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  1. Hello All, I have a database running on Filemaker Server 9 Advanced on OS X. I want to run a script that will generate an email that will tell all the member of a specific group the number of new entries and number of updated entries. This script is all set to go and is running. However, I forgot that the "Send Email" script step is not web compatible and therefore will not work on the server. Does anyone know of another way that I can get that script to run at some determined time and have it send off an email? I can lamely accomplish this by creating an automation script in OS X that will open a filemaker app, run the script to generate the email, then close it all down - but that is such a kludge it makes me want to cry. Any suggestions? R
  2. I want my user to be able to enter something that will then be entered in records in the same field. The best way to do this seemed like creating a variable in my script, then having the user enter that value. However, the custom dialog script step does not seem to have a provision for me to enter a variable name to hold this data till its used - its only letting me select fields in my tables. Is there a workaround anyone is aware of? Or is there a better way of doing this? I can always fall back on just creating a field for this one bit of data, but I would like to embrace these new features where I can. Thanks, R
  3. Right. I discovered that pretty quickly when I experimented by importing one table and seeing what the effects were. Luckily, I did this test with the table that had the most basic relationships, etc. Thanks, R
  4. I would imagine many have had older solutions that they wanted to consolidate under the new table system in one file. I have foole around with doing this a bit and have found that if I simply import the file as a table, I lose any links to that file (IE: Any lists that were based on fields in that file for instance). I have looked at FMRobot but cannot see from its description that it manages to preserve all previous relationships (In fact, it's description implies it does NOT preserve relationships) and links in the table that once were directed at the external file. Anyone have some real world experience doing this that can provide some insight? I am on both windows and mac so a good solution on either platform will work for me. Thanks, R
  5. Mac 500mhz G4 1 Gig Ram 10.4.4 Intel P4 3.2 ghz 2 gig ram WinXP Pro Run local, no server involved. Tried it with virus protection on and off, same performance either way. FM8.02 Advanced
  6. The solution was originally created and intended only for use on Macs. The decision was made recently to take it over to windows. Having said that, I do try to stick with Arial, Verdana and New Courier for all my type faces. Just in case a solution needs to work efficiently on another platform. I can go back and recheck everything and make sure my fonts are all appropriate. As for specifics on the slowdown, it seems like everything takes longer. Changing layouts, is the most noticeable. In one case I have a synopsis screen that shows a portal with records and then I have a view details button. Clicking this takes a solid 6-10 seconds just to change the view. Because of the way this synopsis is setup, its not a simple go to related task, I actually have to do a find, then present the data.
  7. Hello All, I do all my development on Mac. Once the project is done, I then take it over to the windows side for a test drive to make sure everything looks and acts correctly. I have just moved over to the windows side with a fairly involved solution. I would rate it as the most complicated solution I have ever done dual platform. I am seeing a HUGE performance hit on the windows side. I have tried optimizing on the windows side, but this did not improve the situation much. Any tips/suggestions on getting the most out of this solution on the windows side? NOTE: This is still a filemaker file, not yet made into an stand alone. Thanks, R
  8. That was it. It was a relationship from way... way back. A relationship anchor that just carried along as this thing got worked on. Thanks for pointing that one out. The core of this database has existed since Filemaker Plus.... you know... when the Mac Plus came out and it was put out by Nashoba Systems! I had this horrible fear that after all the upgrades and adding features, some ancient evil had done something horrible to my file! Strange that it did not act up till now. Thanks Again, R
  9. Hello All, I could not find a forum that sounded like an exact fit for this. So I picked what seemed like the closest option. I am experiencing something strange. When I select "Delete Record" from the "Records" menu, ALL of my records are being deleted. It does not matter if the records are found or not - they all get deleted. Anyone heard of this or know what might be causing it? I am not deleting a record that is in a different table. I am not deleting via portal or a relationship of any kind. I am not in a list view. I am simply viewing a single record. It contains a tabbed interface and some of those tabs have a portal in them. But I don't see how any of that would effect this. I am frankly stumped. I have sent this off to Filemaker tech support, but thought I would see what the pros here have to say. Maybe I am just missing something obvious and its pilot error. My next step is to move the solution over to the windows side and see if the same thing keeps happening. By the way, running the latest 8.0v2 (happenning on v1 as well tho) Thanks, R UPDATE: While in list view, I am able to delete a single record as normal. What could POSSIBLY be something going on with a layout that would cause this? FURTHER UPDATE: Ok. I have copied it to windows. With 8.0v1 installed, no matter what type of layout I am in, all records get deleted when I do a Delete Record. Updating to 8.0v2 did not fix it. So as it stands now, on the mac I can delete single records when in a list view layout only. On the windows side, I cannot delete a single record at all. A CHANGE IN ACTIVITY: Now on the mac side all records are being deleted when in a list layout as well. This is just too bizarre. I went ahead and opened the file in FMP 7 Developer and the same error is occuring. I tried recovering the file, this did not change the problem.
