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  1. This is probably a really silly question... Is it possible to access files running on Server 10 with clients running 8.5?
  2. I have been reading through the posts here and searching all the resource sites, but I can't seem to find an example closest enough to my needs to get it figured out. It seems like it should be fairly simple, but I just can't wrap my head around it. I want to show a value list based on the result of a first choice, but I want the 2nd value list come from one of two tables depending on the 1st choice: So... The person chooses "all" or "by building" or "by person" in the first list. If they choose "by building" they would get a list of buildings which are stored in the building table. If they choose "by person" they get a list of names from the name table.
  3. I agree with it being the programmer's fault. But... in my own defense, it is a fairly complex database (3600 fields in the main table and nearly 100 layouts) that is used by a wide variety of people in many different organizations who all use it slightly differently and need different things out of it. If I were designing it for one person or one organization, I would definitely set it up to keep the records together because it would be MUCH easier for ME. I myself use it on a daily basis, so I am also a "user". And I supervise a dozen other people that use it, and get lots of feedback from them about it. The way I had done it originally, keeping the current and old records in the same file worked well for 95% of the users. It is the 5% of users that it confused that I am concerned about. I strive to design it so that from the wisest to the slowest can get what they need with as little confusion as possible. This makes their work easier and keeps them happy, which ultimately benefits me in a variety of ways. Were I able to take control of everything they do through buttons/scripts/etc I would be much more confident in keeping the records together. But... It would be nearly impossible for me to do so because everyone wants/needs something a little different. What works for one person would drive the next one crazy. And... I appreciate the comments!
  4. I agree that keeping them in the same table would be better in many ways. However, I originally attempted that, and it confused the end users on a regular basis. Many of the folks that use the database are, um, less than capable. Since moving them to a seperate table (previously a seperate file) I have quite a few less headaches over it. I have not had many issues with running reports. The only reports that I have needed to create that include archived students I have been able to do with them in the seperate table. Typically it is different types of counts.
  5. In my student management database, I keep two identical tables. One for active records, one for an "archive". The archive is used to semi-permanently store data for a student that has moved, graduated, etc and the informaion needs to be kept, but kept seperately. Fairly frequently one of these students is needed back in the main table. Over the years I have accomplished this several ways. Currently this is what I am doing: "Users" can mark a student that needs to be archived by clicking a button that sets a match field. That student(s) then shows up in a portal and an "admin" can click a button to archive the student. What happens when the button is clicked: 1. it goes to that related record in the database 2. omits it 3. shows omitted only 4. exports it to the desktop (set via variable - database runs on FM Server) 4. deletes the record 5. changes to a layout showing archive data 6. imports the data. To take a student out of the archive, it basically works in reverse. Now... is there a better way to be doing this?
  6. Thanks a bunch! Works like a charm.
  7. I am trying convert a database from a multifile FM6 to a single file FM8. This is used in a multiuser network hosted on FM Server. (I am currently changing it off network) I have a relationship that is not working. On one side I have a global field that I am trying to set as the Username (as defined in preferences). In the previous version it was set via a startup script and I am trying to so again. On the other side is a calculation that results in a list of names. I have several portals that show lists of records they work on for each person using the database. Now the problem... I can set the global field just fine. I originally had used a set field, but now I have also tried a copy/paste and the insert username. When doing so, the relationship does not work and I get empty portals. But... if I type a person's name into the global field, everything works fine. Does anyone know what is up? Thanks!
  8. Thank you for the responses. sbg2's suggestion works for what I need. OK, the reason I want to do this is because the data is already entered into one field, and I have decided that I want to have the data in seperate fields. Had I thought of it originally, I would have done it the way Stanley suggested. I may not even need to do this, but my own limitations make me think that I can accomplish what I want to accomplish if I have the data seperated, or at least do it easier, or at least test it out to see if it works. I did not think it through enough beforehand, but I am also still struggling to accomplish what I want and am "fishing" for solutions. I am trying to sort students into a schedule. They have chosen topics. There are multiple sessions of each topic. It is easy enough to place them into different sessions, but the complication comes in with multiple time periods. For example: John picks Running as one of his topics and Swimming as his second. Running has three sessions - 1 in first period & 2 in second period. Swimming has three sessions as well, but they are all during first period. So John HAS to be in the 2nd period Running. I decided that it would be easier for me to script the sorting process if I had the data in seperate fields. Maybe it wouldn't be if I had more knowledge, but at this point I think I need to have it that way. Thanks again for your help.
  9. Greetings and happy new year... I have a field that the data is populated through a checkbox. Could be 2 to 4 values checked. How can I split those entries into seperate fields? Example: The field "Skill" contains: Run, Jump, Swim I want field Skill01 to contain Run field Skill02 to contain Jump, etc.
  10. Here is a situation I am having trouble wrapping my brain around... Background info: I am setting up a database to help organize a conference we are putting on for some (500 or so) students. During one portion of the day, the students choose 2 sessions from a possible 12. That portion of the day is actually split into 3 periods. They will attend a topic in each of two periods and eat lunch during a third period. Lunch could be during period 1, 2, or 3. The students will be split as evenly as possible in each of the three lunch periods. And the story continues... I will not know how many students have selected each topic, so therefore will not know how many sessions of each topic there will be, until after registration. For example, if 50 students sign up for "personal finance", then there will be 3 sessions. If only 18 sign up, there will be only one. I envision there could be 1 to 6 sessions for each topic. My dilemna... Filemaker is working excellent for everything else related to this project, but my skills are not sufficient to understand how to do what I want it to do, the best way to start down the path of getting to where I want to be, or if Filemaker is just not up for the task. What I want to do... After the registrations come in, I will make a determination of how many sessions of each topic there needs to be and set up a schedule. What I need to be able to do, is to assign each student to the three periods. Ideally, if there are 60 kids registered and there are three sessions, then each session gets 60 kids assigned to it. There is flexibility in that the number of students per session is not a fixed number, i.e. it could be 15 or 25. Ultimately I want to be able to print out a schedule for each student, showing what topic (or lunch) they will be doing during each of the three periods. This portion in question is just one part of a much larger schedule. Can anyone offer any help or suggestions? Can it be done? I realize that for some of the kids there is going to be a conflict, but if it could be scripted to sort out the majority of the kids correctly, it would still be a help. I am currently using FM6 for this, but could use 7 or 8 if it would help.
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