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  1. Hello Everyone, I've just installed the new version of FM 9 and it's great! So, now I need to know how I can uninstall version 8.5 on my clients' computers and as well as on the server. Thank you for your help!
  2. Thanks for your response Mr. Vodka. I am sorry for not being clear with my question. I have attached a picture of what I am trying to ask. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Along these same lines, the user checks a box indicating the project is complete. Is there a way to automatically change the a drop down box field with value list of project status to complete? Does that make sense? Thanks!
  4. Hello Everyone. I'm sorry if a thread for this specific topic may already exist, but I did a search and didn't find what I needed. Accounts and privilege sets are set for these my db. Is there a way a message can show saying "This username and password is currently being used" to ensure that people aren't logged on at the same time with one username and password? Here was my problem. Pat log ons with her username and password. While Pat is logged on, Paul decides to use her username and password and is able to log in also. I don't want that to happen. Thanks!
  5. When Mac users save FM reports as PDF, using Adobe Acrobat 8, it's okay. But when, they open the PDF and print it, Adobe 8 doesn't print the report and crashes. Anyone having the same problem? Thanks, Maria
  6. I hope someone can help me. When our xserve requires a hard reboot, the Filemaker Server Daemon starts up like it’s suppose to. But one our databases is listed as closed, reopening within server admin is futile, it attempts to open but ultimately stays listed as closed. 1)Can you do multiple daily backups while database is active with logged in users? FileMaker recommends against this. 2)Can we backup to an external drive? FileMaker’s backup path requires it to be on the same volume. Is there a work around for this? --- Thanks!
  7. Please help me. I need to turn this PDF into a FileMaker report. I have a report that first list the top 4 projects. Then at the bottom it lists the additional projects excluding the 4 projects. Is this possible? Thanks, Maria IMS_Project_Status_120506.pdf
  8. Hello everyone, I know these are silly questions, but I just want to verify the information. Filemaker does not have limitations on text fields, unless programmers set them correct? Also, the What is the longest (number of letters) a record can be named is over 1 million characters, correct? And users can use any type of character in a text field, correct? Thanks! :
  9. I have done a search on this topic, but can't seem to find the script. When a user selects "home" from the drop down menu, I want them to automatically be taken to the "home" layout. If they select "View all records" I want them to automatically be taken to the view all records layout. How can I do that?
  10. So I know what I did was a huge mistake. I made my primary key for my database as the project name, which often changes! So when I go to change the project name, then I lose the data from the other related tables. Is there way I can fix this? Project_Management.pdf
  11. The problem is our client needs to be able to use this database to email contacts and contact groups. IWP does not allow me do that script.
  12. I have neve worked with HTML codes or web publishing. My client wants the databases I create on the web. Due to firewall issues, they are not able to access the databases remotely. I am in Nebraska and the client is in D.C. There will be at least 15-20 users or more needing these databases. What is the simple and cost effective way of approaching this matter? I looked in using Fxforge. Has anyone used this? And is it easy to use?
  13. Hi, Is there a way to set a script to automatically email indivduals at a certain time to do a particular task?
  14. Thank you Breezer, I got it. Do you know how I can omit records from a portal.
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