  10. Ok, I have this figured out. Let me start from the beginning. Lets say our main table is called "MainTable" First, setup a global field to hold a users selection for what he or she wants to view in the portal you want. So, in my case, I have a field with checkboxes (could be any field type, does not matter) titled gType. Now, create a self relationship from gType to Type (Call this TypeSelectRelation instead of MainTable 2). Remember, gType is only holding what the users current selection of type is. Type is what each individual record has for this value. The portal should be based on the relationship TypeSelectionRelation. Place fields in the portal based on the TypeSelectRelation. You now have a portal that will only show what the user has selected for type. Now, lets say you want the user to be able to click a record in a portal row and have the details of that record brought up in the same layout at the bottom for some purpose (maybe there is more detailed information available, maybe you want to setup the editing of data this way... whatever). Create the global field gID. In this case, this field is going to hold the unique ID value for the record you click on in the portal. Create a self relationship from gID to ID. This assumes you have a field unique ID field for each record. Call this IDSelfRelation Create a script setup in the following way: Set Field TARGET: MainTable:gID CALULATED RESULT: TypeSelectRelation:ID Assign this script to all the fields in the portal, or just one... whichever one you want users to click to get details. Then, elsewhere on the layout, place the detail fields you want the user to be able to see, edit, whatever. Get these fields from the IDSelfRelation. Your all set. Now when you click the portal row, you will get the details below with no reset of the portal to the first row. What was throwing me off before was I was getting the detail information via a different relationship. I was getting the info, but it was causing the portal to reset. Once I changed to the relationship noted above it worked like a champ. The only downside to this method is that there is no visual que in the portal as to what row is currently selected. I simply duplicate the main title or item in the detail view so that users know which row was clicked.
  11. Ok, let me first just say that there is a way to have a portal list where you can click one of the items to get details elsewhere on the same layout and to NOT have the portal list scroll or move in ANY way. I actually have a solution I created a few years ago that does this. However, and this is the emberassing part, I am not 100% sure how I did it : . I have a solution I am working on now where I want to do the same thing, and I will be damned if I can figure out how I did it. I do know I got it from a reference book. It might have been sciptology. I just moved and cannot find my box-ful of FM books. Just wanted to let you know it can be done. I am on a mission to dissect how I did it. As soon as I figure it out, I will post the technique here.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. I was actually using a similar relationship to find material in a portal dynamically. I have no idea why it did not occur to me to simply go to a printing layout in the linked database! Thanks Again! R
  13. Hello All, I have a checkbox field(global) with about 12 options in it. I want a user to be able to have some number of of the boxes checked and then be able to print all the records that are in the categories selected. I have setup a find to do this: The find is setup like this: Enter find mode Set Category = gCategory (the field where user has made their selection) Perform Find What is happening is that filemaker is trying to find records whose category is ALL the categories selected - of which there are none since each record only belongs to one category. In other words, the search is being treated as find CAT1 and CAT2 and CAT3 instead of find CAT1 OR CAT2 OR CAT3. Can someone clue me in on how to do this search correctly?
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