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  1. Ok, so I have the importing from oracle down pat. Just a simple sql script, and since I'm not exactly sql savvy, the query builder was a huge help. Now, I'd like to export new records created in filemaker back into the oracle tables as new records. I can't seem to figure out how to do this, any advice would be very appreciated. Thanks
  2. I've throughly confused myself. I have an oracle database which I import into filemaker. If I want to update filemaker, and only import the records in oracle which have changed, how to I do that? Similarly, if a record is deleted in oracle, how do I tell filemaker to ditch that record so it's just as up to date. My current import reccord script is just a simple sql query I made in the scriptmaker feature. I just import records that match a sql query, but how do I get it to delete records that no longer exist in oracle, while at the same time, not duplicating records already imported into filemaker. Thanks folks, Jake
  3. Hi Gang, I'm a little confused on this form letter layout stuff and feel like I'm banging my head against a wall here. The letter just doesn't come out looking like a letter should. The text, logo, and all that stuff doesn't seem to scale on preview mode screen vs the actual paper print out. Can any one help? Thanks, Jake
  4. I've created a form letter in FM pro advanced 8, all the content is as I'd like it with merge fields, text and logos, but when I go to print a sample letter, the margins are all wrong for a business letter. Does anyone know how to fix this so that it looks like a formal letter? Thanks so much, Jake
  5. Hi, I have a form letter in a fm8 solution. I'd like the form letter to print so it alligns with an envelope window. Does anyone have any advice. My letter just looks awefully unprofessional right now and need help. Thanks, Jake
  6. I have a layout with labels on it. However, whenever I go to this layout, only one record appears. I'd like the addresses to print on one sheet of labels for all the records from that particular day of work. What am I missing here? Thanks!
  7. I have a db where employees enter data which creates form letters. If I want to view a report in priview mode by the host computers date, how do I do that. I have a feeling this is much simpler than I'm making it, thanks for the help
  8. ok, so I'm still pretty new at this, but I do have a quick question. I have the label app running on my version of fm8 advanced. Now, whenever a record is created in a database, I'd like a corresponding label to print. (I wish I could have afforded to hire a consultant or take some training, but as it is, I'm just lucky to have the filemaker application in the first place!) Basicly, I pull contact information (NameFirst and last, st1 st2, city, st, zip 1, zip 2) from one table (called VPS_vessels), when a record is created in a second solution I use for creating letters. I'm in the fish business, so when I enter a fishing permit number, it populates a letter with the related address data. Ideally, I'd like a way to get my dynamo printer spit out a bunch of labels for the letters I just created and make life much more simple for me. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be ever so grateful. I'll go make a paypal donation now to grease the wheels! Thanks folks. PS:This is exactly the type of solution I've been trying to figure out forever, thanks so much for posting it!
  9. ok, so maybe I'm missing something, but how do I link this app to my filemaker db?
  10. I'm not sure if this is the right place or not, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the file referance feature can be access remotly or via the web publishing feature. thanks, Jake PS: Sorry about spelling, if only this form could spell check :D
  11. ok, so stupid question. Whats (activefeildname) be easy on me, I'm new at this : Jake
  12. Hi Folks, Quick question, and I cant seem to find an easy answer for in online and in my filemaker 8 books. I'd like to calculate elapsed time from a date entered field. Simple right? Yet, I can't quite figure it out. I want to know how many days have passed since I sent a letter out. Here is the specifics, I have a date_sent feild, then a resolved field. If the resolved feild is not checked, I want to know how many days have passed. I also want to know how many days have passed between date_sent and resolved if the issue has been resolved. As always, thanks so much! Jake
  13. Hi Gang, I'm in need of some timecard solution help and the free templates available online just are not cutting it. I was wondering if anyone out here had something they wouldn't mind sharing. (ie, not selling, I just finished grad school, so my budget consists of ramen noodles and pocket lint) Here is what I need to be able to do. 1) I need to have two weeks for each pay period. 2) I need to be able to have multiple times in and out each day. ie, come in at 8 leave at noon come back at 1 leave at 5 3) I need to be able to have different catagories of time worked. Such as comp time, regular time, travel time. 4) I need to be able to calculate vacation ans sick time balances. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jake
  14. ok, I am very very confused and am not entirly sure of the question I'm asking, I could use the feedback of some of you filemaker gurus out there..... I have the a very rough draft db attached to this message if you want to take a look. I'd like to be able to do a few things. 1) If someone is called about an incorrect report they submit to me, I want to have a reccord of when they were called or when they sent letters and about which error. 2) If the person tells me the correct information over the phone, I want to be able to reccord that so that before I call the guy again for another incorrect report, a window pops up when the type of error and the persons permit number match up. My thought is that this would provide a way to avoid calling the guy twice for the same problem. Anyone out here do much with call center/tech support type stuff, that's sort of what I'm imagining. Thanks so much!
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