, either in the script or the layout. So, I attached an example of my file. Any advice? Alisun Hours_Log_Sample.zip
  10. I just created the portal. I also placed a button called "Click for Hours" next to each name. I am new to buttons and scripts, though. How do I connect the button to a script? Alisun
  11. Hello, I have a team of people working on a project, and would like to have everyone's names listed on one layout, with a button next to each name called "Click for Hours". This would open a new window which would show their hours. I am not sure how to create a new pop-up window for each person. Any help would be appreciated! Alison
  12. Thanks LaRetta! I just figured out that the BODY tab was all the way to the bottom, so I moved it up a few inches. Now the Header has room to move down. Problem solved! Alison
  13. Sorry if this is a simple question, but I haven't found the answer! I have a Header that has a small object, about an inch in height. I am trying to expand the Header, but it won't move. It won't budge. How can I "unfreeze" the Header? Alison
  14. Excellent, thanks for all your help. It's also good to know that FM8.5 has the ability to copy and paste fields within Define Database. That would be a big time saver. I plan to upgrade eventually. Thanks again! Alison
  15. The problem is that the new table does not have any matching fields. It is a table with unrelated data, that will have it's own layout. Is there a way to import a table without matching fields?
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