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  1. HELP!! I thought I'd had this little problem sorted awhile ago, but have been running into problems. Maths was never my strong point!!! I'm trying to get the Time in Leu (TIL) earned at work, attached is a dummy database I've setup. I've managed to get it setup so it provides a running total of the current TIL, but we want to cap the amount of TIL a staff member can earn to 32 hours. Once they've earned if they work overtime it doesn't get added, but if they take time off, it comes off!! Hope this makes sense. TIL.zip
  2. Hi all, Hope someone can shed some light on this, it's being doing my mind in trying to work out how to approach it... I've built a full production tool for the business, job database, estimating, invoicing, all the normal bells and whistles. I've now got to the forcasting stage of the job, and am stumped how to begin. I've looked/viewed lots of calandars out there, but still seem a bit fuzzy. I've attached a PDF of the current forecasting tool the manager puts together in Excel to check when jobs are booked in for etc... I obviously have all the Job details etc... that I can link in. It's setting out the forcasting tool so it acts like a gant chart that's got me stumped, hope someone can sheed some light...Also I've looked at numerous gant chart options, but because they generally don't show all the days, it make it hard to balance when incoming work can happen... Hope this makes sense... Forcasting.pdf
  3. Thanks will give it a go, ended up getting it working by pulling the data out of a running summary, then applying the calculations not the cleanest though...
  4. Been struggling with this (calc learner). I'm trying to set up a calculation that gives me a running total (against each record, so a summary field won't work, or is far to slow) in a found set of records. I want to then do some testing based on the result, ie. when the total > 32, do not add to the total.... I'm trying to work out annual leave and time in leu that we get in the office. thanks,
  5. I hope someone can point me to a simple way to do this. I'm creating a schedule of production jobs, I want to auto calculate a repeating field to spit out days of the week over 21 days (Mon,Tue,Wed,etc...), with the date starting from a global field. thanks,
  6. I've got a field with a character that repeats itself throughout "%". I want to pull data from between these occurances into separate fields. So "field l" would be all data up to the first occurance of "%". "Field 2" would be data from the first occurance to the second "%", and so on...
  7. Hi, I've run into a snag, I want to run a script to sort & print reports at a certain time every monday morning, but am not sure how to approach this. I need it to work if the database is idle, so I can't base the script off modification time and dates.....
  8. That works fine, if everything was that simple....BUT!!!. I need to add the tab into a calculation field.....Hence the need for the Global.
  9. I had previously used two merge fields, but it's a very clumsy solution. The <> works a lot better in my case. I've placed a max. character allowance on the ITEM name, then have a ITEM description underneath which allows for more in-depth detail as needed.
  10. Thanks it worked really well, I knew there must be an easy solution...
  11. Is there anyway to place a tab space into a merge field via a calculation? I've creating a merge field, I'm wanting to have the Item name left aligned, then the cost right aligned on the same line. I can get the name and cost working, but having a consistent space between the Item name and cost is proving beyond my calc. experience?
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