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  1. I have an invoice table that once a record has been committed I do not want anyone to be able to edit or delete that record(invoice) Can anyone suggest the best way to deal with this? Cheers Guy
  2. Mark, Me again I have just put all the patches in to FM and it now works fine using file references Thanks for your help GUy
  3. Mark, What I'm trying to do is scan in copies of peoples educational certificates into a container field located on that persons record. I want to be able to click on the container field, see the certificate in full and be able to print a copy off if I need to. Guy
  4. Help, I've tried to import JPEG files into container fields both ways, picture in FM and using the file reference option. I can import them fine however if I try and click on the field it will not open the picture in 'preview' or any other program. Any ideas? GBR2L
  5. Hi, No the only thing I did was open a 'second' window so that I could look at data in another table that I needed to know in order to make the changes to the 'forms' I was working on. GUy
  6. Hi, I have been working on building an application in FM8 on a Mac. Changes work fine. Next day I open the file and all the changes have gone? This has happened to me twice. Also now when I save the file it saves it as a copy of the original even though I have made no changes? Can you Help? Guy
  7. I have a bunch of records with a date field. I want to get the value of the earliest date to use in a calculation but cannot see how I can find it. Can you help? Guy
  8. Hi, Thanks for this - I have now done this and it Works. Having done this I want to pull down a reference from the main layout eg booking no automaticly (which is defined in the relationship table) to the new record in the portal - Any suggestions? Once I've do this I'll have cracked my application - I hope! Guy
  9. Hi All, I have a layout that has a portal with another database in it. I'm having trouble in creating a new record in the Portal without exiting the layout and going to the layout of the record in the portal. There does not seem to be a 'script' for creating a new record in the portal. Can anyone help or am I missing something? Guy
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