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  1. Hello, I want to load a site in my web viewer and put automatically name and password in the given fields. Is there a way to do that?
  2. Thank you, you made my life a lot easier today. Sometimes I think much to complicate, but thanks god we have a forum with a lot of good members!
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have a Function table. The problem is the relation between the Function table and the Contacts table. Occurrence 1 (Layout is based on this occurrence) ContComp Relation: ID=RelID Occurrence 2: ContactsEmpl. Relation: ID=FunctContactID RelID=FunctRelID Occurrence3: Function The problem is that in every record that is related to the same emplyee i see the same function. I do something wrong with my relation, but I can't figure out what.
  4. Hello folks, I have a table called Contacts, here I store companys and persons an they are related to eachother trough self-join relationship. I have created a second table called functions. Now I want to add functions. EG: Person A works at company B as a secretary but she has also the function of Director at company C. In my company layout I have a portal showing the empolyees. How can I show the differnt functions of the same empolyee in the different company records? I hope somebody can help .... I'm desperate!
  5. Thank you all for the suggestions. I have considered to convert the database, but I am afraid that it will cost me to much time to get al functionality right. I thought to do the same trough an AppleScript and an Excel file on a shared volume. The AppleScript distributes and increases the serial. But I didn't tried that yet. It seems a much quicker solution to implement.
  6. My customer has a very complex database in FM6. The whole technical department is running on that. We are rebuilding the database in FM 8.5 with in addition a Sales database. The sales database is ready and they want to implement that now. I want to avoid dubble serialnumbers because of the relations to several documents.
  7. Ok folks, here a tricky problem: I have a customer database in FM 6 and one in FM 8.5. Every time that a new customer is created he gets a serialnumber. Example: If I create a customer in FM8 he gets nr 100 then I crate a customer in FM6 and he should get nr 101. Is it possible to let both FM get the numbers from a unique source and upgrade the source every time a customer is created in one DB or the other? Ops, almost forgot, both databases are running on different machines with the proper server installed. Who is the genius that can help with this?
  8. Than you, it's so simpel, and it works geat!
  9. Hallo folks, I would like to synchronize a couple of files at night. The script is no problem, but how do I trigger it at night when nobody is working? I've taken a look at events plug-ins but then I have to set up a dedicated machine. Is there a way to do it without a plug in?
  10. Lee, this is the description of the help-file of 8.5 "Description Returns a number indicating the current platform: -1 if the current platform is Mac OS X -2 if the platform is Windows 2000 or Windows XP Note See Solving calculations on a host machine for information about running scripts in client/server and peer-to-peer environments. Examples" I guess they forgot somthing. Irene
  11. Thanks, it would be usefull if Filemaker would write those instructions in their help files. Thank God we have a forum!
  12. I'm working on a MacBook with intel processor and Filemaker 8.5 Advanced. I have a script that beguines with "If[ Get(Systemplatform)= -1 ...... etc. If I start mij FileMaker 8.5 via Rosetta it is working just fine but if I use it native it doesn't recognize the system. Is there an explanation?
  13. Fine, the merge work! But if I try to save the file, it saves the template file. I have to define the merged document, I guess. But how? This VBScript is a big black hole!
  14. A little bit late... but Thank you! Great tool! It works easely, but I have still some problems with the syntax. I could figure out how to open my template. But now I have to open the data source and merge the two documents. I have no clue how to do that. May be you can help.
  15. Thank you, I will try to explain what I am trying to do: I have a file with customers. From this file I can write documents with word (FileMaker is not really a word processor). FileMaker generates a data document and put it in a specific folder on a server. Then AppleScript opens a specific template in Word that contains an AutoRun macro that merges the two documents, closes the template and save the merged document with a specific name passed by a variable in FileMaker in a document folder To make it clear here is the script: If [ Get ( SystemPlatform )=-1 ] Set Variable [ $$Source; a_folder_on_the_server] Export Records [ File Name: “filemac:/$$Source/Data.htm”; Character Set: “Macintosh”; Perform AppleScript [ Calculated AppleScript: " tell application "Microsoft Word" activate open "The_Template:" set default file path file path type documents path path "The_Document_Folder" save as active document file name "" close document "The_Template" end tell tell application "Finder" move document file "iAssist:TestTemplates:Data.htm" to trash end tell End If Here is what I have written till now for Windows. If [ Get ( SystemPlatform )=-2 ] Set Variable [ $$Source; a_folder_on_the_server ] Export Records [ File Name: “filewin:$$Source/Data.htm”; Character Set: “Windows Send Event [ open document; """ Path_to_the_Template_Folder ; "/" ; "") & "" & The_Template & """ ] End If The first problem is that the template opens with a message “If you open this document the following SQL-command wil be executed: SELECT*FROM ….Path Data from the database will be placed in the document. Do you want to continue?” Of course I want, and I don’t want to be asked all the time. I have the Macro security set to a minimum but this message is still showing. When I open the same document on a Mac it’s no problem. The second problem is that I have to close the template and save the merged letter with a name passed by FileMaker and I don’t know the syntax. I’ve looked on the Internet but I can’t find a basic vocabulary for C. I feel like an idiot!!
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