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  1. That's exactly what I need. Many thanks! -G
  2. Hi, I have a customer order data base. I have a layout for printing labels showing customer info and product info. I need to print a label for each product ordered by a customer. For example: If they ordered 6 apples and 2 oranges, I need to print 6 apple labels and 2 orange labels with the customer name on and product info on them. What steps do I need to take in order to do this? I am able to print one label for each type of product for a customer, but can't work out how to get multiples to print according to their order quantity. Thank you in advance.
  3. I need to write a script to populate a layout with records, hiding duplicates. My records have a field that can be the same across several records and I want to show only one instance of this field rather than all records. How can I do this in a script? Thanks
  4. Thanks. That was it. I didn't even realise there were options in there/ -Graham
  5. Hi, I need to write a script to produce a list of records. I need to reduce the results to only unique records, since I am interested in just two fields for this purpose and my database contains many duplicates over just these two fields. How do I not show only unique records in my results?
  6. I have a list layout containing a bunch of records. When I print it, it only prints the record that is currently selected rather than the entire list. What do I need to do to make it print the enture list? Thanks
  7. One of the fields in my table can have forward slashes, pluses and hyphens, but I cannot get a find to match them. I've tried escaping with a and wrapping them in "", but never get a match. How do I enter the search string to find the / character? Thanks Graham
  8. I do have refresh window as the last command, and I also have a commit after I make the change. Presumably it is supposed to repaint automatically?
  9. I have a script that adds a new record into a table. The script is called from a different database and a code is passed in as a script parameter. How do I check to see if the record has already been added? I figured I needed to do a find, but I cannot get it to accept the script parameter as the argument to the find.
  10. Hi, I have a field value that is calculated. When in a list layout I click a button that changes a parameter used in the calculation of of this field's value, but the field does not show the new value until I scroll down the list to hide it and scroll back to show it. I've tried window refresh and relookup field contents but neither causes the field to repaint its new value.
  11. Perfect. Thanks. I'd never have worked that one out from the online docs.
  12. Hi, I have two related Database's, related by a product code field. In Database A's records I'd like to have a field display whether or not the current record has a related record in Database B. I cannot work out how to do this.
  13. Thanks. It seems like I cannot create a new record on the other table either - I guess this all has to go in the other database's script?
  14. I just can't seem to get the exact syntax of the 'Go To Layout' correct. It never switches to the other database. If my other db name is "Nursery Products" and it contains a table called "Plant Catalog" and a lyout called "Form View", exactly what should I put as the parameter to the 'Go To Layout' function. Many Thanks.
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