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  1. Thanks, I finally got it! I appreciate all your time...
  2. It's working...wow I greatly appreciate your help. Is there an easy way to to create a field or space on the next layout where the user can see what search parameters they chose? Just let me know. ! Thanks again.
  3. I appreciate your help. I'm starting to get on the right track...however when I used your ''go to related records'' script suggestion [ using a button ] it only shows one record in the different layout. How can I make it show all of the related records? Just let me know. Thank you so much.
  4. ...Thanks Lee, I just wasn't sure if my question needed its own topic or should've been contained within the post I was referring to. I never meant that my priority was any different, I just needed a response.
  5. I realize this falls within the same category as the prior ''parameter-related'' thread, [http://www.fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/174238/] However, this is urgent. I'm working with a database that has search form on the first layout where a user may select multiple criteria from a checkbox, drop-down list, and etc. I would like these parameters [for example what they picked from the checkbox or value-list] to show up in a field on the next layout page which displays the find results. Do I use a global? If so, I'm completely new to the idea of globals and am not really sure if I understand how they work. If anyone out there knows a solution on how to make what the user chose appear after a ''perform find'' script, please let me know!!! I appreciate this greatly. I'm am a beginning beginner...so a detailed explanation may be neccessary. =) but anything is of help of course. Thanks for your time, LERC
  6. Grazie mille raybaudi. You've helped me greatly. Ciao ciao. Sarita.
  7. I have somewhat of a complex search page that is pretty limited on flexibility [clients request this format...]. The find page is setup so that the user may select a ''description type'' [checkbox format], ''employee size'', ''state'' and etc. However, they requested [color:red]3 pull down menus selecting''city'' [color:black][color:red][3 different cities] and the same for county, and zip code. Global variables didn't work because you couldn't search in find mode, which was problematic. I've been having weeks of trouble scripting this. My ultimate solution was to have a button labeled ''add more'' under the fields that needed more requests. This button has the code: Duplicate request/record clear field [city for city field, county for county field, etc.] At first I thought this worked but now there is one problem: If a user tries to select more than one checkbox the find results only return these parameters under one city, county or zip. I don't understand what's the cause. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me out. Attached is a dummy-type file of my program. login: test password:test Please note I'm a novice. Also note that the user will be viewing this in ''guest'' mode and will not have any access to changing the database...you can try it out in guest mode if desired. Thanks. upload.zip
  8. I agree with all you guys. =) The demands I've received are straight from the users themselves. I'm about to take a look at the database, however I will propose your suggestions as I think they are excellent. I appreciate your help. Thanks, Sara
  9. Is there an easy way to specify all of the fields on a page? For example, IsEmpty{allfields?) Thanks, Sara
  10. I appreciate your help greatly! I'm still constructing the script, however, how can I enter more than one target field for 'set field'? I know it is probably easier than I think =) Keep in mind I'm a novice. Thanks again for the prompt response. Take care, Sara
  11. Hello! Attached is the current interface I'm creating. [account name:test password:test] I would like to be able to search the database by selecting three cities, counties, zip codes, etc. Currently, one may choose multiple descriptions and an employee size range. But I'm not sure how to construct a script that will search the database based on the specified parameters [ie. selecting 3 possible cities, counties, zip codes]. When I try to search by more than one city, county, or zip code, it finds no matching results even though there are records under these specifications. I appreciate the help! Any tips on how to improve this is also greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sara help.zip
  12. Sounds great. How do I do that? I'm very very new to the program, so I'm need step-by-step instructions. I appreciate your time and help!
  13. Sure, it says: ''No records match this set of find requests'' Even though there are. What could be the problem?
  14. Can somebody provide an easy tutorial on how to make checkboxes 'work'. For some reason, an error message appears if a user tries to check more than one box in the checkbox field [in Find Mode by the way]. I'm confused. It only works if you check one of the boxes [there are 18]. Let me know if you need any more info. I truly appreciate it!
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